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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. refer to books my farhad Daftary, He has alot of writings regarding all scopes of Ismaili History, Nizari( Aga Khani) and Mustali
  2. Salaam Do the Ismailis believe that there will be another Natiq after Muhammad s.a.w, if so was it Ismail? If there is another Natiq, then does that not go against the idea of Khatam an nabbi? How do Ismailis from the past differ with Aga khani Ismailis and Bohra Ismailis of contemporary time. How much did Ismailism change during the history of there Imams. Do Ismailis know about these changes if they go against much of what mainstream muslims believe? How do they support these claims? Do they believe that there Imams were M3soom, if so then why did many of them seem like they were not? why do many things revolve around the number 7?
  3. relax buddy, theres no need for that here. Iam trying to figure out a clear picture of something, not entering some sort of cursing brawl.
  4. "it is because God knows that He perceives. it is because God perceives that He knows. both of them are identical (in His Essence). and the same goes for all attributes or names of God. all of God;s qualities or names or attributes are identical to each other in His Essence." Elaborate on this quote if possible with a more clarity please. I do not think you understood my question. How can Allah be Mudrik if he already knows everything. To perceive and to know everything at the same time, seem like two contradicting qualities since he who already knows everything does not need to perceive anything to know something since he already knows everything, he would then be contingent since he is in acquisition of something.
  5. "so it says His perception is His knowledge of all objects of perception". Sorry I did not quite understand what you have purposed. His perception is his knowledge of all objects that can be perceived or all objects that can perceive?
  6. He is a Perceiver Fifth, the Most High is a Perceiver (mudrik), because He is Living, and it is therefore proper for Him to perceive. And the Qur'an has come in to prove it for Him, hence it is incumbent that it be confirmed (ithbat) (by us by reason) to belong to Him. What does this actually mean? Why does Allah need to perceive, does he not know everything?
  7. sisters or brothers? lolz What are u looking for? Mosque?
  8. Salaam, I was sitting in class and someone asked me why do Muslims fast, and I could int really give a proper answer that made any sense, I was wondering if someone could care to enlighten me about this topic as to why Muslims fast? Wat are the benefits of fasting physically and metaphysically etc.. Maa salaam
  9. What else do you know about these two schools? What were there differences, What were their similarities? What view did they have concerning the Sahaba? Thanks salaam
  10. Thanks, this was the article. I was not sure if it was Allama Tabatabai or Murtada Mutahari.
  11. Salaam I wanted to know what the Mu'tazilah's views were regarding the idea of Imamate or Khalifa. I read in a book by Allama Tabatabai they believed for the most part the superiority of Ali a.s to the preceding Caliphs but the explanation wasint clear. Could somebody clear this for me. thank you. Maa salaam
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