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  1. Salam Alaikum, I just moved to Houston and was wondering if there were any arabic speaking shia mosques or centers? Also if any of the shia brothers live in Houston, I would like to talk to them. Wa salam
  2. " we did not resume relations as husband and wife until July 2005 as I tried to make our relationship work again, but we continued to clash. We had a daughter in February 2006 " please tell me that means you married again be it permanent or temporary THEN had your daughter... :S
  3. because thats such a big problem in our shia community....MUTAH PLAGUE, r u bored?
  4. sons of abdul wahab destroying the name of islam as usual
  5. Stoning is a deterrent more than its a crime, its to keep the limit on the amount of immoral acts that happen
  6. Its been taught as you teach culture , unfortunately the two almost are one now.... meaningless and just "there" which is why I see a lot of western raised Muslims completely religiousless, they shed it along with their "old fashioned" culture....
  7. Are you serious? Cheese is makroh :mellow: ?
  8. Im sorry I didnt know it was against the law to not sing the national anthem????? or do stupid people make up laws as they go?
  9. My dad has a bad stomach acid problem, he fixed it by taking medication that completely stops the production of acid in the stomach, apparently its not really that essential to digestion... so hes been on it for 2 years now and hes in great condition. Before the acid was burning his throat and he could barely speak.
  10. you mean will they invade yemen and attack the shia there?
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