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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Uni can be so boring sometimes. I just don't know how people can do it? *grumbles* lol

  2. Salams brother. :)

    Its been quite a long time, na? How have you been? Are you still in India or you have gone back to Iran? I hope your studies are going well inshallah. Take care for now.

    Salams. :)

  3. Salams brother. And thank you for your kind wishes. I appreciate them. :) May Allah bless us all and guide us onto the straight path to Jannah inshallah.

    Fee Amanillah. :)

  4. Salams brother. I was quite surprised by your comment on my page- What in the world made you think I was going to engage in Muta? I don't think I've said that so I don't see why you would assume things like that. And I don't see it as Zena. The Holy prophet himself didn't say it was haram at all. I don't see why you would think it is? Care to explain.

    Salams. :)

  5. I got accepted into the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences at Uni. Mashallah, I'm happy. So thankful to the Almighty for making a way for me. :)

    1. baradar_jackson


      Mashallah. Congratulations.

    2. *Safinatun_Najaat*


      Lol thanks Baradar jackson. Felt so happy, wish I could moon walk my way into the lecture room on the first day. haha if only I knew how. :/ lol

  6. Hey salaams brother.

    Long time huh? Lol my name on FB is Saphina Dean. I added you on FB before but I don't know if you confirmed or declined my friend request haha. Anywho how's things going? You'll be happy to know I got accepted into one of NZ most prestigious Universities Mashallah! I'm so happy that Allah (swt) has made a way for me to study medicine. :) Well...

  7. Salamu alaikum brother

    Hows things? well I've added you on FB if you dont mind lol inshallah I do take a trip to Iran soon. School's over for me now. Just the exams that are left lol wosh me luck. Hope all os well with you brother. Take care.

    Was salaam

  8. Salaams. Aww mashallah thats so good to hear. lol you excited about being appointed in India? And alhamdulillah my family is doing well. My dad might go back to Iran at the end of this month inshallah. Hopefully I'll go next time haha its always 'next time, next time, next time' lol anywho yeah i'm on Facebook. Are you? If you are, you should add me. :) But no pressure though. Take care brother.

  9. Well thats good to hear that you are doing well brother. And thank you for the recommendation on the blogsite- I just went on it and I must say its set up really well mashallah. How did you find the blogsite anyway? And wow you're back in India mashallah. Thats so good to hear. Have you finished studying in Qom?

    (Sorry for the late reply- my computer was faulty but its fixed now.)

  10. Salaams baraadar.

    Eid Mubarak to you too. Shoma chi hal dared? :)

  11. salaams people.. long time?

  12. its easy as and plus its free haha sorry, im just sayin this koz time on comp is limited koz of my siblings so i always check fb first lols.. anywho kaza is when you pray your alternative prayer when your miss your usual one. lols or well its kindve like that!... oh and yeah, il rebly to your email soon; when ive got time on my side lols ykno life and its hecticness :/ lols mwahh! bye for now

  13. heyy sis, lols no problem bowt tha time diff! why dont we try facebook, im sure your on that! lols my yahoo messenger fingy takes too long to load and that, dunno why! soo fb is like tha perfect fing koz yu kan chat on therr too! lols it'd be faster than emailin and all this messaging dont yu reckon? lols... plus im nearli always online dahaa... so fb yah?.. if yu dont have an account yu kud make1

  14. hey sis, i saw your comment abowt messenger! how abowt you come on tomorrow at two which is when i shud be on hehe.. as for now, my bloody brothers been buggin me for the comp for tha last half hour! haha so yahoo tmrw then?.. well ima hop off now! talk to yu soon sis! take care mwah :)

  15. dunno which one so i try only listenin to tha non-perrogative and non-sexual ones! thats a hard job since nearly every song is bowt the 3 letter word?! urgh haha oh & guitars are kool! im also alil into the keyboard hehe my friends teachin me tha basixx :) how bowtyu?... hahaha yeah sure.. email is always an option im keen for! who knows whose been readin this?! lolz nosey parkers haha

  16. prayer you do; only if you break your wudu must yu do it. things that beak wudu can include; farting lols, swearing, vomiting (ifink), deep sleep, blood, pet hair, sperm lols and yeah, these things are unclean pretty much! im sure therr mite be afew otha fings but these are the most common of ones... lols and yes i liste to music, im still confused tho koz some say we shud and some say we shudnt!

  17. funny thing that is aye?.. lols yeah commitment to islam is a big deal. and prayer is one of the five main pillars soo its good about thinkin in all seriousness bout these things... oh and for wudu, yu dont have to dry the water off! its sed to have mucj baraka (blessings) in it and is good for the skin too, from what ive herd lols. oh and anada fing, you dont HAVE to keep duen wudu for every

  18. .. aww yeah i know! ive always felt open when talkin to yu, lols its strange! i have best friends buh ive never felt to comfortable talkin abowt sduff haha i know WEIRD! and yeahh, you just know they love yu. so true!. dahahaa yeah money and tha life, its means nothing... if you havent got peace of the mind. poor people dont have much but as long as they are satisfied, they will remain happy!

  19. and yeah my folks divorced since before i cud remember aye. shes living in Palo Alto in the States. im here wif my otha siblings and dad:) she kant come koz of visa issues thats why shes stuck therr, my dad took part in making sure this is tha case; he hates her! lols.. oh yeah, my mum sed afew days ago thaat tha weatha is warmin up abit! lol lucky yuze; we're stuck with jack frost this season :)

  20. the water can be found near the qibla and is sed to cure alot of illnesses bekoz of its blessings and its sort of the same thing with the turbat. imagine how much blessings must be in that lil clay wen it contains the blood of our holy prophet?.. aww sis just do kaza namaz if you kant do prayer on time. the almighty is most forgiving and he knows all

  21. represent the qibla no. ysee the prophets family and kin werr slaughtered in Kerbala (which is where tha clay is from) and we believe that therrs much blessings in it. im sure you have herd of zumzum water, the baby prophet Abraham dug his foot in the desert sands when he was thirsty, and a spring flowed forth from the place of his heel.

  22. im sure ydont wana waste your life away? trust yourself COMPLETELY and solely in the lord sis, not yourself, not your friend, not me or anywun else. Simply the lord and he will, come thru for you. I, Saphina Shehenaz Nisha Dean promise you that. :)... anywho aww its good that youve cleared out the prayer fingy hehe i fort i wasnt gettin thru to you lols. and umm no, the turbat (clay fingy) doesnt

  23. i think its time; time to make a decision sis! one that you will stick to after its made, and i know yu know what im talkin abowt sis. Youre either gonna keep chasing a dangerous hope of reunion OR youre gonna change your life so it doesnt revolve around your friend? im sorry sis and i know fings are soo hard right now but your gna have to do somefing sooner or later aye sis.

  24. hey sis:).. aww yeah, hope eh? can be a good thing.. but it can also drive a person insane! we have to be careful when it comes to what we hope for aye, thats tha sad side to hope :/.. as for this calling thing, sis i think its really not gonna get you anywhere! except leaving somewun reali annoyed with you; and im sure yu wudnt want yurr friend to feel that way on top of all tha other fings!

  25. how abowt yu sis, how are things goin for you? like work and family?hope everywuns all good and that... my salaams :)

    Fee Amanillah :)

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