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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. May I ask how this hawza is different from the ones in Qom and Najaf? Or is it the same? Thanks.
  2. Sorry to bother you but, umm how to message you on this board? There doesn't seem to be such an option? =/

  3. Awww that must be soo tough on you! I pray that you top everything!! Sorry sis, but I don't have FB so I'll message you my email, for MSN. =D

  4. Trumpet

    Paradoxal Madness

    So convincing...great job!
  5. Which ended up with him waking up with a hangover and forgetting the previous night's events.
  6. Salaams sis, where are you and how are you?????

    I have finals next month, pray for me!! =(

    Anyways, what have you been up to???

    Keep in touch, please!!!!

  7. Shukran, brother!

    Yes, I hope that's how it turns out..all I can do is prepare..


  8. Walaykum Salaam, brother

    I'm good thanks

    Have finals next week..

    How about you?

  9. Salaams sis, nothing much is up..just wrapping up my courses and preparing for exams and going to majalises...just been busy lol didn't mean to hide..also I don't have internet acess so..yeah =P

    How are you doing??? =)

  10. Much thanks sis, Eid Mubarak to you! Hope you enjoyed today to the fullest!!! =D

    My Eid is tomorrow

    Inshallah, we shall party next year !=)

  11. Yes, of course sis!

    Take care, ws.

  12. Trumpet


    Shukran, brothers! =)
  13. Thanks sooo muchh for the cute videos!! =D

    lol, it's just my birthday...not worth much =P

    And anyways, it is going to be the shahadat of Imam Muhammad al-Baqir (A.S.) in a few hours...so I thought to delay celebrating it, till the weekend...

    Nonetheless, thanks for the wishes they made me smile!! =D

  14. Trumpet


    Awwww sis, thank you!!!! ily Hehe, don't worry I won't eat more than required XP
  15. I've been here for a decade and have never stepped foot in any restaurant except for those shawarma, pizzaland and the t-park popeyes... I happened to pass a mcdonalds whilst walking, the smell was horrible...! I don't know how any muslim can even think of eating ANYthing there GROSS! If you must have fries, then I heard that NYC Fries are halal, since they just fry them in some kind of vegetable oil and don't add anything else to it..
  16. Shukran for the wishes brother!

    May Allah bless you as well

  17. lol, I did...approve them =)

  18. Salaams sis, sry i didn't reply sooner, had a few tests...

    Awww that's really sweet, I understand..as I too was seperated from my parents while I was younger. It hurt a lot but was inevitable...

    I'm glad you'll be reunited with them =D lol I don't think of you as a jongleur..since idk what that means =P

  19. There are also a few juloos that are held...(i don't attend them since I think it defeats the purpose of hijab).

    Overall the experience really makes one feel blessed and appreciate being the Shia of Ali. There is no feeling like it!

    Hope everything works out for you, sis~

  20. Toronto is full of life and there's always something to do! I personally love the Muahrrams here, on the big nights we go from mosque to mosque and to houses and do lots of matam, often throughout the night.

  21. Are you seriously moving to Toronto??? OMG! that's where I live too!!! =D Yaaaay!! Your Muharram here will for sure be superrr cold, be sure to buy ALL your winter things from US, because it's not cheap here..

  22. OMG sis, you took the words right out of my mouth! Yes, they surely are NO life scum bags. Bet they got tortured the same way, so they want us to go through it as well... *eyeroll* And they make the deadlines seem so life threatening, then don't mark the assignments for months...ughhhh

    I can't believe they did that to you!!! Allah will surely get back at them for their heartlessness!!! :@

  23. AWwwwwww! T_T

    I was worried, i'm glad your all better now! I bet it really hurt =(

    I'm fine, just got over with my last midterm..buried in assignments..

  24. Salaams, sis!

    Everything all right?

    How are you?

    You haven't been on for a long while now...


  25. It's a SUPERB percentile aapi! Brown parents are just DRAMAA.. *sigh*

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