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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. lol your status updates are from halo 3

  2. wow halo lol btw did you finish halo reach ? i finished all the halo games :D

  3. ohhh sorry to be rude but im only 13 so ican play prince of persia any time but did you do anything useful ?

    again sorry to be rude

  4. ok thnx for the tip :) i knew little bit of arabic when i was living in UAE bit now i forgot how to speak because now i came to india
  5. i am a shia.but yes shais are idiots.not all shais.most of them.

    go play prince of persia. or do something usuefull you 24 yr old.

  6. is this the akhlaq ahl ul-bayt(a.s)told their followers?

  7. salaam i would like to change my username to YaAbbas
  8. I Wanted To uy A Gaming Console I was Thinking Which One Should I Buy PS3 Or Xbox Slim playstation 3 looks cheap and good bacause it does not have rrod like xbox im confused
  9. sorry to be rude but i know everything about islam and i have never ever heard a majlis on s.e.x and i know exactly why Imaam Al-Hussayn (as) was standing up for against Yazeed
  10. lol i was asking because it was in my science book lol the brother is 13, perhaps he hasn't had biology classes yet
  11. Salaam Bros i was thinking that i should do qamah this moharram i have one question that does it hurt because im only 13
  12. Salaam Brother and Welcome To Islam I Have A video Proof That Shia IS RIGHT :D But Dont Get Scared THIS VIDEO ISNT FAKE Please This Isnt Fake People Really Saw Maula Abbas a.s
  13. Is Sex Allowed In Islam ? Im not so sure ......
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