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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. meri ammi aur aunty jii.. nahin aisa koi rishta abhi PRODUCE nahin hua.. aur Allah kare na hi ho.. hmmm.. waisey aunty jii me is FITNEE bole toh FIT? awww thankuzz muahhh me ishh FIT B)

    N oye wat is ths Aonige dumbo blabbering bout.. hmm hmm hmm?!

  2. Satige jiii yes sir SAtige is ermm ermm satige jiii isssss Satige sardar khanam agham Madami miss JI SENIOR :| satige ka naam matlab KAAM woop

  3. Aunty Ji, tum kitni fitnee ho!

  4. I want to go to Kerbala. I don't care about the bombs, bullets etc etc. If I can't get to Kerbala yet, I'd like to go to Syria on Arbaeen and do Ziarat of Bibi Syeda Zainab. A) How does one arrange to go to Syria during Arbaeen? I mean...travel agency or what? Pls someone tell me in detail, B) I read on some other Shia site that Bibi Zianab is buried in Egypt???? That is the first time I've heard this. I thought all Shias recognise Bibi Zainab is buried in Sham? So...please explain? Also..futhermore...can anyone tell me how Bib died in Sham? I mean, Bibi Zainab did go back to her husband after the Ahluhl Beyt were released by yazid(lanatullah)? Her husband was Jaffar Al-Tayyar's son...me thinks??? Please do fill me in. My grand-dad always said Bibi was too sad to go back home and she didn't and was killed in Syria? Also just one last thing- I heard ...urban legend....that when you first arrive in Kerbala for Ziarat you see two flaming swords of fire for a few seconds. Like, as a sign of how much moseebat and tragedy has occurred there. 'Nywyas, back to topic...how does one sign up for Arbaeen and why do some ppl say Egypt is where Bibi Zainab is buried?
  5. Are people still going to Kerbala&Najf for doing ziarat? I mean, ppl from other countries. I mean, how does one go now? I'd like details from someone who has done ziarat in Kerbala over the past few years. Where does one even apply for an Iraqi visa??? N where would you stay? N...just enlighten me, please, someone. Thank you. Shukran.
  6. Aunty Ji ho gi teri amma lol!

  7. oi to yo tooo Loool all good alhmd how are U ¬_¬ i didnt ever think my profile would receive a ziyarat pft

  8. How do you give a person stars??? I've never seen a "Give stars option?" why can't we have graphics and glitter on here as well? N Thanx bro Ali!
  9. Ok, go to any forum and you'll see the little yellow stars. what do they mean? That my post is like stellar- popular?
  10. Haww hayee aunty jiii profile dekho last msg mera hi hai..reply aapka abhi aaya.. hadh hai =| bachi ki jaan logi kya =P

  11. Kahan marr gayee thi tum?

  12. Ladies! I tried asking this in Off-Topic but the bro's turned it into a joke. Pls...tell me of some excellent Arab fashion designers...like pref in Dubai. i wanna spend money on Muslim designers. The only one I'm impressed with so far is Nicky& Nina, and they do mostly formal wear and Eastern wear.I'm thinking Arab designers prob do great Western Wear Know of any in Dubai? (sheesh, leave it to a rapper-male to make a joke out of clothes)
  13. Agreed with MArbles. I'm just gonna stick to buying clothes, shoes, bags from Muslim designers.....that'll solve the problem....but what about L'Oreal face creams? My face may die without them :wacko: And Marbles, I'd rather buy things from small corps just starting out than these rich sick gay b****ds like Versace and his frightening looking sis doantella and Karl Lagerfeld...gross...'sides one would be amazed at how some of the smallest boutiques have the best stuff. Only diff is label.
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