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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Has any read any tafsir of Qur'an and najul balagha recently.I would to hear.
  2. I had to let this out.Karachi is under lock down.All the relatively well off seem to be doing is how they will spend next 2 weeks reading books.No one seems to be thinking how callous it is considering the number of families who rely on fathers as dailywage workers. This made me realize all the so called leftist and their ideology fallacies.Compare these people who our Imam Zain ul Abdeen (عليه السلام). feed killer of his father without a word about his past deeds. Allah knows best where to put his trust.
  3. varies but this what they said zolooft.It is better to find the real problem than to stick with pills.
  4. I think it would be better do it alone.Like the previous said it could end being bad for you.I would asked you to get married again but that is entirely up to you.Allah will find solution for all your problems.
  5. If possible cannot you move out.I have a brother with special needs and this can be difficult at times.Please try to move out if possible living there will only create more anger. Forgiveness helps us more than the other person with the caveat that this is the hardest thing to do.I hope your life turns out better and everyone learns to appreciate you. May all good come to you through Tawasul of Ahylul Bayat (عليه السلام)
  6. Here are the links to his English translation.Check out all the books if possible and the Tafsir is only available for reading on his official page in English https://www.al-Islam.org/person/ayatullah-naser-makarem-shirazi
  7. Is there anywhere in the Holy Qur'an you have verse that tells Shaitan can control by taking over you.The answer is no all that is said he whispers or encourages. Shaitan or Ibliss is the most powerful jinn since he can not do it.Do you think any one less powerful than him can do it. Please do think over it
  8. Please try to read the firsr sermon of Imam Ali in Najul Balagha.It would be better if you read the Tafsir of Ayatullah Nasir Makrem. Also you try this book by Syed Mujataba Lari. http://www.islamicmobility.com/book-details/God And His Attributes
  9. Ever heard of irritable bowel syndrome or seen someone eat too much because of stress specially that should be avoided
  10. 1.Someone asked me about Khizr and why did he do what he did? 2.Refered to Tafsir Namoona was pleasantly surprised to see an excellent answer to the question.May Allah bless Ayatollah Nasr Makarem.
  11. Check your diet and remove things one at a time hopefully you will find the cause.Or it could be stress.
  12. Antidepressants make you feel drowsy and research shows you tend to get more suicidal thoughts.I can speak for myself but I have been through depression and thankfully I did not use antidepressants.You become to much addicted to them instead of fixing the problems in your life.Antidepressants are just crunch which will stick with you forever.
  13. I would tell you this life is a test.The time and effort you give to your parents will be rewarded many fold by Allah.Inshallah your future kids will respect you a lot. Try to get a good book to read may be you are a extrovert.I found reading helped me cope with a lot of things. As one of the posters getting married is a good option.Inshallah your future spouse will be more atuned to your social needs. Please do not under any circumstances go to doctor and get antidepressants.You will be suffering forever if you do.You have to fight this on your own.
  14. Could someone tell the people posting that Ayatullah Nasr Makarem recommended Ziyarat Ashura and Hadith Kisa along with the fact to listen to experts and follow their advise. I have not heard of any Ayatullah rejecting medical advise.
  15. 1.Read Ayatullah Nasr Makarem`s autobiography and was just impressed by the humility of the man.May Allah bless with even more fruitful years. 2.Please pray that Allah helps me reading his Tafsir of Najul Balagha. 3.I remember talking to my family members who live in the States.Apprently Noam Chomsky isn't much read there as in the third world. 4.I do not agree with Chomsky views on sexuality but rest of his work on empire and political system is worth reading. 5.For all those who do not have time read his interviews with David Barsamian or just listen to them worth it.
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