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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. My sister's friend is conducting a survey, she's looking at perceptions of minority groups, Muslims' attitudes, beliefs, and identities. The survey takes 12-15 minutes long. https://uqpsych.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_a4etrD7Pk5sZaQt I also really need help spreading the word, so if you could share this with your Muslim friends, families, and networks (those that live in America!), I would really appreciate it! Hard to recruit populations such as Muslim-Americans are accessed through word of mouth and so spreading the word to your networks would immensely helps me in collect
  2. I think there is a hadith about someone not being able to wake up for salatul layl and if im not mistaken the imam said it was due to the sins he committed during the day. Easier said than done, but try to focus on working on those sins. No one is perfect, but strive towards that perfection. Also reading the last verse from Surah Kahf (the cave) before you sleep will help you wake up for fajr inshallah
  3. If I'm not mistaken the moon sighting has to be from the same horizon for it to be applicable to North America. Someone seeing the moon in Chile or Brazil is not comformation. Please wait for the representatives of the maraja to make an announcement. Aimislam has no authority over this matter.
  4. The thing is that 90% of the time I think its my body being randomly aroused. Sometimes you are walking and it happens, when you aren't even thinking about anything haram. The 10% of the time is just her saying saying something sweet, but nothing sexual or even grey area. So I am not sure what to do in this case, I was thinking about just asking if I could do muta to talk to her but I don't know how her father would react since it is very early.
  5. Salaam I am currently talking to someone for the purpose of marriage, but every once in a while I find myself aroused. I am attracted to her, and sometimes I get aroused when just talking to her on the phone. It's not that I am thinking sexual thoughts, but arousal still comes for some reason. How would I avoid this since arousal is a sin. Also, I don't think I can marry her since it's only been 1-2 months since we have been talking.
  6. You need to talk to them about subjects that they are interested. Yes rules about prayer, fasting, and najasat are important. But how are you going to teach those things to a kid who has a girlfriend? Or who is inclined to drink alcohol or do drugs? Talk to them about school issues, not just about fiqh and history. The issue is that teachers don't engage properly and the kids just sit there. Put them in groups to have discussions and speak about why Islam is the only religion that makes sense (but do this by being relevant). There is a great hadith about not raising children how we were ra
  7. You should not tell your dreams when you see the prophets or imams because it can cause you to have arrogance, you should only discuss these with people that can interpret dreams.
  8. Tell her that one of the main shia ayatollah's (ayatollah khamenei) made a fatwa against cursing the sahaba and wives of the Prophet (pbuh). Also tell her that these sunni satellite channels say crazy things and that they are not representations of sunni Islam. ISIS and Al Qaeda are not part of Sunni Islam either, but you still have people who claim to be Sunni to do these terrible deeds. Similarly, one shia or a small group of shia do not represent what the majority of shias and the majority of the strongest shias scholars believe in.
  9. I honesty think it will be difficult for you to find a shia girl who is willing to do mutah with you. Are you trying to do mutah in order to avoid sin or to learn about shia Islam? If it is the latter, I think you can learn about shia Islam without mutah. If you are doing it to avoid sin then go to al-islam.org and search marriage or marriage laws and there should be some sources on the proper rulings for mutah. Certain things to know... If girl is a virgin you must have her father's permission Dowry Contract Must be with a muslim or a girl who is considered as the people of the book (Christi
  10. You are right we shouldn't call them Zionists. We can just look at the facts. -Their family starts fitna with other masjids around their area as if it is a competition to practice Islam. -They let army recruiters into their mosques -One of them told people to vote for Bush (for his SECOND TERM lol) -Their camps are not segregated very well, basically a hook up camp. -One of them was kicked out of a mosque for doing mutah with younger girls in his own community. smh There is a lot more that I have heard, but the ones I posted were the ones that I have confirmed.
  11. This is wrong. For the guy, parental permission is not needed, but for the girl it is. If she has had intercourse before then it is only precautionary, and not wajib. If she is a virgin, according to Sistani you must get permission from her father first. That being said, most parents don't want their children to do mutah for a few reasons. 1. Pregnancy - This is pretty obvious, if you do muta and you don't have the finances for a child or the maturity to raise one this is a problem. 2. diseases - This is obvious. 3. Shame - It is looked down upon our society if a man does muta. How to avoid a
  12. http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2013/05/11/302870/did-cia-kill-malcolm-xs-grandson/ from his blog: http://malcolmshabazz.blogspot.com/2013/03/statement-by-malcolm-shabazz-concerning.html The formula for a public assassination is: the character assassination before the physical assassination; so one has to be made killable before the eyes of the public in order for their eventual murder to then deemed justifiable. And when the time arrives for these hits to be carried out you’re not going to see a C.I.A. agent with a suit & tie, and a badge that says "C.I.A." walk up to someone, and pull the t
  13. There is a sister who is very interested in Islam, but she does not know how women should act . She knows about hijab, and recently started learning about Islam so she is still learning the basics. I guess she is concerned with the woman's role in society in general. -What are her rights as a woman? as a wife? - What are her responsibilities as a woman, wife, mother, etc? - How should she act in public/private. Any good links or any advice would be great. -------------------------------------------------------------- I posted this in general discussion, but I thought it would be more appro
  14. There is a sister who is very interested in Islam, but she does not know how women should act . She knows about hijab, and recently started learning about Islam so she is still learning the basics. I guess she is concerned with the woman's role in society in general. -What are her rights as a woman? as a wife? - What are her responsibilities as a woman, wife, mother, etc? - How should she act in public/private. Any good links or any advice would be great.
  15. There is a catholic I know who wants to learn about Islam. Currently she knows barely anything about our religion and I was hoping to mail her some books that will teach her the basics of Shiasm. She seems willing to convert because she is unsure of her own faith, I was wondering if anyone could give any tips on what subjects would be best to discuss with her. Thanks! (and yes I know the Qur'an is the best source) :)
  16. read the beginning of the risalat, most of them say to follow the most knowledgeable. Don't know where permission of the husband would ever fit into that.
  17. For making up a wajib fast, when can you do the niyat for this fast? I heard as long as it is before dhuhr prayer than your fast will count? Or does it have to be before fajr?
  18. Yeah I have seen your posts, I was like wow who is this guy haha. but yeah it is our subreddit too :)
  19. well I don't know if it is the mods, but just the people in general tend to push shia's away (Basically, go back to /r/shia kind of thing). I recently saw a post that questioned if shias were even Muslim, it is getting really sad. I have been starting to post more in /r/shia and /r/Islam, would be cool to see you there as well. haha that's cool i have never been to /r/ pakistan I will definitely check it out.
  20. oh it isn't? This was posted by the NY Times, the picture doesn't really do justice to the system but it is good enough.
  21. If it is hard for you to go one week from talking to her then you are getting too close, and your friendship may lead into a relationship. In Islam you can have friends, but why can't you talk to a guy? If you need to talk to a woman, talk to your mom, aunt, or sister. When you become friends with a girl, usually someone gets heart broken. The first girlfriend you had, didn't you start out as just friends? IF YOU WANT TO BE A GOOD MUSLIM, DON'T REPEAT THE SAME MISTAKE. You fell in love with the first girl, and sooner or later it is going to happen again brother. Talk to her for only important
  22. Islam is not separate from politics. All of our Imams were political leaders, even their great companions were governor or some type of political leader. It is actually many of our sunni brothers and sisters who believe they should be separate. The reason why people dislike Yassir and Allahyari is not because of Iran. Most people dislike them because of the lack of their akhlaq. For instance, Allahyari will have callers to his show and when a sunni calls in he will call it the omarri line. They are very disrespectful to our brothers in Islam, what ever happened learning from the patience of Im
  23. Salaam everyone, I was hoping that we could help post on reddit. Unfortunately the Islam section is dominated by many sunnis (some of them who are very extreme and don't believe shias are even Muslim). I posted a link to al-islam.org and was immedietely told not to post such content because it was /r/Islam. The Shia sections is also dwindling so it would be nice if we had some active shia brother and sisters representing! There are many people who come to /r/Islam for Islamic advice on how to convert, many of them are linked only sunni sources. Please make an account on reddit and start postin
  24. The answer is free will. If God stops us every time something bad happens, then we would have no free will. This world is a test, imagine if a professor gives all of his students a test in which they cannot fail. The test would be meaningless and would have no merit. As for why he saved Bani Israel in one instance and didn't save the people who died in the holocaust (who included others besides Jews) I cannot say. Only Allah knows.
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