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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Hi Christian Lady, Thank you for sharing those videos. I admit that I need to put aside time and dig into Christianity first. Hopefully time permits someday. After thinking through your posts, the same question ultimately arises: What concrete rights does a Christian wife have? Unfortunately, I still do not understand the concrete rights of a woman in Christianity, in particular, in marriage. To better understand what I mean, here are the bullet points I mentioned regarding Islam earlier on (these are a small subset): Women are given sexual rights - e.g. if the husband does not have sex with
  2. Thank you Christian Lady for the reply. I require more education on Christian matters to be able to understand the big picture or reply with more detailed questions. Can you please recommend authoritative books that can first help to explain the denominations of Christianity, and the authoritative figures in Christianity (e.g. Paul)? I can then, time permitting, read into them and come back with better questions. --- If I did not misunderstand, at surface level in your reply, there seems to be an emphasis on God establishing justice for humans rather than humans establishing God's justice. In
  3. There is no clear answer to your question. Canada does have a strong multicultural institution and everyone is well respected. Growing up in Canada, I have been able to learn lots from other people's cultures and have been able to formulate my own hybrid culture or "superculture". However, if my post demonstrates anything, is that the cultural division of Shias remains a problem in North America. It may be of interest to you to investigate communities in our province of Quebec. They dominantly speak French there, which may make the transition easier for you. Ultimately though, the best commun
  4. On the plus, if this post and Hannibal's post shows, we are not alone in our frustrations. There is a sense of unity amongst us. There is hope that one day these problems will be resolved, inshallah! :)
  5. I agree with you brother. It is formally called the "Straw Man Fallacy", and quite honestly, it annoys me to say the least. The few books I found refuting Shi'ism were exactly as you stated. This is why I was hoping to obtain a more objective, and scholarly, Sunni critique of Shi'ism. Having said that, I should mention that Shias are not immune to this. Reading posts in Sunni forums, the Sunnis basically have a different account of history. Even in the Battle of the Camel, Sunnis argue that Aisha did not want to start a war and was involved only to resolve problems amongst the Muslims. Shias o
  6. Thank you Gypsy for sharing that post with me! I am encouraged by seeing others experiencing the same problems. Simply knowing that I am not alone, makes me believe I am not crazy in how I feel. I definitely needed that. Shi'ism is definitely not an attractive concept around me. Personally, I see the Youth in Mosques pretending to be Muslims than anything else. In a certain way, everyone has given up a bit...
  7. Salamun Alaykum brothers and sisters, In the book "Shi'ism in America", there are interesting remarks regarding how culture and ethnicity have divided Shia Muslims in the West. The book resonated with me and encouraged me to isolate key points for a post. I hope to get your opinion on the topic, since I had to rely dominantly on one source. Thank you! I look forward to your input! --- Cultural Divide of (Shia) Muslims ...bonds of common faith have been replaced by ties to common origins, ethnicity, and culture. Step into an Islamic Shia center and notice the inseparable bond of culture and rel
  8. Thanks brother Al-Hassan. I am a bit surprised at the difficulty of finding scholarly books that criticize Shi'ism or justify the Sunni position. On the forums, people are just bashing each other. The popular books are of the same nature, and the Shia position is often incorrectly presented. Your suggestion of reading classical scholars seems to be the way to go. I'll give those two a read. Thanks!
  9. Thank you brother Hassan! You have been very helpful and insightful on this forum! I will start by reading this document, and begin to identify top Sunni scholars and see if they have any books refuting Shi'ism. At least it's a starting point. I understand that many think this question is not well suited for this site, but I believe otherwise. Just as brother Hassan said "I don't see how a person (regardless of affiliation) can refute another ideology when they don't understand where the opposition stands on a particular issue.", then we should be able to identify top Sunni scholarly work and
  10. Salamun alaykum brothers and sisters, Can anyone guide me to popular and academic sources which defend the Sunni position? Ideally, the book defends itself against the Shia position. Also, if you happen to know of any sources that criticizes the Shia position (irrespective of whether it is Sunni, Ismaili, or Christian, etc.) that would also be great. I wish to understand the Sunni position from their scholars, rather than Shia scholars. I wish not to be biased in my research. I know it may be difficult for Shia believers to point me to sources, but I would appreciate it. Thank you!
  11. Thank you Al-Hassan! It is inspiring to read your input. It is definitely a struggling point for me, and I feel isolated by challenging the cultural practices. Fortunately, I am happy to see that others do notice this as well. Inshallah, I'll find a way to immerse myself and help. Although I am not sure how much the community will assist and trust a Canadian like me...
  12. Brother, I am basically saying that I am concerned with him using weak Hadiths to make his points. It is not related to what the point is. In other words, even if he promotes the social Hijab or is promoting Islam, I am not addressing that. I am addressing his use of weak Hadiths. I also asked, that if I am mistaken about the authenticity of the Hadith I quoted, to please correct me. Regarding "but don't attack the guy on an open forum", I find it an interesting statement and I'll make sure to ponder on it. While I am onboard with keeping average people's mistakes hidden from others, I believe
  13. There are a couple of concerns I see: How can someone possibly be blamed for looking into facts? If I am seeing the wrong facts, OK, but you cannot simply shun my point because it is "factual". If it is a strong Hadith, then please brother help prove it to me and I'll accept your position for this example Hadith. Using a common day example, "If a big scholar told you to jump off the roof, would you?" If someone is a "big scholar", then they should be big because what they are doing is correct. As such, if I am challenging them, then it should be easy to disprove me by showing my error. However
  14. Thank you "Waiting for HIM", that was a very thorough answer! I appreciate the different responses everyone has put in. I understand the arguments of wanting to seek through and how true Islam has been under attack and modification by others. The part that feels unaddressed, is the verification process that your Islam (Shia Islam) has not been corrupted or altered. It is not a matter of comparing sects, but a matter of addressing your current state and knowing whether it remains true or not. I fear that from the replies, multiple people here are taking the stance that "The current state of Sh
  15. Brother Mommin, let's look at a Hadith he cited in his lecture regarding women: Once the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a.) asked [Fatima]: “What is the best for a woman?” She replied: “That she does not see a man and no man sees her.” - Wasa'il, vol. 3, p. 9. Now, what happens if this is authentic vs. weak? If it is authentic, then a woman should aim to be hidden. If it is weak, then it should be dismissed and should not be preached. This is essentially what our Science of Hadith aims to distinguish It aims to decipher what is authentic and what is weak, so we can make sure proper legal rulings. In thi
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