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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. The dilemma about being a politician in a representative democracy is that one has to choose between what is right and what is demanded by those who elect you. The two choices may not be the same. To provide an analogy, the president is not really the driver, he's more like the car and the interest groups in the US are the drivers. Many Muslim and Shia groups in the US are slowly but steadily joining the political discourse (in spite of strong discouragement by many Iranian educated Shia Alims in the US) and are actively trying to tilt political decisions towards their side. It is a slow proce
  2. Was he married to the slave girls since then the total would be more than nine? How would he have children he wasn't married to them?
  3. That is precisely the reason I avoided naming names because the individuals involved are not the focus of the discussion. For all you care, they don't even exist. However, the claims and ideas promoted by certain Alims/speakers in the US (again no point going into names) are counter productive to the interests of the Shia community and as responded by Ayatullah Sistani's representative Syed Kashmiri (his views above can be confirmed at director@imam-us.org), some of those claims are not even true. Again, like I said earlier, the issue of US Muslims involvement in their local/national politics
  4. The original post would not be of much value without a reference. So the ‘Ayatullah's representative’ mentioned above is Hujjatul Islam Kashmiri, the representative of Ayatullah Sistani. I am sure he still stands by his views and would corroborate his statements above. The The issues discussed above by the two Alims is of utmost importance to Shias all over the world, particularly those who are fortunate enough to live in countries where the government policies can be influenced by political participation and activism. First, the ‘resident alim’, in the discussion above, is discouraging par
  5. It is understandable to be suspicious of internet content. For what it's worth, I received the above correspondence myself directly from the two alims as the emails were cc'ed to the Islamic center mailing list. The emails are as is with the names removed. I wont be surprised if there are people on this forum who have already seen this. In any case, I am not surprised at the content of the emails as many clerics educated in Iran (Houston, Seattle, Tampa, Dallas, etc) share these views. Out of curiosity, whose side of the argument makes more sense to you? What looks out of the ordinary in the d
  6. List of deeds of every single person on earth? If not literally, what else could it mean? If Allah records our actions, what would the Imam need an account of our deeds for?
  7. The alim at my local masjid stated in the Juma khutbah that Imam Mahdi can see and know everything that every human does, simultaneously. Has anyone else heard such a claim and if so can someone provide any saying, hadeeth, etc? The hadeeth would most likely have to be by the 12th Imam making the claim for himself since he is the last Imam.
  8. The line below got my attention in the representative's response: Ayatollah Sayyid Kadhim AL-Ha’iri has asked Sayyid Khamina’i about the broadness of his Wilayah after the fall of Saddam and Baath party, and the answer was clear that his Wilaya is limited inside the Islamic Republic of Iran only (the reference on the website www.alhaeri.com). Can someone find and translate the statement on www.alhaeri.com into English? It seems that quite a few clerics take the holier-than-the-pope approach and make claims about Ayatullahs that the Ayatullahs themselves never made for themselves. The resident
  9. The belief (as wrong as it is) is that only Syed women cannot marry non-Syed men. It does not apply to Syed men so the above examples do not hold. Humans by nature want to feel special i.e. they exclusively have something, or in the case of religion will exclusively be entitled to heaven, while others will be left out. Which is probably the reason followers of various religions strive to find ways to disqualify others from deserving heaven.
  10. Magic (illusion, sleight of hand, trickery, etc) follows the laws of nature. A miracle does not.
  11. This interesting back-and-forth email exchange happened two years ago between a representative of an Ayatullah and a resident Alim of an Islamic center in a major US city. These emails inadvertently ended up on the center's public mailing list. To give a brief background, a delegation of Shia scholars met with American officials over issues on Iraq in 2006-2007. That didn't go down well with the resident alim. A member of the center then asked a question about it to the representative of an Iraq-based Ayatullah and forwarded the response to the resident alim. This was followed by an exchange b
  12. Both piety and subservience in a woman depend on the expectations of the man. Those qualities are subjective. As much as piety is a virtue, I would never recommend a man who does not, for example, fast and pray to marry a woman who does. Neither will be happy and the marriage will eventually fail. Many parents seek practicing Muslim girls for their non-practicing Muslim sons with the hopes that the girl will bring their son to the right path ...bad idea.
  13. I'm sure the experience was traumatic for u but it sure sounds hilarious now. I can already picture the ladki's father looking and sounding like Amrish Puri and your house help as Sunny Deol with disheveled hair and huge biceps. The Syed/non-Syed thing of course is baloney stuff but, in all honesty, I am not sure if I would be comfortable marrying my daughter to a house-help. Its not about wealth or bank balance ...its something more complex. I know a lot of well educated, religious people who've fallen on hard times and that is one thing. But in South Asian societies, the way of thinking, out
  14. Very interesting idea indeed. Reminds me of a question I asked many years ago to my Islamic studies teacher in high school - "If shaitan tempts us to do wrong, who tempted shaitan?". He responded something in the lines of shaitan has taken over you that's why you're asking such questions.
  15. I am familiar with that survey. However can you provide any evidence which states that 67% of adult Muslims have a bachelors degree or higher from a US institution? Overwhelming majority of Muslim individuals I know in the US are highly educated however either they have had their entire education in their country of origin or have received only their post graduate (Masters/PhD) from the US. Either way, most missed out on any formal education on American history and political science. The ones who complain most about "US control of other countries" are almost always people from Muslim countri
  16. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_GDP_%28PPP%29_per_capita GDP per capita ranked 6th in the world. 4th if you don't count oil-rich Qatar and Brunei. Can you please provide a reference (book, article, etc) to support your claim that "for the most part" American accomplishments were not of their own initiative and struggle? How long have you lived/worked in the US?
  17. That is way too little information to make any kind of proper decision. I would strongly recommend writing down your priorities in life and create a list of questions based on those priorities. Then have them fill it out and do so yourself and exchange the notes. That'll reveal a whole lot more than vague guesses on piety level based on their dress code. Besides their religious beliefs, you should be asking them about their future plans, education, family relations, interests, hobbies, political views, past achievements, goals in life, recreational activities, etc. P.S. just in case, do a t-h
  18. Just in case anyone was not familiar with this matrimonial site... http://www.shiamatch.com ...there are a lot of profiles on there that don't have enough personal details. The brother running this site is open to adding a eharmony.com type of optional questionnaire. Then the users can answer the questionnaire and search profiles based on matching scores. I've been pondering over this idea of putting a web tool together and adding it to shiamatch but since I'm already married my enthusiasm level has waned. The challenge is to frame the questions in such a way that the answer is not blatantly r
  19. Just curious can you pls list your top 3 reasons to make the switch?

  20. I would classify myself as just a Muslim.

  21. Excellent find! As much as we would like to believe otherwise, our belief system evolves and transforms with time. A lot of the Shia beliefs and practices from South Asia for example seem completely alien to those in the Middle East today. I'd wonder how far we've drifted from the original Islam.
  22. I don't think I can devote the time but share with us ur ideas anyway ...probably can give u feedback.
  23. You have touched a very important point. We need an overhaul of the way programs are conducted at Shia centers, especially in the Western world. Majlis/Jashan/Milad events in their current form leave very little meaningful impact on the thought process. 1. Urdu/Arabic/Farsi poetry are anachronistic and cater only to a rapidly decreasing portion of the audience and should be cutback if not eliminated. 2. Duas should be followed by their local translations or at the very least the translation should be displayed concurrently through a projector. 3. Centers should try and recruit speakers loca
  24. Can you provide any reference for that claim? Here's one that says it's getting safer. http://www.ojp.usdoj.gov/bjs/glance.htm#serious To say that the law enforcement is trained by ADL is misleading. Numerous organizations including the Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR) conduct some sensitivity classes for police and FBI to handle community specific matters. ADL also conducts some training to help tackle racism and hate crimes, which are in fact beneficial to all people. All these are simply additional classes and not part of the actual training that law enforcement receives.
  25. What city was this? I have not heard of such profiling in larger cities. Of course you can always dispute the ticket in court.
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