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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I have heard that prayers are obligatory three times a day and that is why the isna ashari say zuhr & asar together and maghrib & isha together. Making it three times a day. I do not have any source neither am I sure about this...just putting forward what I know. So, if this is true, then the ismailis are doing right, saying their dua thrice a day. Just that the way is different.
  2. i got a reply to my message, got mail. but i cant find the message over here. anyway. referring to that person: You did not sound like you meant your words "with all due respect". It more seemed that you are retaliating. Now don't start with saying something like, "How would you know what my thoughts are", blah. I did not connect simplicity with earnings or spending. And neither with the kind of food one eats, etc. There are many rich Ismailis, not as much as Aga Khan but close. As for being pious. I said that isn't the word I want. And to be very plain, I could not understand the dressing o
  3. i also have an issue with this. with all due respect, without showing contempt or anything. i mean, ok fine times are different, life style has changed a lot. but many followers of Aga Khan are simpler than himself. and also more pious(?) cant find the right word. mean no offense for anyone)
  4. batoolali


    oh c'mon...some do
  5. oh..i'll try to..dont remember where i heard, but i think it was some elder who said it..will try to find out :) and that its ok to sleep after the sun rises..not before that
  6. i have heard that we should not sleep after Fajr, dunno. although I do :unsure:
  7. great way of avoiding telling ur age ;)
  8. sharjeel! but this is a common name today..even among shias...y dont people know whos name this was
  9. yeah...coz desert is always associated with heat and sun...though thats not the case..
  10. wow! i hadnt read this before..touching
  11. lol!! u people are hilarious!! :D :D
  12. hehe...thank u all!! yes sure...ap tuition teacher ban jaen mere :P thnks again!! :D
  13. thank you! y r very kind :) i also want to ask whether a rise in domestic real interest rates lead to an appreciation of the domestic currency relative to the foreign currency. have assumed that the interest rates abroad are constant.thanks
  14. that would help. thanks a lot!! :)
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