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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. why do you need a confirmation when clearly this kind of story is nothing but ignorance, there is nothing wrong with black people and flat nosed people and colored people, are you afraid of having your own opinion ?
  2. Mayan's see December 21 2012 as the end of a world but also the beginning of a new one. They do not consider it the apocalypse. TV is never a truthful source for such deep and ancient matters.
  3. Where is it written that among the first 313 companions each of them will have a specific role in his government ? He will be followed by 313 people and they will be the purest human beings on earth at that time, that's all. Of course you're going to have some of them who will be generals and commanders, but not all of them..
  4. Explain why, if indeed it is a sin then it should be easy to explain. are you afraid of girls or something ?
  5. Unfortunately it is this kind of reasoning that leads to division in Islam. A student of history isn't part of a religious group. A historian can read about an event and say : Oh well I think this, this and that and I think he was wrong doing it. Another one will say the contrary. And they will be divided, and there is nothing wrong with it. A muslim who thinks like that will say : Look what Umar did !!!!!!! LOOK WHAT ABU BAKR DID !!!!!!!! LOOK WHAT THEY DID TO FATIMA !!!!!!! I agree with what Umar did !!!!!! Another one will say : NO !!!!! I AGREE WITH FATIMA !!!!!!! and that's how sects are born in Islam, stupid people forgetting they should only look at Muhammad and the Quran. who gives a damn about umar and his sins :blush:
  6. yea sure. might aswell stick to writing letters instead of email why not? facebook can be alot more useful than sending an email, lets say someone has an information that would be very useful to his classmates, he can simply publish it on facebook and all his classmates will benefit from the information. now that's a bit easier than sending emails to every classmate isn't it ? befriending the opposite sex is immoral ? very funny. there is something you don't seem to understand, and it is the difference between ethics and morals. ethics do not change and are universal and that's what religion and the Quran talks about. morals come and go, they change, they can be cultural or not. JUST BECAUSE women weren't friends with men back then, it doesn't mean IT'S WRONG if now, they befriend men. I might have a female friend, spend lots of time with her, go shopping, eat at a fast food, study with her, WHATS DAMN WRONG WITH THAT ? ANYTHING I DID THAT GOD DOES NOT LIKE ? seriously
  7. its called communication, heard of it ? being in contact with many classmates is always useful
  8. It is sad because you gain nothing from it. The Quran speaks of good deeds and tell the stories of great men hence all the stories about past Prophets. The Quran also speaks of bad deeds and tell the story of Pharaoh and his sins. The purpose is different, what we have to remember is the moral of the story. But when a group of individual tries to examine someone in particular and act as a judge, then it's sad. Who's Umar ? A normal man, not a prophet. Nobody said we have to follow Umar, what he did is not important. It's history, not religion.
  9. oh my god im a boy and i have a girl on my facebook friend list and i saw pictures of her at the restaurant oh my god i'm going to hell God please forgive me
  10. no u shouldnt if u go to paradise and meet someone you hurt on earth but was forgiven by God, he won't dislike you because his soul will be pure, there will be no anger or negative feelings in paradise. therefore you don't have to worry......
  11. And what does it matter who was the better group ? Really ? You have the Quran, don't you ? That's what should guide you, not 3 Caliphs or 12 Imams, am I wrong ? You will never be able to justify division, ever. Because division in Islam is inherently bad, stupid and the result of ignorance, nothing more, nothing less.
  12. most famous sportsman on earth from past till present is Bruce Lee.
  13. There shall soon be no traces of such high buildings on earth just like there is no trace of the Tower of Babel. The Hour is near.
  14. how sad people care about someone's alleged sins a thousand years after his death.
  15. what is this supposed to mean, " his attributes are united " ? he has many attributes, he is good, just, merciful, forgiving, etc. all are different attributes. with some persons he might not be forgiving with some people and he might be with others. mercy doesn't contradict justice. because it is God who is the origin of these attributes, he knows BEST what to do.
  16. God comes first. If your mother hates Islam then Muhammad and God hate her. Do not honor your mother because there is nothing to honor. Stay away and ignore such misguided person, even if she happens to be your mother.
  17. what kind of answer do you expect ? there are two 1) that you can indeed have own a dog and there is nothing wrong with it, the Quran says NOTHING against it. 2) that you simply can't have dogs because they are as dirty as pigs because some people say so in hadiths. but then again, people say everything in hadiths. owning dogs has never been a cultural custom in the middle-east, you will rarely find anyone that says " go ahead get one !!!!!!!!! " those that try to explain dogs are forbidden because they have diseases, what a goddamn joke you are.
  18. either you stand up and speak up like a normal human being would do and tell them it's not OK to stay. it's YOUR home, YOUR principles, and YOU DECIDE. or you keep your mouth shut and suffer in silence all your life you choose.
  19. If I could change one thing in my life.......it would be......OH WAIT A SECOND.....I CAN CHANGE AND AM CONSTANTLY CHANGING THINGS THE WAY I WANT THEM TO BE ! :blush: I feel sorry for lazy [Edited out] who wish for things all their life and never change
  20. The proportion of muslims dreaming of imams and holy people is so huge that I HIGHLY doubt all those people dreaming are "special" people. The reason so many people dream about that is because they constantly think about it. Allah doesn't "show you" things in dreams, dreams are nothing mystical, there is a science of dreams. Dreams tell information about yourself, it's not some kind of supernatural power showing you something every night. There is something that's called the "subconscious", we discovered that few decades ago.
  21. they didn't care about the age at that time
  22. nothing, he will come when God wants him to come. if the Mahdi was to visit your house tomorrow and punish you, you wouldn't be so happy would you ? be more concerned with your soul.
  23. any man that is physically capable of fighting will have to fight.
  24. hey you guys ever heard about the Judgment Day, let me tell you about it it's the day when all humans get resurrected and judged by the Almighty God. We will be only be judged for what we have done, not by what people have done for us. I know, it's an extremely hard concept to grasp and understand at first. soo why do you ask such a stupid question if you know the answer. you have no obligation to pray for others, parents or not. if they don't pray it's their problem. to pray is to bow down to God. you can't bow down to God for somebody else.
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