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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Speaking of business I am a civil engineer i have lived in UAE since childhood until they blacklisted me and deported me because i am a lebanese shia therefore i support and finance hezbollah :S Now im in qatar and they are starting to deport lebanese too. Truth is i am sick and tired for the mentalty here in the middle east so i was wondering if anyone know a decent construction business i can apply to somewhere in the west continent. I have 2 years of rich experience on site. May Allah reward whoever can help me...
  2. Sayed kamaal Al Haidari very popular scholar in the middle east believes that this is an accusation to say that the prophet was illeterate. He used the thaqalayn hadeeth for proof that the prophet said i have left upon to you the quran and the ahl al bayt. The fact that he said i have left upon to you the quraan this dissproves that he was illeterate or that the sahaabas collected the quraan...
  3. i even find this video more interesting sunni shiekhs approving of muta marriage and narrations revealed... however it's in arabic if someone can get this translated will be a very good idea..
  4. Plus it's irrelevant to the marriage because i heard that the prophet did divorce from a women who was a murtad ... i heard it from a sunni view so dont know.
  5. The opposition in syria are hurting themselves when they fabricate photos
  6. قل هاتوا برهانكم إن كنتم صادقين
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=249JaIaubVw
  8. I am so in love with this it starts with english but then runs in arabic... warning very depressing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-43yiVn7UYk&feature=bf_prev&list=PLB8F33F5EFAFB6908
  9. ma32ool hek bit tanshi

    1. ~Zee Zee~

      ~Zee Zee~

      :( mish hasi imn7a

  10. brother back in the days the method of marrying a slave was to set her free .. read this maybe it can help http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ma_malakat_aymanukum#Marriage
  11. thanks for sharing lets not also forget the 99 names he identified himself as in the quraan...
  12. im using a proxy for this website since i live in the uae somehow the upload wont complete however id be glad to email it to one of the admins... and you still insist on trolling you dont even want to apologize
  13. Salaam admins this person by the name of mutah_king all he does is mess around in the site from what i notice he does not share anything useful. I honestly don't see why he should be here. This is a screenshot on the language he uses while chatting...
  14. As you know the wahabi scholars has taken over the parliament in egypt they seem to be very "intelligent" people. They brought up a new law... let the article speak it's very sickening. Honestly people they have damaged the image of islam it's sickening. What are the freaken azhar doing in egypt they have no role they are such cowards, why dont they face those wahabiz. http://bulletinofthe...and-employment/
  15. whoever curses the wife or anyone close tothe prophet will pay a big price. Any honest muslim that read nahj al balaagha will know how imam ali's tone and language was with them.
  16. how inappropriate "purple haze" remove the picture...
  17. salaam sister

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      ~Zee Zee~

      keefak ali shu sayer ma3ak?

  18. you should rather see a psychiatrist...
  19. كتب عبدالله بن أسعد اليافعي الشافعي في ( رياحين الشريعة:244 ـ ط القاهرة ): روينا عن الإمام الجليل، ذي المجد الأثيل، سلالة النبوّة، ومَعدِن العلوم والفتوّة، جعفر الصادق رضي الله عنه أنّه قال: « مَن زعم أنّ الله سبحانه في شيء، أو من شيء، أو على شيء، فقد أشرك بالله؛ إذ لو كان على شيء لكان محمولاًُ، ولو كان في شيء لكان محصوراً، ولو كان من شيء لكان مُحدَثاً، وتعالى الله عن ذلك » ( رواه: الصفوري في: نزهة المجالس ومنتخب النفائس 7:1 ـ ط عثمان خليفة بالقاهرة، والسبكي في: طبقات الشافعية 209:5 ـ ط القاهرة، وغيرهما). My translation: Imam jaafar says pbuh: whoever claims that god is in something or from something or on something he has caused shirk; because if he was on something then he is being held and if he was in something he would be limited (size wise i guess) and if he was from something he would مُحدَثاً. sorry i cant figure out the translation for shirk and mu7adithan
  20. before you know it usa interferes and gas pipeline is back to israel.
  21. Or maybe simply because we are the true mazhab?
  22. guys subscribe to my channel i have a playlist with the best latmiyas i found. You can simply atoplay and enjoy listening to them without needing to search. http://www.youtube.com/user/Aloosh12/featured May Allah guide us all...
  23. lets not forget there are many shias in saudi arabia unlike uae... however according to the internet provider i sent a complain if it's possible to review the shiachat.com they responded thats it's under the violation of "offensive to other religions". They wouldn't want to negotiate further
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