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  1. Isn't there an order to it, though? I've been told that first it's the head, then the right side of the whole body, then the left side, then all of it.
  2. ^Agreed. WoW sucks big time. Am playing Dragon Age: Origins nowadays. Got hooked. I've had it for 2 weeks or so and I've reached the 50-hour played mark.
  3. Not by God it isn't. I couldn't care less what "modern" western society thinks. If bestiality is a paraphilia, then it would fall under the "etc." in the parentheses. And I really don't appreciate being called illogical or an imbecile for just asserting my stance in this matter, it's not something any sane logical person would do, you know? Oh, and m8 is a short form of 'mate', which is kinda british slang for "buddy", in case you didn't know.
  4. m8, just do what I do. Replace the label "homosexuality" with "homophilia", because after all, in truth, it's no different from the other sick paraphilias (necrophilia, paedophilia etc.). Giving it the label "homosexual" means that it's something that is accepted as an alternate sexuality to heterosexuality.
  5. ^ What are you ranting about bro? It's released for the PS3 as well, I saw it at the game shop today.
  6. I don't get it. So one is automatically a Jew because their mother is a Jew? What if he found the truth in another religion and became that? Isn't Judaism a belief system, a religion, rather than something passed down by blood, genes, or mitochondrial genes?
  7. I'm sorry to say that your post is very condescending and provocative, and I'm sorry you feel this way. But I'm not going to react to it. Have a nice day.
  8. Salam,

    Do you have tauzeeh of Ayatullah Khomaini/Khamenei?

  9. To Marbles: Ok, I'll try to be as honest as I can when I say this: I don't like you. I don't like your "i'm mr. ejookaited progressiiive akadeemia" attitude, nor your "i'm mr. ejookaited progressiiive akadeemia" views. Change these, maybe then we'll get along. Totally up to you. And no, I don't care what you posted 5 years ago, what your views were 5 years ago, how valuable a member you are here. Your attitude is like this presently, as in RIGHT NOW, and I don't like it. What are you talking about? This isn't a choice that this person (the woman) is going to make! She already is in a monogamous marriage (situation A) which would is going to become a polygamous marriage (situation B). And it's not her choice to make! She can leave, but that's just stupid, why have a divorce over something like this? The sermon of Imam Ali comes to mind. Actually this is what the Ayatullah's have derived from all the Qur'an and ahadeeth and sermons etc. You know what I mean: evidence, not opinion. You can ask your marja', I don't know most of them personally. I don't really know (you see that's why I told you to ask your marja'), but if my opinion is worth anything in this matter (which it isn't, simply because it's an opinion) I'd say... permissible? Holy COW!! She did WHAT?!?!?! Without even checking his religiousness and akhlaq?! I think that's really bad, not sure though... lol... I don't really know, ask your marja'. Depends on the reasons why she's doing it, then she should probably ask her marja'. Look I don't know what part of "Everybody can choose any choice, but only the truly religious take into account God's laws and wisdom into their choice" you don't get. That is what is (or should be) any muslim's goal, should it not? You know why? Because it's their choice, not the woman's. This choice does not (should not) affect her, nor is it upon her shoulders to choose. And you can PM them for the wedding invites. Funnily enough, you can't just say Allah's wisdom is this or Allah's wisdom is that. Provide evidence. Remember that thing I hate about opinions in matters like these? Also, my "wisdom" is not mine to begin with; I just do what my religion tells me to. If you see it as wise, it is because Allah is wise. You're right, I don't decide. I never said I did, nor did I imply it. They decide themselves, with their own 'actions' and 'choices'. But the big question is, is Allah happy with the arrangements? And as for expecting everyone to "tow my line", it's called "al-amr bil ma'roof wa anahee 'an al-munkar". I don't want my brothers and sisters to do wrong. Do you? Well, I apologized to sis maryaam, I admit, I was way out of line. And that is a bit rich coming from you, but thanks for the advice anyway. P.S. I'm still waiting for the part of bro alimohd's posts.
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