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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Finished 1.Voices of Protest by Alan Brinkley 2.Division Street by Studs Terkel
  2. I been through that phase as well.Here is what I learned from the whole experience. 1.Try to find out the root cause of your worries. 2.Duas do help. 3.Try to make a connection with Allah. 4.Never give up hope. 5.Try to go out more and meet like minded people. 6.Finally remember hardships do come your way just try to think Allah is trying to test your faith so hang in there and you shall see the light through tawasul of Ahylul bayat (عليه السلام).
  3. I would go on case per case basis.If you have a considerable amount and good team than the right thing in my opinion would be to give the most to as many as possible with rare exception for someone who is deserving of more.
  4. Ziarat Ashura along with nazr will inshallah ease your burdens
  5. Finished The Color of Truth by Kai Bird about William and McGeorge Bundy.Anyone who is interested in how Vietnam war and cold war played out till the late 60s should give it a read.
  6. Well just go to one.If you do not go through how will people know you even exist.Allah will find a way for you.Just go for Dua Kumail or some event.
  7. I would suggest you recite Ziyarat Ashura for 40 days and do tawasul along with that take your mother to local Imam Bargha and Inshallah things will work out.You do need to go to places where you can find a good pool of people to choose from.Today is the birthday of Imam Hussain (عليه السلام). May Allah fulfill all our duas today.Try to bit proactive.
  8. All what you said is good but find the cause of depression work on that too.
  9. Yes and I will add keep trying.You need to look hard and pray.Hopefully you will find someone who is worthy of you.
  10. Hello.First book I would to anyone who is looking to fight with his Nafs is to read book Self Building by Ayatullah Ibrahim Amini.It is published in urdu as well. A few words about my experience.I found this book tough to get through.I stopped in the middle two times before finally finishing it.Well worth the time spent. The author develops his arguments by going through material and immaterial aspects of our existence. After this short introduction the book is divided into three parts namely self refinement, self perfection and finally means of perfection. I would prefer y
  11. Only you who think the other person is worth it will know the pain but my own experience has been you can not have everything you want in life and accepting that is hard but only way unless we want unending misery. May Allah ease your pain.
  12. My take on American History was what Boorstin said.In Boorstin's works Columbus is treated as a hero.Books I read before I came across Chomsky and Zinn did not even mention massacres done to settle the west.
  13. You have the guy credit for pointing out the victims until him and chomsky came along most of the victims were hard to find at least for someone like me who has not lived there.
  14. We can not have world without values if we have values we do have to judge people accordingly.Adultery is only action repulsive enough for a man to divorce his wife.Just think how much mahem it brings into the family life. If two people can not be happy let them get separated but not having a side spouse to turn to for fun. If I am not mistaken Imam Sadiq (عليه السلام) said the same thing about wife committing adultery but please do check. Finally find out why it happened
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