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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. OK. What are the facts that it is from Sunni sources? because this is not something the Quran says/teaches... So what do shia sources say about the antichrist?
  2. Someone told me that the antichrist will come from Iran? Does the Quran say such thing? What does the Quran say about Gog and Magog? Apparently Gog and Magog are regions, and today that region is considered Iran and former USSR territories…and the antichrist will come from one of those regions... please comment with the source, if you have any. Thank you.
  3. What does Islam says about people who are born with special God-given talents and mental abilities that others do not possess? There are people who have a gift to interpret dreams. I've met Islamic practitioners who have psychic abilities. So what does Islam say about consulting mediums?
  4. It's a good movie had been a fiction movie, but because they claim that the movie is based on true events, and yet it is only a twisted version of the truth, for that reason, I personally didnt like it. It's a good thing I didnt pay to go see it, I saw it on the internet!
  5. It doesn't look like you know much about Armenians...Have you ever met an Armenian? If you ever do, maybe ask them about millions of their victims OF YOUR KIND OF NATIONALISM. But of course, you will never admit the results of your kind of deliberate hate-mongering.
  6. I like Abbasi, and he is very intelligent. Thank God for people like him and the regime that don't bow down to the aggressors. And it is so sad to see Iranians join in with Western propaganda.
  7. Im also very disappointed in the many Iranians I have met on this side of the world. It's very sad to see that most Iranians that live in the West condemn Islam, and also insist that Islam has somehow damaged Iran!! They also have this weird philosophy that Muslims are irrational and ignorant, yet they seem to have forgotten that Persian scholars such as Aviciena, Zakaria Razi, Rumi, Hafez and many more Persian philosophers/scientists have been devout followers of Islam. They take pride in demonizing Islam and Muslims in the name of 'democracy'. In my opinion, they are nothing but a bunch of hypocrites who pretend to respect democracy. And God knows, these type of people are so intolerant, that one cannot even have an 'exchange of ideas' with them, yet they live in a land that approves of 'freedom of religion' and 'democracy'. It's so sad.
  8. If you're talking about Soraya S.Ulrich, she has publicly and openly denfended I.R.I on many occasions, and spoke out against the hypocrisy of the U.S. and Israel. I think she's good news.
  9. I like Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich. She is a CASMII colimnist, and her writings are against world powers and Israel. At a time where Iran has been demonized by western media, Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich has righfully defended Iran. She has the courage and insight to say what's on her mind, and she is not shy about it. Im proud of her!
  10. To make it brief, the main speaker is talking about the status of women in Iran, and how they are actively involved in different spheres of the Iranian society, and not just Iranian-Muslim women but she also mentions women from religious minorities in Iran too. She also mentions that there are no struggles/obstacles for their involvement in social activities in Iran. She also questions human right defenders of Zahra Bahrami (a notoriously criminal)...questioning why a criminal is being defended and so on. Also, the main speaker in question is extremely polite and courteous, while everyone else is deliberately rude with her. The Geneva ppl (which seems to include Iranians in diaspora too) are being impossible to have a dialogue with. And just to be clear, I'm sensing that the Geneva ppl are the ones that seem to be politically brainwashed...to the point that they cannot tolerate ppl or opinions that are different from them.
  11. I dont think u understood me. The Geneva ppl were not being fair towards the Iranian women. They were rude and uninterested in what the Iranian woman had to say.
  12. I came across this video, and I was really saddened by the unkind behavior of some people towards these Iranian women at a human rights debate in Geneva. What's worst is that some of the people being nasty to these women appear to be Iranian themselves. It's rather embarassing and concerning. These ladies from Iran are not saying anything wrong. They are not saying anything other than what they practice and beleive. There's absolutely nothing wrong with what they said. In fact, the main speaker was right on all the points she was addressing. Anyways, I think some people,unfortunately Iranians too (as we see it in this video) are so politically brainwashed that they cannot even bring themselves to respect other people's rights, opinions, and feelings.
  13. They can kill a scientist but they cant kill the concept of right vs wrong. Right will prevail, Israel will be brought to book for 63 years of murder, theft, dispossession, ethnic cleansing and terrorism. Iran should make it number one priority to kick Zionists out of the middle east.
  14. Look, I don’t know who translated the video but clearly the translation sucks… If Sheikh Nasrollah is saying that Iran is not the enemy of the Arabs and Sunnis because it is part of the same Islamic civilization, then that’s a different story. I do agree that the Persian culture is part of the Islamic civilization. And as we know it, the Islamic civilization encompasses the Arab world, Persian world, Indian world, Turkic and so on.
  15. I never said the Persian civilization is above Islam or above any other civilization, nor did I ever compare the persian civilization to the islamic one. All I am saying is that Iranians have not only a religious identity but they also have an ethnic identity. And I don’t see anything wrong with being both Muslim and Persian. There is plenty of Persian culture in Iran. It does exist and will continue to exist. We Iranians are proud of being part of both the Islamic civilization and the Persian culture. As far as the Persian civilization being jahiliya….please read, learn, research, think and then talk...
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