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  1. Where's Cary Grant in all this??? I'm sure she has an interesting comment or two, specifically cooked up for this topic! Don't tell me she has been banished already :(
  2. hmmm.. silent as Sydney is ... :) where in sydney???

  3. welcome to Isam sister, welcome to PEACE! :)
  4. why invalid when BOTH are MUSLIMS??? of course, unless u/the opposers think otherwise! :)
  5. walaikumussalam... :) and yes:that is a happy coincidence,i'd say... only, that u r younger to me by an average life time of a horse :D still,pleasant knowing wat u pointed out:thanks and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, b'day-sake friend! :)

  6. I know wat u mean there Candela, but ur point is???i mean quoting Hadeeth is NOT mandatory: can be ur personal views, really: shud it be done OR avoided??? :)
  7. this argument that u build here, can be used on the exact contrary: i mean, untill and unless there's a clear hadeeth forbidding it, shud we take the burden of propagating a CAREFUL VIRTUE??? sounds beyond reason really.
  8. lol: its ok...no real harm done yet... wanted to correct u promptly,coz am still single :p lol.ok seriously, its OK with that lady bro, she's very hurt i think.so, its time we call it quits,i guess :)

  9. I completely agree: and more so, coz One, she's a lady and Second, she said she's a decade older to u hassan! and most of all, cmm'on, she SAID IT: that she thinks of you as a GOOD person BASICALLY! :) a reason enough than all others and a good time for that white flag u've been itching to take out, to come out now! :P NO, SERIOUSLY. now THAT is genuinely funny ... had it not about a PARTICULAR PERSON and if the emotions weren't THIS high, it deserves a good laugh :) all i can offer for now is, a muffled smile at best but that too, only becuase i DO find it amusing Ms. Grant, no disrespect intended :D
  10. as i said, WHATEVER makes u happy in WHICHEVER way u please... ! I can't believe i'm getting sucked into this whole NOTHING-THING like this-doesn't go with my 'Mr.Nice Guy's impression' that i so desperately wanted to build here ... LoL. And please don't reply to THIS post coz i generally hate skirmishes in any form, and ESPECIALLY like this: made to boost up our super-egoes just for the heck of it! :) Or Or Or ... Or shud i say, too timid for all this? Probably! :) O btw Ms. Grant, the link and that kid is AWESOME: highly recommended to ANYONE reading this post RIGHT NOW! :)
  11. HUH???? :o LoL Ms. Grant ..... WATEVER! The part for YOU was----> Did u even bother checking out the quotes to which i made those replies??? did u check out the quote-unquote thingie while i said that u were 'HYPED and EMOTIONAL', exactly as someone else on the forum had used??? Guess u did NOT. Not that it matters a great deal, but i thought u were maltreated here in some ways and i EXPRESSED that ... anyways Ms. Grant, doesn't really matter what u 'wanna see and reply to', i guess :) Seriously: WHATEVER suits u best to feel good. If its this forum that provides a vent, i can speak for myself: use it all u can, on any one u want :)
  12. LoL ...Hassan, its a BRO here, not SIS :p and i seriously know wat u r talking abt, have been following ur THING with Cary Grant but ... cm'on,she's a LADY! :)

  13. I agree ... Mongols and the related Stigma of 'intelligence' is extremely derogatory and offensive: the centuries old established terminology of "MONGOLISM" for Down's Sybdrome came under severe criticism and was deleted from the medical/general literature world-wide. So even though, its very prevalent in the slang and in our daily chit-chat still, it should be avoided on forums like this, i think.
  14. seems like there's no consensus on the issue, not amongst those from IDENTICAL school of thought even! If such is the ambiguity, i personally think, it CAN'T be HARAM or MANDATORY, as in HUKM! would anyone please correct/update me if i'm wrong???
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