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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. High school years were among the best for me so far ^_^
  2. LOL It's kinda embarassing seeing this topic come back to life :!!!:
  3. I find it really interesting, after I watched the video you posted, I got stuck watching others, and now I've wandered into watching a documentary on Tourettes Syndrome lol. I never personally connected intelligence with stuttering. Out of curiousity, I understand that alot of research has shown that most people who stutter are born as such, but can it also be a learned behavior, or develop randomly?
  4. ^ I've changed many diapers, and I've never noticed any difference in there being more room (unless the size is different), diapers are almost always meant to be a bit baggy, so they usually fit both girls and boys. Hence, I wrote "Why are diapers gendered, when they are basically the exact same thing?", I understand the differences in boys and girls, lol. Anyway, lets not make this whole discussion about diapers! (Unless you guys really love them, lool) EDIT: Actually, I'm going to answer my own question, most diapers are gendered because the padding is thicker in different areas (although th
  5. Well, men have (up until recently) usually been the breadwinners in the family, so naturally they would pay. And even though women often work now, it's just one of those traditions that has stuck around. I think since it's been around for such a long time, alot of men don't even question it anymore, it's just something that they do. And if they do care, they will probably still pay to impress the girl.
  6. There are alot of things I don't understand, and I have some questions I was hoping some of you could answer (or try to). Feel free to add any questions you may have. So, what do YOU think? Why is barbecuing a masculine thing, but using the kitchen stove is not? Why are diapers gendered, when they are basically the exact same thing? Why is sandwich meat round, when the bread is square? Why do superheros always wear their underwear ontop of their clothes? Why do crackers always have holes? Why do we constantly check the refrigerator and kitchen cabinets when we are hungry, even know we alread
  7. Any good horror films coming out anytime soon? BTW, did anyone see The haunting of connecticut? I saw it about a week ago, it wasn't too bad. lol @ One size kills all - I can just imagine a film with a killer shoe, that would be interesting.
  8. lol, I saw that a few years ago, it was really strange. IT is really really good! I read the book and then saw the film, and I like both (but as always, the book was better). BTW It wasn't a short story, it's a novel about 1000 pages!
  9. A wolf howling, and heavy rain.
  10. lol, the tough choices we have to make huh? As for the original topic, we couldn't possibly give you a yes or no answer since we don't even know the guy. Get to know him and his family more, and then make your decision based on what you've learned. Don't just say no without knowing much about him, or because you want to wait. Good luck :)
  11. The language of love :wub: lol, Just kidding. I always found the Japanese language interesting, the way it sounds and looks. BTW, I did not know you were a vampire :o
  12. Those are two of my favorites. I agree with some of you here, gore isn't really horror at all, psychological horror is much scarier. I find alot of Japanese horror movies are very good, and alot of American movies have re-made some of them (The Ring, The Eye, The Grudge). Also, Texax Chainsaw Masacre (re-made), and The Hills have Eyes - are both pretty scary for gore films.
  13. I really liked that movie! You should see Pan's Labyrinth! Both movies were written by the same man.
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