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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I know enough blood born shias with high-cholesterol-in-blood problems ...is that not what you meant??
  2. Boston Globe folks know how to use their cameras. Here are some graphic pics... http://www.boston.com/bigpicture/2009/10/conflict_in_pakistan.html
  3. I see what you're saying. One of the things I find highly annoying in jamat prayers is people who whisper loudly in sujood and ruku probably out of some misplaced sense of piety. To top it off, they go out of sync with the Imam's recitation too and you end up hearing a cacophony of sounds. This one time during Juma, I discovered to my horror that I had absentmindedly put on two different shades of socks. Every time I did ruku I cringed with embarrassment :( . Concentration went out the window. However, regardless of one's comfort level, praying in congregation is given higher preference in
  4. He's a mazahiya shaer from Hyderabad (Deccan). Pure genius. His repeated innuendos towards polygamy in his humorous poetry, while very popular with desi audiences, would still pale when compared to some of the ideas (like the op) proposed on this forum. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ghPWgkQz9A
  5. I agree that there are some inalienable minority rights that conflict with Islamic laws (as understood by Shia clergy) e.g. freedom to choose a religion, non-discrimination in taxation, right of minorities to hold office, etc. That would indeed be a gray area. Many laws especially those that deal with morality are based not on absolutes rather on the current norms even under a secular system of governance. You give the example of hijab forcefully imposed on minority. One can make a similar case in secular countries for the prohibition of nudity in public places. There is no logical/rational/sc
  6. There has never been a time when people didn't think the world was coming to an end and they were living in the worst of times. It's a bizarre fetish that exists in many societies. I don't mean to rain on this doomsday parade but the reality is that human beings today are the wealthiest, healthiest, most educated, and least subjected to violence than they have been in their entire history on the planet. This obsessive desire for the world to end, especially in the Muslim world, reminds me of my childhood days in school when I would slack off and not prepare well for the exam. And then during
  7. Religion need never be referenced for a secular country's laws to be the exact same as religious laws. So practically, the senator/parliamentarian will follow the will of the people and the people will follow the edicts of their religion. In short, the parliament is not "enacting a law based on religion" rather it is doing so based on the popular vote. As far as the elected secular senators/parliamentarians are concerned, they do not care where the people came up with their opinions as long as those come from the majority. So the point is all the secular laws can in fact turn out to be exactl
  8. There is a fundamental problem with this line of thought. The terms "Islamic Shariah" or "Islamic Government" are often used in public discourse as if those are concrete ideas written somewhere and universally agreed upon. Reality is that there are 1.2 billion Muslims and 1.2 billion "Shariah laws". For any given Muslim, Islam is simply what that person thinks Islam is. In a secular democracy, every citizen brings his/her "Islam" or whatever belief system to the table (through elected representatives) and the country forms some kind of a consensus in developing the laws. The minority who lose
  9. Just curious where did you find that avatar picture of the kids playing in water? My friend was the photographer.

  10. Some things to remember before opting for marriage: * Don't fret over small things. If you step back and think about it, most things in life couples quarrel over are really not worth it. * If physical attraction is very important to you that's fine, however do not compromise on other qualities because of it. Love as a result of physical attraction wanes away pretty quickly and is replaced by love out of friendship and respect. If the latter is missing, then things will go south pretty quickly. * As for religious duties, do not have expectations that your spouse will change or become more rel
  11. The two statements above don't make sense together. So you've not yet married girl#1 and just to test her you'd marry girl#2 and if girl#1 is happy with you and attends your wedding with girl#2, you can turn around and also marry girl#1!?! Alimohamad40, I've got this strong ...make that super strong... hunch that you've never been married. Your proposition reminds me of a funny Urdu couplet by Khamakha Hyderabadi... "Biwi ko sauth de ya mujhe maut de Khuda, Uthte nahi hai haat mere iss dua ke baad!" [Give me a second wife or give me death of God, My hands do not rise in prayer after this.] (s
  12. مانگ کر تحفہ نایاب لیاے ہے جسنے رویگا وہ دل بیتاب لیاے ہے جسنے خوامخواہ بس وہی ہسنے سے کرے گا پرحیز قبص ہے جسکو یا جلاب لیا ہے جسنے (someone with better Urdu can translate)
  13. Sharing an excerpt from 'A Momin's Survival Guide in the Western World'... Rule #435: If a person of the opposite gender walks towards you with the intention of a handshake, or worse a hug, dig deep into your acting skills and let out a loud natural sounding sneeze into your hands. Then embarrassingly look at the person and smile and say "Oh my allergies! I'd rather not spread my germs!"
  14. Here's google's translation of the page: http://www.bbc.co.uk/persian/iran/story/2005/02/050202_mj-montzari-renegade.shtml
  15. Are the quotes of the Ayatullah not correct or fabricated? Can you please translate if you have the time.
  16. I was aware of his opinion about the matter when I read about it a while back. However, this link is the only source I've found online and it is in farsi. Not sure what you mean by "shopped"? Do people get a wahi to select a Marja? Of course people are allowed to pick or "shop" (as you prefer to call it) for a Marja of their preference. Unless you want to declare that Ayatullah Montazari is not qualified to be a Marja.
  17. A clear distinction needs to be made between emotional needs and physical needs. Emotionally, men can be devoted to a single partner all their lives, depending on the quality of their relationships. As far as physical needs go, men are polygamous by design (those who disagree are either lying or their wives are watching them type over their shoulder). Some of the things that keep men faithful - guilt, fearing the consequences of spouse finding out, legal prohibition on monetary compensated copulation services, promise of houris after a few decades, rendezvous with jahannam, etc.
  18. After three decades, most video games are still stuck in the poke-keypad-with-fingers-like-crazy mindset. For that alone, I would declare them haram. However, the future looks promising. If you haven't already heard of Microsoft's upcoming 'Natal' gaming device, here's a demo. This not only looks fun but seems like a great way to get an exercise. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rhd5xVkxnYg Another great idea is the 'omni-directional treadmill' where the player can walk in any direction while remaining on the same spot. Combine that with video glasses and the possibilities are fascinating. From
  19. I commend Maulana Kalbe Sadiq for this act. The action of taking a dip in a river by itself is not a sin and if his intention is to do so simply to promote harmony then more power to him. Hinduism is more a collection of traditional practices than theological ones. For example, 15th of January is the Hindu festival of Sankranti and is commemorated with flying kites. Diwali is another festival commemorated by burning fire crackers. Many Indian Muslims take part in the celebrations by joining in the activities (kite flying, crackers, etc) without delving into the underlying philosophies. So it b
  20. #1 Losing forever someone you love. #2 Losing a source of income when many depend on you. #3 Relationship problems (husband/wife, mother/wife, siblings, etc)
  21. Ayatullah Montazeri has a different take on the issue (thankfully). http://www.bbc.co.uk/persian/iran/story/2005/02/050202_mj-montzari-renegade.shtml ...would appreciate if some Farsi speaker can translate.
  22. I disagree. Everything should be rated to make our choices easier. For example, I spend much less time on movie dvd vending machines since I discovered tomato meter on rottentomatoes.com that tells me the exact percentage rating for a movie. So we should have simple bar graphs, grids, charts (like the one below for games) for all of life's decisions...
  23. Is that what this couple was doing ...hyperactive imagination much?
  24. No wonder... --------------- http://www.payvand.com/news/06/apr/1188.html Iran's Brain Drain: 200,000 graduates trying to go abroad Mashhad, Razavi Khorasan Prov, April 23 -- Statistics indicate that 200,000 Iranian graduates try to leave the country annually, an official told IRNA. Alireza Haqiqi, official in charge of Iranian Expatriates Knowledge and Innovation Network, added some of the graduates choose other countries for their scientific activities. Addressing a gathering of Iranian physicians residing in the United States, Haqiqi said nearly three million Iranians (five percent of popul
  25. Thankfully where I live, if a mutawwa/govt guy came and asked me or my wife for ID if we're sitting on a bench together, I would give that $%*&@*# such a tongue lashing he won't even walk on the same street ever again.
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