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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Nasai also believed that there existed no sahih hadith in praise of muawiya.
  2. The tradition cited regarding Muawiyah being a Haadi has not been even approved by Imam Tirmidhi himself as he decalred it ‘Hasan Ghareeb’. Allamah Muhammad Abdurehman bin Abdurahim al-Mubarakfuri in his commentary of this tradition cited the comments of Allamah Ibn Abdul Barr: ‘The hafiz ibn Abdulbar said: “His companionship is not true and his chain (isnad) is not Sahih.” We also read in ‘Tanaqudat al-Albani’ volume 2 page 228 by Allamah Hassan Saqaaf: “The Marfu Hadith from Abdulrahman bin Abi Umaira (Oh Allah guide him and make let him guide) referring to Mu’awiya, this
  3. This is indeed a typical picture of tyrant and oppressed which fact has been acknowledged by sunni scholars but its just that you are more than keen and excited to use the acceptance of stipend by Imam Hassan (as) and Muawiya (la in la) as proof of "extremely close and friendly" relationship with each other thats why you are not even bothering to go deep into the issue. An esteemed Sunni Muhadith, Faqih and commentator Shaykh Abu Bakar Ahmed bin Ali Jasas Razi (d. 370) records in his authority work: “Hasan Basri, Saed bin Jubayr, Shau’bi and all Tabayeen used to take stipends from oppress
  4. Given that the Pakistani authorities have an interest in controlling the flow of "unwanted" information coming out of the region, the BBC sought to verify details by speaking to local contacts in areas said to have been hit by the conflict. All the areas were along the Line of Control (LoC) dividing the Indian and Pakistani controlled sides of Kashmir. A police officer in the Poonch region told the BBC's Aurangzeb Jarral that Indian artillery targeted some Pakistani military posts across the Buttal region, and two Pakistani soldiers were killed. In the Bhimber, Leepa and Neelum
  5. http://www.shiapen.com/comprehensive/who-killed-imam-hussain.html
  6. Nicely summarized in a sentence, jazakallah khair :) Wait wait wait, first of all i would like to see your argument that it was strictly the 'inheritance of knowledge' which was being talked about in the narration of nasai?
  7. LOL.. Till date i have not received answer of the following from you and the point is still unattended, i.e, since you are more than keen to prove that Shia text also says that prophets do not leave inheritance but you have miserably failed to prove, from Shia text, the concluding part of the Hadith fabricated/claimed by Abu Bakar, according to which 'whatever prophets leave is to be distributed as sadqa' !!! In fact Abu Bakar himself did not make implementation of this part of his lie thats why we see that not 'everything' prophet (s) left was distributed by him as sadqa such as apartments of
  8. Thats it? Thats all what you have to say in this response? Ok I take it as your acceptance that according to your filthy cult, sahaba and tabayeen were also followers of Abdullah Ibn Saba. And the very reason to create SP was to use its stuff in the internet debates where the najis nawasib throw barrage of filth so your time and again showing that stuff has been taken from SP is nothing but waste of time. Stupid, the refs quoted by me where by hardcore Salafi scholars in praise of Showkani from whom you were trying to get rid of, so dont try to be smart and switch the topics. Once a
  9. Ooops..lagta hai hasb o nasab chair kar dukhti ragg par haath rakhdia main nay :P Talking of Ibn Saba then lemme show you some of your beloved ancestors (sahaba and tabayeen) who were adherents of you Ibn Saba :) Whilst discussing Abdullah Ibn Saba, one of the greatest Salafi scholar Uthman al-Khamis of the modern era made the following admission in his book Hoqba min al-Tarikh, pages 130 -131: And his advocates who contributed in spreading his doctrine were al-Ghafeqi bin Harb, Abdulrahman bin Udays al-Balawi [sAHABI], Kanana bin Bashr, Sawdan bin Hamran, Abdullah bin Zayd bin Warqa, Amr bi
  10. Oh Yeah? is that why Abu Bakr in his inaugural speech made it clear that he was not the best among the ummah and he should be guided whenever he made mistakes in dispensation of his duties as a ruler lol? That is why he was so reluctant to become a ruler at the episode of saqifah and as per his own words he accepted rulership only because he feared that sahaba had recently converted to Islam and there were chances of their getting apostates on seeing dismal state of affairs? JIs that why he regretted at his death bed for few sins he committed in his life ? Just compare all this junk with a cha
  11. 1. Firstly good attempt to avoid the Sunni tradition which proves that Ali was the only (spiritual) heir and successor of prophet and only he inherited him (s). 2. Fatima Zahra (as) inheriting estate of prophet (s) is very much proved from Imams of Ahlulbayt (as) as referred by you from al-kafi therefore your attempt to argue that she can either inherit dinar and dirhams or knowledge is nothing but an false attempt to play with the words, Ali inherited prophet being his successor and Fatima Zahra inherited prophet in material possessions in capacity of being biological heir, its simple as tha
  12. Unfortunately for you, Ali himself didnt concur with the reasons you have advanced for his being an heir of prophet: “Al-Fadl bin Sahl- Afan bin Muslim- Abu Awana- Uthman bin al-Mughira- Abi Sadeq- Rabeea bin Najed narrated that a man came to Ali and said: Oh commander of believers, why only you inherited your cousin excluding your uncle? He (Ali) replied: The messenger of Allah invited the children of Abdulmutalib and he cooked for them food, they ate till they get fulfilled and the food remained as if no one had touched it, then he (the prophet) brought water and all of them drank from i
  13. Jazakallah khair bro. Another point is that in their feeble attempt to prove that prophets do not leave material possessions in inheritance Sunnis/Nawasib shoot themselves in the feet by relying upon the above hadith because the hadith confirms that (a.) it was Ali (as) who was the heir of prophet (b.) Ali in fact inherited prophet, and hence the humanly appointment caliph (Abu Bakar) looses his eligibility leaving Sunnies no where !!
  14. LOL...o tukhm-e-na tahqeeq, aaj Shokani jaisa scholar bhi bekr hogya. Wah !! That it self is sufficient to prove his Nasb !!! By the way it also proves that the picture was not as rosy as painted by nawasib and not all sahaba were happy with the caliphate of abu bakar.
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