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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. You are most welcome dear. For women, we usually miss fasts because of menstruation and if you don't make up these fasts before the next Ramadan then you have to give kaffarah for each missed fast in addition to making up those fasts. For more information on Kaffarah and Fidya: https://www.al-islam.org/fasting-ramadhan-simple-guide-ritual-social-spiritual-dimensions-sayyid-muhammad-rizvi/chart-qaza http://en.wikishia.net/view/Kaffara For information on how much to pay or who to pay the kaffarah to, ask your local masjids Imam and tell them who you are a Muqalid of (Khamenei, Sistani, Makarim Shirazi or...) they will guide you Inshallah.
  2. Before you apply, have at least two letters of recommendation from two resident aalims from your local frequented shia masjid (written in farsi with their signature/stamp). If they can personally attest to your character and sincerity it will only be an advantage for acceptance into Hawza. Wish you success Inshallah.
  3. When asked this question, Ayatollah Bahjat often responded with: recite loads of istighfaar daily and always pray all your prayers on time (delaying prayers will often result in delayment of worldly affairs). The following are some actions that have helped me out in dire situations: - Offering my daily prayers without the intention of gaining something from them (either spiritual or material). Just praying for the love and sake of Allah alone. - Completion of Qaza namaz and rooze with the applicable kafarah. - Reciting Surah Al Hujurat (with translation or tafsir) - To get rid of dismaying and hopeless thoughts recitation of Surah Adh - Dhariyat (idealy with tafsir) - Offering qurbaani (sacrifice) and distributing it among the orphans - Recitation of 1000 salwaat daily (fills heart with light) - Lanat on the enemies of Ahlul Bayt - Never losing hope in Allah, he knows me better than I know myself thus, he knows what is right for me and when. - Always reminding myself that Allah is Al - Adl. He never wrongs or oppresses anyone. - Earnestly asking Bibi Nargis Khatoon to pass on my duas on to Imam Mahdi (عليه السلام). (it is said he doesn't refuse his mothers request) so he can ask for the fulfillment of them from Allah (and since he is the most beloved person to Allah on this plane), Allah grants his requests.
  4. You are fit to be a talab e ilm if you have the following traits (in no particular order): 1. Mental and emotional maturity 2. Self sufficiency (for example; having enough money to last you a year is always a plus since the shehriye is not always sufficient, being able to tidy up after yourself, being able to cook simple meals (if need be), wash your own clothes-there might not always be a working washing machine available etc...) 3. Clear and concise short term and long term goals (for during hawza and after hawza). 4. Time management and organizational skills 5. A social personality (it's essential to be able to form great lasting relationships with your teachers and peers; esp useful if you need their help for tabligh in the future or if you just wish to form lifelong friendships) 6. Strong work ethic 7. Being an adaptable, flexible and non-materialistic person 8. Not having a sense of entitlement See this website for more: http://studyinhawza.in/should-i-apply-2/who-is-a-fit-for-the-hawza/
  5. I agree with you for surely God has given man logic and critical reasoning. No one is denying the fact the Qur'an is easy to read and understand for the ordinary person. But there is also no denying that the ordinary person reading the Qur'an and perhaps studying it for 40-50 years will never reach the true essence (batn), same understanding, depth and conclusion that of a mujtahid who has spent 40-50 years of his life dedicated to ilm rijaal, arabic grammer etc. This does not mean that we worship these aalims or put their opinions above the perfect words of God but rather our logical brains need to read every single shia tafsir, commentary, asbab an nuzool of every ayah etc. to be able to even attempt to grasp the magnanimity of God. The Qur'an and 14 are hand in hand and shall not separate until Kowsar. We cannot, must not set all these aside so easily and believe ourselves to be enough. If that were the case there would be no need for academic institutions and teachers. There would be no need for taqleed. There would be no need to refer to the masoomeen and its because of their sacrifices that Islam is alive and we can call ourselves Muslims today. To delve beyond the surface meaning of the Qur'an we cannot do it alone. We need access to the unseen knowledge. Either one reaches ijtihad by themselves and then is able to do so or relies on those who have reached it. And relies on the Masoomeen from whose ahadith the essence of Qur'an is extracted, from which usool and fiqh is studied which is essential in our daily lives.
  6. Teachers have said that God purposefully made the Qur'an the way it is (deep, articulate, meaningful, multilayered etc.) so that humans have to go and seek counsel of the 14 Masoom and in Ghaibat thru the learned scholars that dedicated their life to studying their interpretations and explanations of the Qur'an. The reason being the Masoomeen are the living Qur'an (meaning their words, their actions, their lives have never strayed from the word of God).
  7. Eid Mubarak to all! May this be the last eid we spend without our Beloved Imam Mahdi (عليه السلام).
  8. To me at least it looks like a person holding their arms up and receiving help that is also made to also resemble an eye maybe to allude to the name of the foundation; Al-Ayn.
  9. These spam calls are so irritating and everyday they call from a different number. I don't know what to do. I've been praying more, trying to learn python, relearning french and Arabic, writing, trying new recipes etc.
  10. Wsalam sis, I wouldn't mind conversing with you in persian. I'm afraid I'll forget it if I don't have someone I can speak with
  11. Hey Trumpet thanks for the message you sent me a century ago. By the way, nice avatar pic. ;)

  12. May I ask how this hawza is different from the ones in Qom and Najaf? Or is it the same? Thanks.
  13. Sorry to bother you but, umm how to message you on this board? There doesn't seem to be such an option? =/

  14. Awww that must be soo tough on you! I pray that you top everything!! Sorry sis, but I don't have FB so I'll message you my email, for MSN. =D

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