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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Just Imagine building something for years & that thing is valuable to you like a House & going to leave for a while. would you leave it as it is and let your friends determine what to do with it? or would you appoint someone you trust to guard it? Because that's what the Shura concept reminds me of The Prophet PBUH delivered the Message & Spread and just left it for Sahaba to determine its future & what to do with it .. Keep in mind this is the Religion of Allah, so it shouldn't be taken lightly, & since it is the Religion of Allah ONLY... it should be Clear that it's for Allah to Choose whomever to guard his religion on earth till the end of time & Not for Sahaba, nor me or you
  2. Sallam Alliekom, i Guess you already got your answers, i'll just put some of my thoughts 1. Why are you Shia when its haram to divide into sects? I can repeat the same Thing .. Why are you Sunni when its haram to divide into sects? Being so that it's haram to split into Sects or Groups ... What Group was on the Path of Haram on the Battle of Jamal? Ali, or Aisha? .. or both doing haram? or both doing halal when people getting killed? "The Truth is with Ali & Ali is with the Truth" 2. A person asked a Shia: "Do you believe that Imam Ali will assign us to heaven or hell?" and he replied "To some extent with Allah's permission". The person said they never knew Imam Ali was a demigod and is going to judge us with God. This is with all due respect bro and was it a mistake for him to say this? Only Allah swt judges All, of the wrongs we did in life or the Wrong's we did to people 3. It's one thing that you Rawafidh deny many ahadeeth and vilify the Sahaba, it's another thing to tell someone it's OK(Mutah) to do something which contradicts the Qur'aan. "Say to the believing men that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty" [an-Noor, 24:31] When a Person says shia deny Sahaba, they're typically the first 3 "Abu Bakr, Omar, Othman" .. the Prophet PBUH had thousands of Sahaba, a Sunni can be a Sahaba Rejector for Denying Abu Talib (as) and The Prophets Parents 4. You don't understand how much I LOL when Shi'i people run around permitting Mut'ah when it was narrated from 'Ali bin Abi Talib himself narrated in saheeh hadeeth that the prophet (pbuh) prohibited Mut'ah at the time of Khaybar, and that he later refuted a companion who was permitting Mut'ah. and Misyar is Halal? PS. Saheeh Hadith are Hujah on Sunni's not Shia's, so quoting a Saheeh Hadith doesn't do anything to a Shia because it's a Sunni Source, just as Quoting the bible is not Hujah on a Muslim
  3. I Know you have pure intention to do it First thing you should do is expand your own knowledge About your own religion/sect because they'll ask you lots of questions & challenge you also try to stay calm because some claims may sound ridiculous, just as we spread about Islam, we compose ourself when a non-muslim insults the prophet PBUH
  4. Sallam alliekom i don't know why some people argue that the prophet PBUH declared Ali (as) as his friend .. i mean really now? When Ali (as) Married Fatima (as) wouldn't it be obvious that the prophet PBUH is his father in law? .. or Does Ali (as) needs to wait till the Prophet PBUH declares Ali is his son in law to the people, when it's already obvious that he is and you think pointing out the errors of certain Sahaba is Bad & Denying the right of Ali (as) of successorship & Denying Fatima (as) of her inheritance is good? Logic is that the Prophet (pbuh) Didnt leave this world without a Guardian to protect the religion ... Logic is a son/daughter inherits The father
  5. Yes The Prophet PBUH waited all That time from the Day Ali AS was born till Ghadeer to tell people, that Ali is his Friend Just as when i get in my 60's .. and want to Pass my Inheritance .. i will tell my 20+ year old Son that i am His Father..... which is after i gather everyone i know to tell them the obvious
  6. they should Unite I Personally don't have a problem with Christian's, they are free to worship whatever they like, why aint it the same with islam & just leave each other alone for what they worship? debate is healthy, it's a method of sharing knowledge, the more you know, the stronger you become. kinda like a soccer match ... "Real Madrid & FC Barcelona* ... they are Rivals & when it comes to uniting *Spain* they are unstopable i personally havn't seen a Sect of Christianity destroying Churches of a Diff sect .. but sadly it happens in islam .. & ppl call each other Rafidi & Nasibi
  7. well he did take the Caliphate.. well planned During the Prophet's Funeral and that takes Brains so does that qualify as educated?
  8. When it Comes to the Abrahamic Religion, you'll find Islam got the most Misconception, Why? just on top of my head i can think of *Islam Teaches Terrorism *Worship the Moon God and so on to the point of Searching about Islam on the Internet you'll get lots of anti-Islamic Websites "teaching" you about islam Same thing Here when it comes to Islamic Sects, Why does Shi'ism has so much misconceptions Compared to Sunni'sm? as a Shia i wouldn't throw a Misconception on Sunni's, but it remains why do the Shia's have So much misconceptions on them? *Believe the Quran is Corrupted *Founded by a Jew *Worship Graves and so much more... & I just Wish Some people would Protect the Prophet (pbuh) as they do with non-muslims to Shia's because when Shia's Point out the Mistakes of Certain Sahaba, the Other group would point out the Mistakes of the Prophet & Defend the Sahaba when a mistake is pointed out more so than the Prophet. Killing a Muslim is against Islam, it's Haram .. so why would you take Ahadiths from ppl who waged war on Ali (as) and caused the Death of Muslims?
  9. If a group of Muslims say Certain Sahaba's were not Muslims There is Also another group who says the Prophet (pbuh) Parents & Abu Talib (as) were not muslims
  10. Sallam Alleikom I don't make Takfir. The Mentioned Sahaba on topic Maybe got Greedy for power after the Prophet (pbuh) Death.. seeing he didnt even attend his funeral and leave the Successorship issues later It's almost Like Two Son's After the passing of their Father they fight over What he left after his Passing (money, property..etc) ... do we question the Son's Love for their father? But to avoid Future drama, a Father makes a Will .. and the Rules of inheritance is in the Quran ... and i just find it strange that it shouldn't be applied on the Prophet (pbuh) as a father ? is it possible that the Prophet (pbuh) passes & leave his family dry (astagfurallah)? I Believe the Prophet (pbuh) had all the answers to avoid these drama's and it's up to us wether we lestined, he didnt leave this Ummah Dry without giving us answers on what to do after his passing .. he showed us who people followed Before him from the begining of times and who to follow till the end of times
  11. Western Union it's easy and Only Send it to people you Trust & Know
  12. Alsallam Alleikom ! I'm 26 Years old, and thinking to get Engaged soon, I have Completed my Studies, and been in search for a job for a while, I'm Thinking after i get a Job i want to get Engaged.. and being newly employed i still wont be able to get engaged financially as it'll take months and months to collect for the Mahar..etc, so my Question is.. is it Alright for the Father to Pay The Expenses of the Enagagement or Marriage "To Pay For the Mahar ...etc" of his son if he is able to ?
  13. Sallam Alliekom From what i get from your post that Imam Ali (as) was on a Wrong Path since he was on his way to war, are you willing to Condemn Ali (as)? The Matter is Imam Ali (as) did go into War That he didnt wage But that's not what i wanted to point out Because Speaking of "sahih" Hadiths i will bring a Sahih Hadith.. From "Sahih" Bukhari Rather than going to other Seemingly "Sahih Hadiths" Since Sahih Bukhar is the most Revered in Sunni Sahih Bukhari Volume 9, Book 88, Number 220: Narrated Abu Maryam Abdullah bin Ziyad Al-Aasadi: When Talha, AzZubair and 'Aisha moved to Basra, 'Ali sent 'Ammar bin Yasir and Hasan bin 'Ali who came to us at Kufa and ascended the pulpit. Al-Hasan bin 'Ali was at the top of the pulpit and 'Ammar was below Al-Hasan. We all gathered before him. I heard 'Ammar saying, "'Aisha has moved to Al-Busra. By Allah! She is the wife of your Prophet in this world and in the Hereafter. But Allah has put you to test whether you obey Him (Allah) or her ('Aisha)." With that Sahih Hadith according to Ammar, obeying Allah and obeying Aisha were two different things .. and Ofcourse if Ammar (ra) was wrong Al-Hasan (as) is right next to him and would Stop his Speech because it would be Inciting Fitnah, But that's the Truth, Obeying Allah (SWT) and Aisha were Two Diffrent Things, and Surely Aisha Wasn't seeking to reconcile people from that Particular Sahih hadith since its Diffrent than Obeying Allah (SWT) and From that Hadith Alone we Can Conclude If you Follow Aisha "Whatever her Intention was beleive on what you want" you are Simply Going Against & Disobeying Allah (SWT)
  14. Sallam alliekom no Sunni's do not Believe Sahaba's are infallible, and some are adopting the Wahabi thought that Even the Prophet (pbuh) Isn't infallible Some wont mind pointing out the faults & Mistakes of the Prophet (pbuh) .. but at the same time they wont point out the Mistakes of the Sahaba The Biggest Example that Some Sunni's have a hard time condeming Sahaba is the First Issue that Been Raised against a Certain Sahaba after the Prophet (pbuh) Passing, which is the Issue of Fadak Fadak is a Right given by the Prophet (pbuh) and a Right passed through a Father "The Prophet" to a Daughter "Fatima" .. and they give this new "Bida'h" from what i see is that Prophets do not inherit which cannot be Supported with the Quran Fadak is a Clear Issue that a Sahaba Commited a Fault, but wont condemn that Sahaba .. most likely i can explain this with "if the Shia's are right on this Issue than they are prolly right about other things"
  15. Sallam Alliekom Saying "Shia" name is cultish which the Quran it self described Companions of Previous prophets as "Shia" just shows your ignorance about the Faith of islam But thats not the statement i wanted to make Sometimes i wonder where are the Akhlaq of Some people .. islamic Akhlaq Even, that the Prophet (pbuh) have tought us But judging from the thread Maker "fot" have low Akhlaq when making dawah to people "The Shia's" Calling people Chickens, and throwing low shots "Prostitution doers" ..etc is that a way of Dawah to the so Called "right path" ? .. if that's the way on how to call people into the "right Path" .. judging by that attitude and Akhlaq i want no part of it Lastly Regarding the Qari Dimashqiyah, the Members Showed they're not interested to have a Dialoge With him Because of his Attitude and mockings towards the Ahlulbeit (as) which means he's not Worthy to Reply to as it'll only leads to Puplicity which Dimashqiyah seemingly seeking to Send his people to forums, chats, Calling people on phones ..etc All in all .. Watch your Akhlaq and Work on a Basic Islamic Principle which you lack Sallam
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