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  1. Its an interesting abstract fro Ghadeer sermon. It very clearly describes the condition and mental affiliations of the 124000 people present at Ghadeer e Khum. This is the Arabic text with Urdu translation. I shall be looking for a nice translation in English from any member of SC. Thanks Ghadeer k Listeners.doc
  2. Khutba e Ghadeer and Maula Imam e Zamaan ajtfs Ghadeer is the basis of Shia Islam. If we want to make an opinion about the significance of Ghadeer, they should just try to understand the Holy Aayat (from Al-Maida 67) یا ایھا الرسول بلغ ما انزل الیک من ربک و ان لم تفعل فما بلغت رسالت واللہ یعصمک من الناس ان اللہ لا یہدی القوم الفاسکین { المائدہ ٧٦} ۔ I leave it to my readers to try to pick their own points from this situation and the significance of Imamate in Islam. Generally it is understood as Ghadeer was just an announcement and allegiance for Maula Ameer e Kainat sua. That is not correct. Pl see the abstracts from Khutba e Ghadeer taken from Al-Ehtejaj Al- Tabrasi. It is most painful to see that a vast majority of Shia Ulema have not read the complete text of Khutba Ghadeer. Once the source of information is without the knowledge, how come that be possible that Shia masses will know about it ? It is really interesting figure to know that in Khutba e Ghadeer, at 14 places SAAWW has recited about all the 12 Imams sua aj. It is worth noting that in this holy sermon, Maula Imam e Zamaan ajtfs has been very thoroughly introduced; with 15 holy Asma o Alqaab and 9 holy fazaail o sifaat. ثم من بعدی علی ولیکم و امامکم بامراللہ ربکم ثم الامامت فی ذریتی من ولدہ الی یوم القیامت So; after ME, by the Almighty order, ALI (sua) is your Wali and Imam. Later on this Imamat will be in his SONs (sua aj) till the day of judgment. معاشر الناس ! ان علیا والطیبین من ولدی ھم الثقل الاصغر والقرآن ھو الثقل الاکبر O People! Keep in mind that ALI and His Holy Sons (sua aj) are the Thaqal e Asghar and Quraan is Thaqal e Akbar. معاشر الناس ! النور من اللہ عزوجل فے ثم مسلوک فی علی ثم فی النسل منہ الی القائم المہدی (عجص) ۔ O People ! The Noor from Almighty Allah Azza wa Jal is in ME and afterwards in ALI and then in his generation till Alqaim Almehdi (ajtfs). الا و ان علیا ھو الموصوف بالصبر والشکر ثم من بعدہ ولدی من صلبہ Remember ! its only Ali and his Holy Sons (sua aj) who have been designated with Sabr and Shukr. معاشر الناس ! انی ادعھا امامت و وراثت فی عقبی الیٰ یوم القیامت O People! I am inheriting Imamate and heritage for my descendants till the Day of Judgment. انا صراط اللہ المستقیم الذی امرکم باتباعہ ، ثم علی من بعدی ، ثم ولدی من صلبہ اٰ ئمت یھدون بالحق و بہ یعد لون I am the Straight path of Allah jj that you have been ordered to follow. After me that is ALI (sua) and thereafter are the Sons from his progeny; who are the guides to Haq and with whom justice is provided. معاشر الناس ! انی نبی و علی وصیی ، الا وان خاتم الآ ئمت منا ( القائم المہدی صلوٰت اللہ علیہ ) الا انہ الظاہر علی الدین، الا انہ المنتقم من الظالمین، الا انہ فاتح الحصون و ھادمھا، الا انہ قاتل کل قبیلت من اھل الشرک ، الا انہ مدرک کل ثار لاولیاء اللہ عزوجل ، الا انہ ناصر دین اللہ عزوجل ، الا انہ الغراف من بحر عمیق ، الا انہ قسیم کل ذی فضل بفضلہ و کل ذی جھل بجھلہ ، الا انہ خیرت اللہ و مختارہ ، الا انہ وارث کل علم و المحیط بہ ، الا انہ المخبر عن ربہ والمنبہ بامر ایمانہ ، الا انہ الرشید السدید ، الا انہ المفوض الیہ ، الا انہ قد بشر بہ من سلف بین یدیہ ، الا انہ الباقی حجت ولا حجت بعدہ ولا حق الا معہ ولا نور الا عندہ، الا انہ لا غالب لہ‘ و لا منصور علیہ ، الا انہ ولی اللہ فی ارضہ و حکمہ فی خلقہ و امینہ فی سرہ و علانیتہ O People ! I am The Prophet (sAaww) and ALI (sua) is my Wasi. No doubt; the ultimate of Imams is from BOTH of US. ( Al-Qaim Al-Mehdi salwat Ullah e Alaeh ). Keep alert! HE (ajtfs) will dominate all religions. Keep alert! HE (ajtfs) will take revenge from all the tyrants. Keep alert! HE (ajtfs) will conquer all the castles/forts and demolish them. Keep alert! HE (ajtfs) will kill all the tribes of Shirk followers. Be ware! HE (ajtfs) shall revenge the blood of all Aulia Allah jj. Remember! HE (ajtfs) shall be the Nasir of Allah’s religion. Don’t forget ! HE (ajtfs) will take the benefits out of the deep oceans. Stay cautious! HE (ajtfs) shall point out all the superiors with their prominences and shall promenade all the ignorants with their ignorance. Remember ! HE (ajtfs) shall be the selected of Allah jj and he will make selections for Allah jj. No doubt! HE (ajtfs) shall be the owner of all the knowledges and will dominate over them. Be known! HE (ajtfs) shall provide with information from Allah jj and is the source of instructions of faith. Remember ! HE (ajtfs) shall be the firmest right minded. Keep in mind! HE (ajtfs) shall be the delegated all the matters. Do Remember! HE (ajtfs) is the one for whom all those who have passed have provided the glad tiding. Keep in mind! HE (ajtfs) is the preserved Hujjat and there shall be no Hujjat after HIM; there shall be no truth that will not be with him; all the NOOR will be in his custody; none can overpower HIM; none can have a win over HIM. Be known! HE ajtfs is the Wali of Allah jj on the earth and the Almighty Ruler and securer over all the creations; secretly or prominently. فامرت ان اخذ البیعت علیکم والصفقت لکم بقبول ما ما جئت بہ عن اللہ عز و جل فی علی امیر المومنین و الآئمت من بعدہ الذین ھم منی و منہ آئمت قائمھم فیھم (المھدی ص) الی یوم القیامت الذی یقضی بالحق I have been ordered by Allah azza wa jal to seek allegiance from all of you by getting hands over hand For ALI Ameer ul Momineen and the IMAMs coming after HIM till the day of judgment; who will be from ME and HIM; from them will be our QAIM ajtfs (Al-Mehdi sua); and THEY sua aj shall do judgments with truth. معاشر الناس القرآن یعرفکم ان الآئمت من بعدہ ولدہ و عرفتکم انھم منی و منہ حیث یقول اللہ عز وجل “ و جعلھا کلمت باقیت فی عقبت“( زخرف ٢٨ ) ۔ O People! Quraan tells you that IMAMS sua aj coming after ME are from my progeny and have introduced them as THEY are from ME and HIM (sua aj). As Allah Azza wa Jal has said , “ And HE jj made it a commitment lasting in your descendents. “ ( Al-Zukhruf 28 ). و امرنی اللہ ان اخذ من السنتکم الاقرار بما عقدت لعلی من امرت المومنین و من جاء بعدہ من الآئمت منی و منہ علیٰ ما اعلمتکم ان ذریتی من صلبہ ۔ فقولوا باجمعکم انا سامعون مطیعون راضون منقادون لما بلغت عن ربنا و ربک فی امر علی صلوٰت اللہ علیہ و امر ولدہ من صلبہ من الآئمت نبایعک علیٰ ذالک بقلوبنا و انفسنا و السنتنا و ایدینا علیٰ ذالک Allah jj has asked me to secure an oath from you that you all have been communicated the Almighty orders that ALI (sua) is your Ameer. I have told you about the IMAMS those will follow him and will be from the descendents of WE two and my progeny is from HIS generation. You all raise your voice and acknowledge that you have listened, followed, accepted with pleasure and obedience what ever has been ordered by ours and YOUR RUB regarding ALI salwat Ullah e Alaeh and regarding the order of Imamate of the SONS from HIS descendents. We offer your allegiance to them by hearts, our selves, our ears and our hands. ونطیع اللہ و نطیعک و علیا امیر المومنین و ولدہ الآئمت الذین ذکرتھم من صلبہ بعد الحسن والحسین (ص) ۔ We extend our obedience to Allah jj, and followings to YOU and ALI AMEER UL MOMINEEN (sua aj) and HIS descendents that YOU have told after AL-HASAN and AL_HUSSAIN (sua aj). و قولوا اطعنا اللہ بذالک و ایاک علیا والحسن والحسین والآئمت (ص) الذین ذکرت عھدا او میثاقا And you state that we obey Allah jj on that, obey YOUR good self, ALI, HASAN HUSSAIN and the IMAMs those YOU (sAaww) told us and this is our promise and commitment. معاشر الناس ! فاتقواللہ و بایعو علیا امیر المومنین و الحسن والحسین و الآئمت (ص) کلمت طیبت باقیت یھلک اللہ من غدر و یر حم اللہ من وفیٰ و “ فمن نکث فانما ینکث علیٰ نفسہ “۔۔ O People! Fear from Allah jj and offer your allegiance to ALI Ameer al Momineen and Al-HASAN and Al- HUSSAIN and to IMAMs who are the ever remaining Kalima. Allah jj will destroy those who will betray them And Allah jj will bless those who will be loyal to them. “ Those who break the oath, break for their own losses. “ (Sura Alfateh -10) معاشر الناس ! من یطع اللہ و رسولہ و علیا والآئمت (ص) الذین ذکرتھم فقد فاز فوزا عظیما O People ! Who so ever will offer absolute following to Allah jj, HIS PROPHET (saaww); ALI (sua) and THE IMAMS (sua aj) those have been just talked, shall achieve the highest attainment. Sorry Brother, I do not have a copy able print of this great sermon. You can find this in following books:- Ehtejaj Tabrasi Vol 1 P 71 Al-Tehseen P 578 Iqbal ul Aamaal vol 2, P 245 Behar ul Anwar Vol 27 P 131 and 204 Tafseer Al-Safi Vol 2, P 56 Nehj ul Eeman 92 Al Adad ul Qaviya ( Allama Hilli) P 169
  3. Khutba Ghadeer and Maula Imam e Zamaan ajtfs.docRespected Members In Ehtejaj e Tabrasi we can find a complete text of the holy Sermon of Ghadeer. At 14 places Syed ul Anbia sAaww talked about Maula Imam e Zamaan ajtfs. Attached is a file showing all those 14 points, original text verbatum with broken English translation. Those with a better English can improve upon. Those who want a comment in Urdu can email me at abdemurshad@yahoo.com
  4. LOOL I was extremely busy in some important tasks and could not find time to visit SC. Today I have few minutes to reply your FATWAs labelling me as Nuseri. Any body who beleives in the Nooraniyat of Masomeen sua aj is labelled as Nuseri by Salafis. This is not new blame for a true Shia. So I dont mind your posts as you are neither the first one nor the last one blaming true Shias as Nuseri. Quraan and Syed ul Anbia sAaww , both have confirmed that ALI sua is Misle Aala of Allah jj. Now you can not digest that, its not my fault.
  5. You are to be told one thing again and again. I have not mistranslated holy Quraan. What I have done is that I have shown you 2 aayat with the word Masal ul Aala and then I have shown you a holy saying of Hazrat Syed ul Anbia sAaww. There are over 700 translations of Holy Quraan available. All of them are not 100% alike. Agha Khomeini in his Tafseer of Sura Hamd says that " Who so ever translates should say that this is one of the probable meaning. No one can translate Holy Quraan exactly up to the desire of Allah jj. His ilm can not be equalant to the ilam of Allah jj"
  6. Keep this thread for befooling.. Answer my post accordingly. Regarding Ghulu, Nuseri etc, I am sure you will read my answer on Misle Aala, Maula Ameer e Kainaat sua.
  7. There are two subjects we take while trying to Understand Allah jj, as said in Nehj ul Balagha Tashbeeh Tanzia In Tashbeeh, we formulate examples so that our limited mind can have a bsic concept of any SIFT OF Allah jj. (Pl do keep in mind, I am not saying ZAAT or self of Allah jj). This is Tashbeeh. For example I want to understand about the attribute RAHEEM jj. For that I must have an idea what Reham (mercy) is. I will see the act of mercy from my society but when converting it to Allah jj, I must have this fath that Allah is trillions of trillions time more merciful than any exaple I have framed in my mind. This is TAshbeeh Second stage is Tanzia. In Tanzia, we set away every other concept to a level that we keep nothing in Minds but only ZAAT of Allah jj.At its peak tanzia says No ism No Jism No Sifat ........ But just ZAAT. This is the peak in the concepts of Tauheed where we do not consider Tashbeehaat. In this holy aayat, the word Misl ul Aala is a path of Tashbeeh, while when we shall formulate our faith, we have to take the support of Tanzia.
  8. i am greatful to your soft reply. regarding fearing from Maraje.. I do not think it is true in my case. But I can see people in different parts of the world fearing from contradictory fatwas. I wish our Ulema adopt the channel of Ijmaa instead giving contradictory fatwas. Sorry this discussion does not suite under this thread as it is related to Areeza.
  9. Just admitt that you have been clean bowled and now you have nothing to say. The thread was on Bermuda triangle and you in your posts have made it a " Salafi Octangle " Learn the manners of writing under a topic.
  10. It is a common style of Salafi's. Whenever they loose arguments, they start blaming others as , kafirs, Mushriks, Nuseris, ghalis etc. Now being a sunni... Who authorised to define the Shia ideology? Mind with your own business. Have I ever blamed your faith at all ? It is not like this that I cant point fingers at sunni ideology.. but its not my style. Let the sunnis remain sunnis. Time will come when they will learn the truth and let us leave it to Allah jj, when ever HE jj would like to show him the truth. My grand father was a salafi, but Allah jj blessed him and he became SHIA. I know hundreds of people arround me who converted to Shiaism in past 3 decades. While I have yet to see a Shia turning sunni. The campagn you are running is just to revert the flow of conversions and INSHA Allah jj, we shall never never never let you succeed. You can not befool SHIAS. Regarding your statement of Nuseri ism, see my reply on the other thread.
  11. Thanks .. Many many congarts to all momineen o mominat. A very beautiful poetry in Urdu میں اس (ص) کے حسن تکلم کی کیسے بات کروں؟ جو ماں(ص) کی گود میں حق(ج) سے کلام کرتا ہے ھسن (ص) کی ذات کی توصیف ہو نہیں سکتی جسے حسین (ص) سا مولا سلام کرتا ہے What can I say about the beauti of HIS speech Who talks with Allah while in the holy lap of MOTHER (sua) It is impossible to praise IMAM e HASAN sua A great Maula like IMAM HUSSAIN (sua) says Salam to HIM (sua)
  12. You are constantly persisting with your bad habit of blaming. Now you are labelling me Nuseri. It is apity that you even do not know what the basic faith of Nuseri;s is. In fact you are a salfi minded person trying to mislead innocent Shias with poor religious base. What I am posting here is the true Shiaism taught by great Ulema like sadooq, Kulaini, Mufeed in past and Khumeni, Najafi MArashi and Waheed Khurasani today. I have quoted a holy hadith, are you rejecting that? Dont you find those ahadith where by Masomeen sua aj have said that where ever in Holy Quraan you find a bayan about the body parts of Allah, these are the body parts of Masomeen sua aj ( The Noor e Awwal) reffered there. Brother .. Masomeen sua aj had to talk to people of different callibers and its a divine rule that you talk according to the intellectual level of your audience. Hence we find different ahadith on one subject. It is the intellectual level of a reader today.. He accepts a hadith of his calliber and disagrees with the superior level; sometimes with blames like mushrik, Nuseri etc In the last hadith there are holy words; Muhammad (sAaww) is Hijab of Allah. Try to understand this word pl. If you consider hijab as a veil used by a femail, then you will be accepting a physical structure of Allah jj, which will be wrong. Hijab of Allah means Misle Aala .. in the way I have quoted. Allah jj is hidden in the acts of SAAWW. Allah jj is hidden in the acts of SAAWW. With this concept, one never gets confused with hundreds of aayaat talking about parts and acts of Allah jj.
  13. It is the right of every Human Being to seek help from The Holy Imam ajtfs of his time. IMAM ajtfs is for all humanity. Even for HIS sua worst enemies. But Till HISS occultation is over. Once the occultation ends, the things will change and enemies will be punished severly.
  14. Very sorry to find a very childish approach. If people of Hind were that bad that there was an utmost need of a divine Hadi there. And Maula Kareem e Karbala sua wanted to come to hind to correct them... Then why none of his successor Aaimma sua aj did not come to Hind ? You do not know the rules of IMAMAT at all and are just trying to impose sunni ideology on Shias. Islam was promoted in Hind by SADAAT who migrated from Arab. People of Hind were so sincere to AAL e RASOOL sua aj, that they got slaughtered by the tyrant forces of Hajjaj bin Yusuf but never let them touch SADAAT.
  15. Brother .. you have touched many points. Eeman has ten stages. Every stage is different from other. The difference between 9th and 10th is so vast that if the person at 9th stage comes to know what 10th is beleiving, he will kill him. So let others feel about their faith with utmost honesty. No one wants to be a mushrik and go to hell. Pl try to feel that all others are also sincere muslims, may be at a different ladder of eeman. Now comming to the main topic of this thread. A basic point in the concept of IMAMAT is that AN IMAM sua must inform his followers about the successor IMAM sua. IMAM ALI sua very clearly and repeatedly told his followers that IMAM HASAN sua will be the IMAM after HIM. So on and so forth, Maula Imam Al- Askari sua called his shias from different areas in the last 4 years of HIS holy life and introduced MAULA IMAM e ZAMAAN ajtfs to them but with a strict caution of secrecy. Thousands of Goats were slaughtered as Aqiqa in different parts of the Islamic world and distributed among Shias. Its most unfortunate that our ulema have not translated the basic books of Ghaibat for global needs. Most unfortunate is that these books have not been digitalised by some famous digital libraries.. Insha Allah jj. I shall post the historic details Aqeeqa of my Maula ajtfs here at this forum.. But my point is, that can we even think that Maula Imam e Zamaan ajtfs was not introduced properly by other Masomeen sua aj. Do you know that we have over 7000 ahadith from all masomeen sua aj about IMAM E ZAMAAN ajtfs. as a ref you can see kamal ud Din having a full part narrating ahadith from all Masomeen sua aj. With such a vast documentation about IMAM e ZAMAAN ajtfs, can Shias befooled about 12th IMAM sua ???.
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