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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Not being much of a conspiracy dude I am betting on chips a'hoy cookie. He was in the middle of eating it but his biwi kept nagging him to practice the oath so he had to hold it....
  2. Any idea what's that in his right hand? Someone forwarded this pic to me claiming it's a turbah. That would be really strange so curious what else can it be? http://www.time.com/time/photogallery/0,29...1827535,00.html
  3. That has to do with social & political activism. Jewish Americans and pro-Israeli groups (the two not necessarily being the same) are well educated and integrated enough to know how to use legitimate democratic ways to pressure individuals and institutions. Muslims, on the other hand, are fairly new to legal, democratic, and peaceful ways of voicing opinions. Instead of picking up a phone and calling the offending party - CNN, politician, or whoever - the moderate Muslims would call for bans while the less moderate ones take the direct route of burning things down and issuing fatwas of dea
  4. 1. Where do we establish this Islamic state? 2. Whose version of Islamic state would it be?
  5. Even better suggestion: Get an image of the entire Quran on a digital file format (jpg). Here's an example.. http://www.hilalplaza.com/index.asp?PageAc...amp;ProdID=1136 Have this image printed on a cake (preferably tiramisu or coffee ..no reason, tastes better) and place an order for it online if such service is not available locally. http://www.kopykake.com/in_edible_cake_image.html Now you can eat something delicious with the ENTIRE Quran written on it!!! Man! I should start charging people for my advice. This reminds me of a relative of mine who visited us a long time ago. She would as
  6. When the people living in Muslim countries will implement this utopia for themselves and turn into productive, peaceful, and tolerant societies, then I am sure people living in the rest of the world will show some interest. As of now, the state of any of the Muslim-majority countries is not something one would covet. Selling 'Sharia' to non-Muslim countries is like saying "Here's a great product for you. Never mind the fact that we've never managed to get it to work for ourselves in more than a millennium for a variety of reasons but in theory it's supposed to work great so please try it!"
  7. Are you paying taxes while in London? If yes, then your tax dollars are going to many of the same causes that the US govt is involved in, especially in Iraq. It is better to be involved in our country's governments and try to minimize problems and move our country in the right direction rather than sit back and simply send tax money and complain about it's improper use. A lot of different communities and interest groups have struggled and learned how the government functions and have managed to influence it in their favor. Thankfully, there are progressive Muslim organizations in the US that a
  8. The US govt or the department of defense is composed of a vast number of individuals with opposing view points, unlike authoritarian regimes. Unfortunately, in the last many decades, groups with unjust agendas have had more influence on the US govt policy. I think it is a positive thing for people, even if they are Shia, who support justice to take part in the govt and try to maneuver it in the right direction. That is also the civic thing to do as a citizen residing in the US.
  9. Salams, Came across this video about PETA funding lab grown meat. It would be interesting to know what would be the opinion of the Ulama on the issue of consuming meat grown on a petri dish. If no animal dies in the process and the meat tastes the same, I'd be all for it. http://www.colbertnation.com/the-colbert-r...nahlej---shmeat
  10. Stephen Colbert talks about the importance of Nowruz - "the true meaning of Nowruz is sagacity in thy affairs" :lol: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ZhG7HeoKWw
  11. "And those who respond to their Lord and keep up prayer, and their rule is to take counsel among themselves, and who spend out of what We have given them. " Holy Quran 42:38 In addition to duas, identify someone wise you can trust and consult. You can always ask questions anonymously on forums without giving away too much of the specifics.
  12. United Nations Resolution backed mainly by the 57 Muslim countries: http://daccessdds.un.org/doc/UNDOC/GEN/N08...pdf?OpenElement “9. Deplores the use of the print, audio-visual and electronic media, including the Internet, and any other means to incite acts of violence, xenophobia or related intolerance and discrimination against any religion, including Islam, as well as targeting of religious symbols; “10. Emphasizes that, as stipulated in international human rights law, everyone has the right to hold opinions without interference and the right to freedom of expression, and that the exercise
  13. The irony!! We can't have it both ways. Fifty seven Muslim countries (including Iran) have been pushing for the "anti-defamation" law in the UN and it passed 86-53 last December. So if we are against people criticizing or insulting personalities or beliefs we hold in high esteem, how can we defend those who criticize or insult Muawiyah or Yazeed?
  14. Another pic from the sand storm... I even see dajjal in there somewhere. end of times I say, end of times. [sigh] :unsure:
  15. The topic of this discussion has to do with rights and freedoms not foreign policy. It is true that many of the US government's foreign policies are wrong and should be changed. Ideally every foreign policy action a government takes would be in accordance with the will of its people but in the real world that does not happen. It is human nature to focus only on issues that affect people directly and therefore when it comes to policies inside the country, the people of the US ensure that the government stays with in its limits and that the rights and freedoms are protected to a large extent. No
  16. Foreign policies of countries are based on a multitude of factors and do not necessarily reflect the values of its people. For a variety of reasons, the citizens of the US not unlike those of most other countries are not aware and really do not focus on what the government does overseas. Freedoms and rights are relative. For a brief period of time, some of the freedoms in the US were restricted and some rights violated as a result of terrorism hysteria. The people of the US to a large extent realized it and kicked the previous administration's and its party out. However to compare the right
  17. Defamation and criticism are very subjective things to define. The last thing we (here in the US) want is to be dictated a lesson on rights by 50 odd tin pot Muslim dictatorships who have been for centuries oppressing their own people, throwing them in prisons, and even killing them under the guise of "defamation" and "blasphemy". Unfortunately, most Muslims even after arriving in the free world do not grasp the essence of rights and freedoms. We smile with glee on the news of a person converting to Islam but will strangely enough fully support killing any Muslim who wishes to switch to any o
  18. If this "blasphemy" law were to ever come into effect in the US, most attendees of Shia centers would be sitting behind bars after the eve of 13th Rajab!! :D :yaali:
  19. Why is it implied in this discussion that the Iranian regime is some kind of a role model for the rest of the Shia Muslims or are above playing politics? They look out for themselves just like all countries and that may not necessarily mean siding with what is right. For all the Iranian hoopla about "Israeli atrocities" and "boycott this coffee" and "boycott that chewing gum", it doesn't take a political genius to see through their hypocrisy. They have a historical axe to grind with the US and hence their sole obsession with Israel. Iranian president meets with the architect of the Babri mosq
  20. Jais, many questions are not properly phrased at all and leave the user confused. IN some cases, the question did not specify what answer it was expecting in the text boxes (number, yes/no, what?). Also, please list how many questions are there in total, for example, for each question say 1 of 20, 2 of 20. Otherwise user won't have any idea how long this is going to go. Finally, after a while the questions started to repeat. Not sure why that was happening.
  21. wishes of its people?? Are you serious. If these crazy mullahs wanted to follow the wishes of the people they would have run for elections, not chopped off the heads of those who were elected. It just makes me sick in the stomach when I hear maulwis in majalis extolling the virtues of "Islamic government" when all it means in the current context (multireligious/sectarian societies) is oppressing and violating rights of people of other belief systems.
  22. Doesn't the burden of proof lie with the one laying the charge? Again, the claim here is about this particular instance. I don't particularly care what the Saudi royal family do or don't do. However what is worrying is that such statements are frequently made in our majalis and they go unchallenged. It is likely that the speaker may simply be misinformed about a particular issue but making unsubstantiated claims/allegations diminishes the credibility of the institution of azadari, and the audience should be proactive albeit polite in reminding the speaker that the level of discourse does not s
  23. Salam Alaikum, Last Tuesday, I attended a Majlis during which the Maulana mentioned that the Saudi king Abdullah consumed alcohol with Bush during a meeting and was severely drunk. It seems this particular story has been doing the rounds on the internet also. Here is the quote from the majlis: =========== Date: 10 Feb 2009 [Forward video to 33:00 min] http://www.iec-houston.org/majalis/2009/Baqri/ur20090210.wmv "Laanat ho us shaks par apne aap ko keh raha hai ke doe holy places ka jiske paas chaabi hai. Aap jaiye youtube mey dekhye king Abdullah is toasting bush. Dekhye aaj raat ko aap jaakar
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