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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Ok if riwayat is daif, you quote the names from any other source. Such an important event occured and there is a black-out in our history and riwayat??? On what grounds you are calling this quotation as daif? What is the authenticity of your this statement?
  2. Will you please help me in finding the names of those enemies of Islam who were killed by Hazrat Abu Bakar, Hazrat Umar and Hazrat Usman in Ghazwat? Pl do quote with ref
  3. I am afraid, you have mistranslated the quote. Pl read the arabic text and take the meanings from there. Many great scholars like Ayat Ullah Sadr ud Din Sadr in his Book Almehdi (ajs) has written that in this Tauqee Mubarak, Imam e Zamaana ajs closed the doors of niabat and any body claiming to meet him as Abul Hasan a Samari, is a liar. Otherwise, Imamajs is meeting with people regularly. I read a holy saying of Maula Imam ul Asr ajs. " Think of a traveller passing through a huge desert and having his food and water loaded on his camel. When he stops for a rest, after waking up he sees that his camel is missing. He runs here and there but can not find it. In this prosess he gets thirsty. He enhances his efforts and search but fails and during the process he looses his all energy to move. He crawls over a sand heap as a last effort. When he reaches the top, he sees that on the other side his camel was sitting. Just immagine the status of his joy and happiness at that time. But my pleasure is even more than that traveller, when a shia contacts ME ajs for his problems" those who deny the possibility of meeting IMAM ajs publically and promote it as a religion, demotivate mominee and do Zulm both on Shias and IMAM ajs. I will not be afraid of any comments and labels but I will say by oath of Allah swt that I have been blessed with Ziarat of my IMAM ajs many times. How can I believe that people denying the possibility are correct???????????????????????????????????
  4. Your comments show how great learned person are you. I read about Ibne Muljam Maloon in many books, it true what has been written in the opening post. Ayat Ullah Abdul Hussain Daste Ghaib wrote it the same way. Shiekh Abbas Qummi has also written the same in Muntahee ul Aamaal. I do not know why people tend to deny when they do not know? First go to books and then say some thing. This is an excellent example to be kept in minds for all of us who wish to become a soldier of Imam e Zamana ajs. A minor weakness may end up in a disaster. Qutam maloona was not the only beautiful lady on the earth. He should have tried for some other lady. Had he been very sincere to Imam sua, he should have trapped her in some other activities and got her punished. One more point I could not see in OP and written in History is that Maula sua asked ibne Muljam ML ,"When you were born, Was the midwife a jew? Did she say that you are worse than the person who cut the legs of the camel of Hz Saleh a.s" He replied YES
  5. salam. please check this link.

    we are going to start this 40 Dua pak circule once again......thanks for participating in the first circle

  6. I have just read your post in the thread Shia Shahada and now I am reading your post in favour of Dhaku. This is the major difference in the understanding of Shiaism. As a rule in Taqleed when you have knowledge about any Holy saying of any Masoom sua, it is haram to go for any Marja's TAqleed. I my self have read in Ehtejaj by Tabrasi a Holy saying of Maula Imam Alsadiq sua, " He who recites Ashhadu Alla Ilaha IlAllah wa Ashhadu anna Muhammad ur Rasool Allah, it is a must that he recites Ashhadu anna Aliun Ameer ul Momineen" When Imam sua say it is a must, then why should I accept that I may say or may not???????
  7. A unique case of Stoning to death Ref Nehjul Asrar vol:1 One morning when hazrat Umer entered the mosque for leading the prayer, he saw a stabbed dead body of a man. The man killed was identified but the murderer was not found. He came to Maula Ameer ul Momineen (salwat Ullah e aleh) and sought his help in tracing the murder. Maula s.U.a. said, wait till you find a baby in the same mehrab. Time passed and after about 9 months, one morning there was a new born boy in the same place in the mehrab. Case was brought back To Maula for decision. Maula said,” engage a midwife to milk this child and pay her from bait ul mal. It was about after a year, at eid ul fitr, Maula called that midwife and asked her to take that child to eid gah, watch, a woman will come and love this baby saying, oh boy you are like my dead son, his mother was an oppressed and his father was an oppressor. Bring that woman to me. She did the same and caught that woman, but that woman bribed the midwife and got away. She also asked the midwife to bring the child on eid ul Azha again and promised to give her the same money again. The midwife returned to Maula s.U.a. and said that no women came to see the child. Maula told her all the story even the promise of eid ul Azha. The midwife started shivering and accepted her crime. Maula s.U.a. ordered her to bring that woman on eid ul Azha. On eid ul Azha shae was brought to Maula and Maula sUa asked her, “ will you tell me the truth or I tell you the full story.” She told, Maula sUa , I am the only daughter of my parents. Both of them died. I used to live alone in my home and did not accept the offer of my uncles to live with them. One day I was attending a function and there I met an old lady who sympathized with my loneliness and promised to visit my home to give me a company. The old lady kept coming for a while. One day there was an other lady with her. The old lady left that women in my home and returned immediately. When I focused on the woman, I was afraid, as it was a man wearing the dress of females. I tried to shout but he blocked my mouth and rapped me. When he felt down with weakness, I saw a knife in his dress. I took that knife, stabbed him and after mid night threw his dead body in the mehrab of the mosque. I got pregnant. When I delivered the child, I dropped that child also at the same place in mehrab. Maula sUa handed over the child to the mother, forgave her the murder and asked hazrat Umer to send the crooked old lady out of town and stone her to death. So the crooked lady was stoned to death.
  8. Brahmans in Karbala COLUMN: By Intizar Husain LITERARY NOTES An interesting aricle was publishe in the famous daily DAWN. Here I am posting it just for information The history of Husaini Brahmans, as told by Nonica Dutt, begins with ten Brahmans going to Karbala with the determination to die fighting for Imam Husain. Among them were Rahib Dutt and his seven sons who fought bravely and resolutely. With the blessings of Imam Husain they met their death in a heroic way. Rahib Dutt was the lone survivor of the battle. WITH the arrival of Muharram this year, I was reminded of an encounter I had with an unusual, intelligent girl in Delhi who asserted that she was a Husaini Brahman. I recall referring to Prem Chand's play 'Karbala' in one of my addresses, which was based on a legend. The legend was about a group of eight Hindu brothers who had somehow reached Karbala determined to die fighting for the cause that Imam Husain stood for. They fought bravely and sacrificed their lives in devotion to Imam Husain. It was in this context that I was talking about Husaini Brahmans, who seemed to have vanished from the social scene in India. All of a sudden, a girl from among the audience stood up and challenged my statement. She said, 'Here I am before you. My name is Nonica Dutt. I belong to a Husaini Brahman family.' It was clearly a pleasant surprise for me, something like discovering a rare bird while walking through a jungle. The girl promised me an exclusive meeting to enlighten me with interesting information about the Husaini Brahmanian background of her family. But the proposed meeting kept on being postponed for one reason or the other. Finally, on the last day of my stay in Delhi, I received a call from her. 'Let us meet now,' she said 'But I have no evening to spare for you. Today is the last day of my stay in your city,' I said. 'But I am already in the lounge and I must meet you,' she said. So we finally had a meeting. She entered my room with two large volumes under her arm. I proposed a detailed sitting on my next visit, which was due after a month or so. 'But in the coming months, I will not be in Delhi. I am moving to Germany and will spend four months at the Humboldt University.' Nonica Dutt taught history at Jawahar Lal University and had been honoured with a fellowship from the Humboldt University. Hence she was on her way to Germany. 'I,' she said, 'told my mother about your comments regarding Husaini Brahamans and how I introduced myself as one. To that she said, did you tell him that we don't perform the rituals the Brahmans are obliged to perform. That we don't go to the temples?' 'Should I presume from this,' I asked, 'that you have turned Muslim.' 'No, we are not Muslims,' she exclaimed. 'Then what are you?' I inquired. 'We are Husaini Brahmans,' she said with a certain sense of pride and added, 'Now, I will tell you about a sign each and every Husaini Brahman carries with him/her. On his/her throat s/he bears a line of cutting, which is indicative of the fact that s/he is the descendant of those Brahmans whose throats were cut in the battle of Karbala.' Then she told me about the ritual carried out on the birth of every child in her family. She said, 'Among Brahmans, after child birth, the ritual of Moondan is performed. In our family this ritual is performed in the name of Imam Husain.' She then went on to tell me the historical facts. 'I will now tell you about the history of our martyred forefathers.' Pointing to the two books placed on the table she said, 'our entire history is conserved within these two books. When needed, I will quote from them.' Considering their worn out and pale pages, the books, which were written in English, seemed to be centuries old. The history of Husaini Brahmans, as told by Nonica Dutt, begins with ten Brahmans going to Karbala with the determination to die fighting for Imam Husain. Among them were Rahib Dutt and his seven sons who fought bravely and resolutely. With the blessings of Imam Husain they met their death in a heroic way. Rahib Dutt was the lone survivor of the battle. From Karbala he escaped to Kufa, where he stayed for some time. It is said that Rahib had the privilege of meeting the members of the Imam's family after the massacre. He introduced himself by saying, 'I am a Brahman from Hindustan.' The reply came, 'Now you are Husaini Brahman. We will always remember you.' Rahib went from Kufa to Afghanistan, and from there came back to India where he stayed for a few days in Nankana. Nonica paused for a while and then spoke, 'In the Sialkot district there is a town known as Viran Vatan. That place is our ancestral home. We are the descendants of Rahib Dutt. He had brought with him a hair of Imam Husain, which is ensconced in the Hazratbal shrine in Kashmir. She then recited a few couplets from the book she had brought along with her, in which these incidents have been recorded. 'These couplets,' she said, 'are very popular among the Husaini Brahmans.' Nonica shut the book and said 'Let me inform you that Sunil Dutt was also a Husaini Brahman. And the father of Nargis too was a Husaini Brahman.' She got up saying 'Now I must go.' 'I think,' I said, 'after you return from Germany, I should make a point to come to Delhi so that you can introduce me to your father. I will perhaps be able to know much more about your ancestors from him.' She said goodbye and left hurriedly. I had been under the impression that the story of the eight Brahmins was just a legend. But Nonica firmly believed that it is a historical fact. And it is the belief of Nonica and her community that really counts. For them the event is a reality. __._,_.___ http://dawn. com/weekly/ books/books12. htm January 20, 2008
  9. I have tried to find the word Malang in dictionaries and here are its meanings from the biggest Urdu to Urdu dictionary, Froze ul Lughat at page 1285. It has five meanings. 1. Aapay sy bahir= The one beyond him self. 2. Bayhosh = The one who has lost his senses. 3. Mujarrad Admi = The one who does not marry. 4. Mota Taza Aadmi = A person who is fat and obese. 5. Shah Mudar k murid = The one who is follower of the King of the World The word Malang is also used as a term that means a person who is in real love with some one and has forgotten every thing in his love. He remembers only his beloved at every stage, every place, every situation. Generally people use this word for those who love Maula Wali e Najaf Salwat Ullah e Alaeh. Some times we try to understand different words from their opposites. The opposite of the word Malang is Mulla. Mulla is the term used for a person who will always talk about prayer, fasting etc but will not talk about the divine supremacy of Ahlul Bait sua aj. He considers them sua aj just like other human beings with just one difference that they were very poised, muttaqi and aabid. “AGHA KHOMAINI WAS A MALANG MARJA.” These are the words used before many people including me by a very prominent Shia Aalim of Pakistan, Taqi Shah of Multan, a senior leader of Tehrik e Jafria Sajid Naqvi group. When asked why is he saying so, he replied that his ideology about the Ahlul Bait e Athar sua aj is like the Malangs. (Which means he was not a Mulla minded person) Every group you can find people of two types. Students, we find real students and dummy students. Scholars, Ulema, Teachers, Scientists, Politicians, Friends etc, name any group you will find two types, the real ones and the dummy ones. Similarly in Malangs you will find the both types. Like all reals, the real Malangs are also very good people due to the purity of their love with Maula Ameer ul Momineen sua. Unfortunately we label addicts also as a Malang while the addicts just appear like Malangs. I once asked a real Malang why he wore always black clothes, has an untrimmed long beard and hair. He wept and replied I saw a dream, I saw Karbala, I saw coffin less un buried shuhada a.s. It is that scene which always remains in my eyes. I dislike good food, good clothes and good appearance. I may find people with a different approach, people will post their disliking for his approach, many will start criticizing, some will write different alternates and so on. But they will forget that every one acts upon his own wisdom and perceptions. We are different because we think differently. So bear with the true Malangs. They are worthloving as they love MY MAULA sua much better than me.
  10. Darbar e Yazeed mn Sannata chaya hoa tha. Insan to kuja kisi makhi ko pr marnay ki jurrat nahin thi. Pak Mohsina e Tauheed, Muhafiz e Nabuwat o Imamat salwat Ullah e Alaeha, Islam k gird aisi mehfooz dewar tamir farma rahi thin k jisay abad tk koi nahin hila saky ga. Arabi matan or Urdu tarjuma daikhain http://www.bestshia.com/Intersting%20Topic...d%20laeen).html
  11. Fidak is a topic for which No Sunni or Wahabi has an Answer. Bohat sy sunni sirf yeh jan kr shia ho gaiy k Pak Rasool sAaww ki Pak Baiti sua ny sawal kia or unhain khali lota dia giya. Khutba e fidak bazat e khud aik bohat bari dalil hy k zalim kon thay. Urdu tarjuma parhain or dosron ko bhi batain. Mazloma e Kainat sua k wakeel banin or muqadma larain http://www.bestshia.com/Intersting%20Topic...e%20Fidak).html
  12. There are many ahadith from Holiest of the Prophet sAaww saying یÇ Úáی ÇäÊ ÞÓیã ÇáäÇÑ æÇáÌäÊ Maual Ameer ul Momineen sua himself has quoted it many times. All ahadith have been compiled by Shazan bin Jibreel in his Book Fadaail. I am afraid that my brother has tried to interpret from other ahadith and has said the direct ahadith as weak??????????? Bayshumar
  13. These are the punishments from Allah swt. There should be some punishment from the lovers, other than Allah swt and the Holy Family sua aj. I means from Shias, Muhibs, Mavalis, Malangs. I would request brother Maula da Malang to post what punishment he would like for the enemy of Maula sua. I have many SPECIAL things for them but hose are my secret. I very specially meet Muawiya whenever I go to Bab us Sagheer in Damascus. I offer him Shikanjibeen in natural form and flavour. Mathematically speeking, punishment of enemy is directly proportional to love with Maula sua. Jeway Kareem ajtfs and come early and show his punishments to the enemies of his holy Family sua aj.
  14. This is a very touchy subject. People have affiliations to this topic like; emotional, Spiritual, Religious, Commercial etc. I have to make some basic and fundamental points: Quraan asks for Ataat of Allah. How? Just by offering ataat to Rasool sAaww and Imam sua of your time. We the unfortunate followers are in the era of occultation where the vast majority is not in a position to get a direct contact with their Imam ajtfs of the age. While asked from Maula ajtfs about the line of action during the era of occultation, Maula ajtfs said, " stay in touch with the narrators of our ahadith. I stress upon the words used by Maula ajtfs ÑæÇÊ ÇáÇÍÇÏیË . This word has been translated to fuqaha. This is a gross dishonesty as the word fuqaha means different and Ruwwat il Ahadith ÑæÇÊ ÇáÇÍÇÏیË means different when we study both the words from the teachings of Holy Family sua aj. In ghaibat we have to follow who so ever has been nominated by Maula ajtfs. This following must be in all forms and respects. No exemptions in any walk of life. But the prime condition remains " NOMINATION BY MAULA AJTFS" If not, then it is Taghut. Who so ever is he is Taghut. If any body has not faith in the nomination, it is his duty to ask Imam ajtfs for that. It is the right of a follower to get guidence from IMAM ajtfs and it is the Prime Duty of IMAM ajtfs to guide the one who is sincere in seeking guidence. People just misinterpret the last letter to the 4th Nawab e Khas, where Maula ajtfs ment meeting like him and not ziarat and meeting for self guidence. Any body who claims or wants to be followed as WALI, must get a legitimisation from IMAM ajtfs.
  15. Shias of that time were not strong (spiritually) enough to protect their IMAM ajtfs from the enemies.
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