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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. What I mean is that many people loved the Ahlulbayt but that holds very little weight unless you actually follow them. We are shia, followers, and as long as we remain SHIA, then bieng muhib or malang is just a bonus.
  2. Salam To be fair, the word malang has a beautifully deep meaning. When I think malang,I think of bieng drowned in the love of the AhlulBayt. To me that is deep and heart renderingly breath taking. As long as we remember that we are Shia and bieng malang is not something different, I see nothing wrong with this. The only problem comes when they are presented as a seperate ideology and way of practising islam that things go pear shaped. We need to remember that many people loved the Imams and the Prophets, but we also have to remember only 72 FOLLOWED Imam Hussain a.s to Kerbela. As long as we remain Shais )followers) bieng malang is a massive bonus :)
  3. Salam Confirmed that this report in not true. Spoke to someone living there.
  4. Salam :) So basically you are saying politics can not be for the sake of Allah even if it is by a masoom? You can not compare what we know as politics today to the politics of our masooms. We can learn from how they dealt with the people they governed, how they governed them, how they spoke to thier governers, how they dealt with thier enemy, diplomacy etc etc. What is wrong with that? True. Well I have a friend who is from Parachinar who managed to get to the UAE who told me that the lanatis are literally making the kids sit infront of a screen and watch shias curse the ones they love so much. We are giving them the fuel used to burn shia homes and families. So why not make sure that we do Tabara in a way which will reduce the chances of this and at the same time improve us. For example not doing those actions which the enemies of the AhlulBayt did etc. That is actually a very good point never thought of that. Found something to ask maulana :D. I guess a reply would be that you can curse any enemiy as much as you want but just be carefull how you do it. so recite ziarat e ashura but in an atmosphere where it does not create a problem. Indeeed. Scary stuff. To be fair I think we should be ready to sacrifice a non wajib act (sending lanat) to preserve a wajib one (tabara). Take a different form of Tabara up which will help improve us and the rest of it as i said above. What would be cool is if we could have seminars all over the world in which the isue of Taqleed and why different marajae have different verdict is discussed in an open atmosphere. Only this way we will be able to understand what true taqleed is and why us Shias do it. I guess the least you can do is take your question to a scholar who practises taqleed and maybe he can guide you with your questions about taqleed :) I know I am definately doing that, makes sense. Im not undermining the act or bieng offensive in anyway but can you please explain to me how blood letting is giving pursa? I have never doubted the intentions of those that do zanjeer and the amount of love, passion and devotion shown in this act is immense. However, I just feel we should be more aware of the wider responsibility we have to the AhlulBayt and spreading thier message. I feel that we almost forget that the way we walk talk eat breath do everything, we are doing that as Shia/followers of the Masumeens (a.s) and therefore we need to make sure that we are doing it in a way that thier image is upheld. We might have to agree to disagree here I am guessing :) Again I see the best thing to do is actually go to a scholar which believes this or looks at zanjeer in a negative light and scrutinize his viewpoint. Alhamdulilah unlike other faiths we are able to question our to the maximum because at the end of the day we are on the right. And I mean scrutinize, do nto just ask actually debate and discuss so you understand. This has helped me understand a lot of things inside our beautifull faith and I feel it is the best way to understand it. Obviously He is the best of judgers and He will judge everyone accordingly. He knows best :) However, I think you would agree with me to say that I wish this amount of loyalty and devotion would be given to promote the message of Imam Hussain. Imagine how many people will come close to the truth and how happy our Masumeen a.s will be with us. We would be doing exactly what Syeda Zainab s.a and our Masumeens a.s did, propagating the message of Imam Hussain a.s Ilahi Ameen :) That is not what we mean by politics. He tried to to do something which as you say has little place on the minbar. Can you please adress true sunnis question in the context that he meant it to be in. If you want mroe clarification can I pleaseask true sunni to rephrase the question. Thank you :) W'salaam
  5. Salam once again. Pray you are well. I know what you mean :( I understand where you are comming from but I feel you have misunderstood what I meant. Politics is not above religion to stand on top of it. It is not side by side with religion rather politics is under religion. Religion incapsulates every single thing in our life. If you are telling me that politics/how the people are governed/ how we should deal with a tyrant etc are not withing Islam then God Forbid our Isam is incomplete. Thing about this logically. Our complete and most beautifull faith takes inside it every branch of knowledge. Everyone seems to use politics as if it is a swear word. Like OH MY GOD they said Kerbela has Politcs astaghfirullah astaghfirullah astaghfirullah need to do my wudhu just cause of hearing that ,sort of thing. Politics, or the governance of the people is a massive part of our religion. Look at Nahjul Balagha look at the sermons of Imam Ali his letters. Look at Kerbela, the religious sacrifice of our beloved Imam Hussain a.s was the biggest political blow to yazid. By Imam Hussain a.s saving the religio of Islam through his sacrifice he provided such a massive political statement (which is religious in itself) that after a few years yazid laeens governance flopped. I would like to hear ur answer to true sunnis questions. Sorry I meant Peace be upon them. :$ Makes sense :) The point is you dont compramise on your wajibats. Tabara (disassociating yourself with the enemy) is a wajibat. The way you do it, or the method you adopt is not wajib. There that can be changed especially if it will save the lives of your fellow shia brothers. For there sake if you can adopt a different and better way of doing tabara then bismillah. So I ask you why have these great big marjas said it is haram? Can you explain it for me? They have not called theact itself hram but have said the situation which has come up makes that non wajib act haram. To me that makes perfect sense. And again we do it as a ritual, something repeated. They did not. Simple. Thats the whole poin that I was making. You cant compare it. They suffered alot more then we did yet she did not repeat the act of making herself bleed. The rest of what you said was beautifull :'( Have you ever gone to ask the representatitive of the maraja who have said you can not do it with the current scheme of things? They will explain the situation better then I ever could. And plus you can have an open talk witht hem abotu the issue. She did it once sis do you nto see that difference between that act and what zanjeer/qama is now??? Im really sorry I was talking mroe in the general sense and not just you sis. Please do forgiv me:( Sorry The place where he was reading. I am sure you can find their number from somewhere.
  6. May Allah guide us all to be the true followers of AhlulBayt.
  7. Salam. Agreed, ignorance breeds everything bad. No one is against listening to the fazail of AhlulBayt a.s but to say that talking about other strands of knowledge inside islam has no place in a majalis, which may I remind you was, is and will always be the platform for gaining Islamic knowledge by our Masumeen, then I seriously think we need to realize and understand what the majalis of Imam Ali a.s were, what the majalis of Imam Sajjad a.s was and what the majalis of Bibi Zainab s.a was. Going to the majalis itself is a great form of Tabara. Why? Because Tabara is disassociating yourself from the enemies of Islam. The enemies of Islam would never go to a majalis, therefore you just going there is dissasociation frm the enemy. And you dont GIVE tabara, that makes no sense, you practise Tabara. The rest, beautifully put. May Allah remind us all of the revolution brought about by the minbar of our Prophet, our beloved Aimmah and Bibi Zainab (May Allah be pleased with them all). If we think that politcs are not a part of Imam Hussains a.s message at Kerbela. Then May Maula a.s help us all. Politics and current news of Shias in the world is very relevant to the Majlis of Imam Hussain as long as it is related back to his message in Kerbela. Rest I agree with. Very good question. Why not? Are the people who are not cursing commiting haram? Why are they not cursing? They openly curse yazid and crew why dont they openly curse the others. Why do you think that is sis? Is it because they love the others? Think logically. Do you hate the others more because you curse and they hate them less because they dont. How do you know that after every namaz on thier tasbihs they dont send lanat to the others (the way our Imams taught us btw). Could it possibly be because us sending lanat (which is not wajib btw, Tabara is wajib), is bieng used as a weapon to kill our fellow brothers and sisters in Parachinar D.I Khan etc? Now people who do openly send lanat, they either know this is happening and dont give a hoot about thier brothers dying hence continue or they do not know and they need to be made aware of the situation there. Our shia brothers are bieng taken and cut up into parts and bieng sent back to thier families. Do people who send lanat know videos of them doing lanat is shown to these killers to motivate them to kill more shias. Ofcourse the people they follow are wrong and are cursed but you have to remember that the killers are bieng brainwashed cause at the end of the day, they have been brought up loving up thier leaders, ofcourse it will be easy to brainwash them, ofcourse it will be easy to motivate them to kill more shias, and thankfully for them, we are here to supply them with more motivation to kill shias. But obviously it is not us in our centres who are dying so why should we care. Lets keep on sending lanats and we might think about other mroe important forms of Tabara if by chance we are directly effected. That the whole point, it doesnt bring people closer to Imam Hussains a.s message it take them away at take the mic out of it. Therefore we should adopt other forms of Azadari which are much more reflective of Imam Hussains a.s message. Can I just point out that these acts were not repeated every year. If the ones who felt the greatest sorrow did not repeat it then who are we to do it and then call it thier sunnah. They did it at the true hieght of love devotion and affection and they did not repeat it so are you telling me that you reach that level of devotion every year precisely as majalis finishes, matam is over, and the cover is laid. Are you telling me that Bibi Zainab felt less devotion then you did because she only did it once and you feel that devotion every single year? Agreed, i think we should all accpet the fact that we can not doubt the niyyat of a person. When they do it, thye do it for the reason they say they do it, to show love devotion etc. The whole point is that your blood could be used to save the life of people yet you choose to lose it on these specific days. Alhamdulilah, that is true however no one can unfortunately compare that to the amount it is degrading the message of Imam Hussan a.s in the eyes of others. You might say oh bu why should we care we are not doing it for them. EVERY action you do will also be judged of how it was presented infront of others. The funny thing is the mullahs who have spoken out against Zanjeer/Qama have been the biggest promoters and implementers of Azadari in the world these days. Unfortunately, for some people, Azadari means nothing more then blood letting so they start running around shouting AZADARI UNDER ATTACK. The True enemies of Azadari are those who dont understand it properly. Right, so what are we suppose to teach them? That Tabara is sending lanats and Azadari is blood letting? Is that what Azadari and Tabara ACTUALLY are? Firstly, if Zanjeer/Qama is seen in good light again and is seen as not bieng derogatory to Imam Hussains a.s message in others eyes then bismillah we can start doing it. You do realize that the people who say dont do Zanjeer are someof the most CONSERVATIRE RADICAL EXTREME (whatever u wanna call it) shias around. So dont use the tag liberal. Again for certain people Azadari is either blood letting or nothing. May Allah guide us all. Wasalam.
  8. True. One thing we as azadars should remember always is that although we believe that Azadari is somethign between us and Allah, we also need to realize Allah has placed on us a great respnsibility with it. It becomes practically obligatory on us to look at how it is effecting the image of true Islam as a whole and that our certain acts are not bieng used to demeen Imam Hussains message. If they are then for the sake of Imam Hussain, I do not see why people cant leave themselves out of these certain acts and adopt other acts. It is obligatory on us to keep Azadari alive however we continuee to do acts wich are taking people away from it.
  9. Salam, The problem is people do not recognize the difference between cursing and critisizing. It is even haram to humiliate or dimeen a momin let alone degrade him. If you got something against him then fine but there are ways to express it.
  10. I am talking about those people who feel the acts of Azadari are wajib and forget that it is the beleif in Azadari rather then its expressions which are wajib. When i said Hussain ko bhuljao...this is adressed to those who are forgetting the message of Imam Hussain a.s. Because in his name they are taking people away from Shias, if they want to practice what they do then they should forget the name of Hussain so that they do not , in its name, degrade his message. However, I am sorry for not bieng clear and I ask you pray for my forgiveness. Sorry.
  11. He definately needs to change his methods, if he does not, then he should be stopped.
  12. wait wait wait.....all i said was those people who change the shariat to suit them should understand what the true message of Imam Hussain is and if you believe that Imam Husains message, azadari, was made to do acts which take people away from him, then leave Imam Hussains name so you dont degrade hismessage. clear?
  13. Alhamdulilah malangs are very passionate and active went it comes to juloos and matamdari no doubt about it and May Allah reward them for acts of Azadari. however the feel to realize when what they are doing is not azadari rather it is degradation of the message of Imam Hussain a.s
  14. salaam...mashallah u have made excellent points on ur posts re jak and imam cryng cos of us

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