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  1. ma32ool hek bit tanshi

    1. ~Zee Zee~

      ~Zee Zee~

      :( mish hasi imn7a

  2. salaam sister

    1. ~Zee Zee~

      ~Zee Zee~

      keefak ali shu sayer ma3ak?

  3. Salam sister :)

  4. what are you talking about?

  5. go down to the 4th guy with the hezbollah flag he answers the question... pretty interesting and tell me what do you think

  6. masha Allah cool combination and i assume they communicate through english? so do you have an answer to what i replied in the forums :P

  7. Masha Allah you're 13 where originally from?

  8. ali12

    bro can u please shift my topic from the thinker's discourse to wherever it should be...

  9. hello there just wondering does ure name mean ure from the emirates?

  10. let her google hotspot shield she may find some websites blocked but let her keep searching

  11. ali12

    brother is there any problem with the search tab it wont find anything when i try searchin. How do i send u a private message cause i dont see it on my left.

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