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  1. In algeria gettin burned!!

  2. Hey, i pmd u the shia youth camp info, check ur msgs

  3. salam, did u get the youth camp link i sent u

  4. dude..... "shyrose", come on ,,, :s

  5. aha ahlan wa sahlan bi canada, ana bi alberta

  6. salam, anti bil najaf?

  7. Loool amirafatima is just the Arabic translation :p

  8. ahla wa sahla, tsharafna yakhi

  9. hamdilah, anta kaf la7wal, t3arafna min gabal?

  10. i have a good answer to ur "why is salat obligatory" ill pm u,cuz its a bit too big for here lol

  11. Love the mukhtar series

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    2. UnknownShia


      Yup iranians know how to make tv series now, if they just reduce the romance nonsence wud b better :D

    3. DoubleAgent4


      The one good thing Iranians are good at is making tv series!! They've drastically improved over the years alhamdulillah.

    4. Senora


      Yess you're right! Iloveit.

  12. oooomi 3amlina tabkheeeeyeee :D

  13. Salam, there is also a forum for Shia reverts u shud check

    out as well

  14. Anti min al s3odia?

  15. No prob bro, where u from?

  16. havent met u befor , r u new on site

  17. WAT U R A CHAT MOD TO????

  18. saaloooom chettooooriii

  19. nuuuuuuunuuuu inshallah ma za3ilti , yela take care

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