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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Don't worry.I am guy I went through this phase as well.I can tell you what helped 1.Keep praying 2.Do not stop looking 3.May be if you could consider expanding the applicant pool people whom you have not included 4.Do not think Allah mercy does not encompass you 5.Ziarat Ashura for 40 days
  2. I find it hard to believe, considering that even in Pakistan you can hardly go on doing the stuff you mentioned without repurcations, how do women live with that there in West. As others have mentioned we have other standards than Allah told us.Unfortunately that along with the temptations we have around us we are left with not worthy family system.I know of people who married their daughter's in higher social circles and the poor thing was divorced within a year with a child.
  3. I know that Imam Bargha in Houston was offering interest free loans.I was informed who used to go there.
  4. Cutting off links with your family will hold back your duas.Please do the bare minimum otherwise I fear your prayers will not be answered.Those who cut off relations are disliked by the Allah and Ahylul Bayat (عليه السلام). hopefully more knowledgeable would be able to comment what is the bare minimum in Sulh e Rahm.
  5. Why not go to college. You don't know what you are capable of unless you try.
  6. Have you read the confederacy of the dunces and what happened to the author.Please accept the fact people getting dumber before but now with twitter even Chomsky is complaining about the silly emails he gets.
  7. The less said about it better but I would avoid like the bubonic plague if I were in OP's position.
  8. I would recommend the following 1.Stop watching porn 2.Stay away from anyone or anything that is tempting you into this choice.This goes for your TV programs as well. 3. If you are probably young it is your sexual urges try to resolve them in halal way marriage permanent preferably if not temporary one. 4.Keep yourself away from your phone specially when you are alone. 5.Stop using reddit. 6.Keeping the Akhira will help you see how things work out.You would not want to disappoint your loved ones specially the Ahylul Bayat (عليه السلام). 7.Keep yourself occupied in productive assignments.Read Quran for a change and see how it opens up your world. 8.Do not forget to pray and do dua through tawasul of Ahylul Bayat (عليه السلام). 9.Remember Allah is watching you all the time.
  9. There are two kinds of sins.First one you do against Allah but not fulfilling your obligations Allah can forgive them if you try to repent and not repeat them again. Second ones are those that concern other people.If you have not fulfilled rights of other please do so. I will say that if you start that your situation will improve.Talk to your relatives you have gone out of touch or stopped talking to.If you owe some money to your relatives give that on first priority. With that consider reciting ziarat Ashura and for good measure make a nazr as well. Inshallah through Tawasul of Ahylul Bayat (عليه السلام). your woes will end sooner than you can imagine. This is good dua for repentance. https://www.al-islam.org/sahifa-al-kamilah-al-sajjadiyya-imam-ali-zayn-al-abidin/31-his-supplication-repentance
  10. I would suggest by reading the Quran for yourself and see how it talks to you. Secondly, I would suggest you read Woman and her rights by Ayatullah Muthari. https://www.islamicmobility.com/book-details/Woman And Her Rights
  11. How do make the images small enough to post here.If I take with my phone it usually too big to post here.
  12. My future looks much similar all my wall to wall bookshelves are covered
  13. I do give them away and I have made another library at another property my family owns and I have curtailed my buying but I do feel the urge to let go at times.
  14. I have two kindles but I had problems with my vision as I read at night time.I stick to paper unless I can't find a physical copy.
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