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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. salam alaikum! long time :) how are you x

  2. salam, happy birthday to you

  3. (salam) Same here. Inshalla anyone i've ever offended will forgive me too. We don't realise there's real people behind the computer screens and if any of us is as remembered when we die as Ali Naqi (Allah yirhama) then we should count ourselves lucky. May Allah bless him in his death and for everyone who is changed or contemplates a little about death as a result, may Allah bless him for that too.
  4. (salam) innalilla wa ina ilayhi raji3un my prayers are with his family
  5. Bro, I see your point but there is a need for events for sisters only. Just like there is a need for brothers only events to focus on issues related to them in the same vein it is necessary for sisters to have their own events. Unfortunately, in the past there has been many attempts at developing regular sisters events which do not last so any time there is a new attempt one of the best things to start with is the topic of role models, because it is never done and understood well enough. And as you can see Noor Youth are having such an event about role models for all humanity not just women, a
  6. salam from what i know it will be like any other majlis, segregated with a curtain. I think its great to have events like this where understanding female roles and role models is not just limited to the sisters, so all guys should attend too!
  7. well thats why in the quran it is said to the believing men to lower their gaze. If faces weren't attractive then the gaze wouldnt need to be lowered would it?
  8. I passes my theory first time and got 35/35 B) but when it came to my first practical i wasnt really ready and messed it up big time. In the UK if you make one serious (major) mistake, you fail. Not only did i make 3 serious mistakes, but i also went next levels and made two 'dangerous' mistakes as well. At one point I jumped onto a huge roundabout with dozens of cars coming and almost crashed and the examiner had to brake from his side, and I made another big mistake a couple of mins later and he threatened to stop my exam. At the end he said 'needless to say, you did not pass'. I was trauma
  9. (salam) i just read two books, one called the history of love by nicole krauss, its very jewish but it was written very well and is quite absorbing and sad, the cover really doesnt match the book itself so it looks like chic lit or something but its quite contemporary Also Never let me go by Kazuo Ishiguru, a weird book but i found it fascinating. Something i read a few months back was 26a, I think by Diane Evans, its just come out in paperback and is set in Neasden and was one of the saddest books i've ever read. Hmmm what else....Birds without wings, about turkey in the first world war alot
  10. Neurons in the brain migrate both tangentally and radially as they line up during neuro-development in the foetus. I had to write an essay on that and the markers that cause the differentiation of cells to migrate in a particular pattern, and that however fascinating (its not) is honestly the most uselesss fact i know.
  11. No they didn't, in fact the exact thing they said about it was that 'in the land of the hijab, nose jobs have become the biggest craze'
  12. (salam) My dad first taught me how to use a computer when i was about 7, back in like 91, and about three years later in about 94 he showed me how to use the internet and email. So i been surfing for the past 12 years all thanks to my baba who knows it all inside out And my mum uses msn, whenever she's abroad she sends me emails and talks to me on msn which is so funny because its in english! and to be short and brief and text like she leaves out her vowels so i get: slm, how r u, i am gd, hving lot of fun, wsh u wer hre but my mums a don, she even books flights and holidays over the internet
  13. bro/sis/haemaphrodite that really is one of the silliest comments i've ever read on this site and that really is saying something. It doesnt even make sense....smoking fruit, there is absolutely no meaning in that statement whatsoever that you can reduce the act of smoking something, infusing something to a product that can be set alight and inhaled and determine that all it consists of is fruit. Do you really think they sit there adding little pieces of apple and grapes to the tobacco, perhaps they do it in the same way they add it to smoky bacon flavour crisps which are halal for the Muzlims
  14. looool i tuned in on thursday and all i see is a report on how iranian women are obsessed with nose jobs. i laughed so much seeing jon snow address this serious issue
  15. I have to say that Americans have just the WORST taste in names, i mean who the hell names people things like Vance or Zeek or Milton or Jefferson and although the Ivy League types are awful offenders rednecks and African Americans are almmost as bad. Mary-Ellen, Jamie-Rose, Molly-May, Sally-Jane - its like nooo one name is enough. And as for those 'mommas' that love to name their little girls some rediculous attempted french sounding name - i dont think so Letoya, Shanniqua, Kaieshwa, Moesha and Beyonce. And dont get me started on all those girls called Pretty, especially when you just see th
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