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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. lol because adding heavy metal to the bunch is gonna help ? why don't you try to understand my point ? HOW is bashing one style of music making the whole idea of music HARAAM ? That's the only thing you've been doing. Please tell me how heavy metal and rap, being " bad style of music " make it haraam to listen to beethoven ? They didn't have rap and metal centuries ago, therefore what was the basis of the illegality of music ? No. That's not how law works. In law you have to prove that someone is guilty, if you can't, he is innocent. Therefore I don't have to prove anything. I cannot prove a negative. You have to prove it yourself, prove me music is haraam and I clearly said music, not rap, heavy metal, pop, opera. I said music. Go ahead. Among things which are haraam in Islam, we can explain many, if not all of them. There is an evident reason behind most if not all forbidden things and most things are also forbidden in Judaism and/or Christianity. But music remains unique in Islam and above all, mysterious and unfounded. Sayings like " Music makes hypocrisy grow in the heart " are not taken seriously if you bring up such traditions, I don't believe in such stupid superstition.
  2. Why do you invent such rules ? Since when wars can only be lead by a Prophet or an appointed Imam ? War is part of religion, it was made permissible. Any muslim ruler can engage in war if he has good reasons. This leads me to the second point. We cannot start wars ? Why is that ? Starting a war offensively or defensively is part of war strategy and tactics, not religion. Sometimes starting a war is better than anything else. Let's invent some example : You know a country is preparing to attack you, they are getting soldiers from all over their empire and if you let them do it, your whole muslim country will get destroyed in a single day. What are you gonna do ? Stay in your house and wait until they come first ? No, you attack first, by surprise, you capture their caravans, you move your damn ass and hurry up before they outnumber you. Wars can be started or stopped for a good reason by anyone. There is no such thing as : " Only Prophets or Imams can do wars " or " We can not start wars " You need to separate religion and warfare. People need to stop inventing stuff to make Islam look 100% peaceful, it is not. There is no such thing as religion of peace or religion of war, in Islam we make peace when we have to and engage in war when we have to, PERIOD.
  3. Ah...Truth hurts, but I didn't expect it to cut your tongue. Who do you think I am, a donkey ? I can perfectly understand and explain such things. Ok Mr.Useless :lol:
  4. The man you quoted began his reply with : The logic and basis of Islam is : You will be judged for what you have done What you say : You have to pray for somebody else or else it's wrong Logic then says to you : You are against the logic and basis of Islam, if they miss their prayer, it's their fault and they cannot be forgiven on the basis of someone else's actions. So why don't you do it instead of replying with a stupid comparison ? Sistani doesn't even explain it, no one here explained it. You are welcome to start explaining why one should pray for someone else.
  5. Wow... No...To be privileged to be a close companion of a prophet is a blessing from God, one cannot become a close companion without having a truthful nature, Muhammad's companions were like that, so were the companions of Jesus and former prophets. You seem to forget the books "written by paul" have been changed and corrupted. The Torah and the Bible is the word of God, but it was changed and there's many lies in it, that doesn't mean God preached those lies, just like Paul didn't preach lies and wrong things.
  6. How could it be ? France isn't a muslim country... But there's a huge muslim community everywhere in France, if you're buying chicken in a supermarket, if it's halal it will be written clearly. If you're going in a restaurant, they very often show somewhere their food is halal, but you can always ask. :)
  7. This isn't an argument. I am tired of hearing this [Edited Out] all day long. Is that all you can come up with ? In the thread about dogs, someone says : You should stop spending money feeding your dog and use that money for the poor who have nothing to eat. Here you say : Remember why we are in the world ? To work for the pleasure of Allah and the world. It's the same thing formulated in other words over and over again. We, human beings in this earthly life, are allowed to take pleasure in things. Pleasure exists for a reason. Every single individual has different ways of enjoying themselves. It can be women, food, poems, horse racing, practicing archery, playing with your cat or your dog, teaching your bird to talk, wrestling, telling jokes, the list is infinite. All these things are licit, we are doing nothing wrong having pleasure we things that Allah has made lawful. We don't have to stop doing these things and feed the poor. We can do both, ever thought of it ? Therefore when we ask the question : Is doing such or such activity lawful, the wise man has three possible answer : He either proves that the action is LICIT / ILLICIT / OR HE DOESNT KNOW but he doesn't answer in this way : Why bother with it anyway ? Why don't you pray instead ? And this thread is a failure simply because it uses hip-hop, a not so polite form of music, as an argument against music in general. I understand the reasons behind all the things the Quran has forbidden. I have yet to see one single good reason in my life against music, which I've been listening all my life and still didn't turn me in a sinful devil.
  8. No, are you kidding ? How are earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, meteoroids a proof AGAINST nature's perfect order ? Just because they kill people ? So what ? Life and death is part of nature's perfect order. It's like saying just because you don't like when it rains then nature sux. Change is part of nature's perfect order, the decrease and increase in temperatures is natural, so are floods, hurricanes, meteoroids. Everytime it rains millions of insects die, but that is nature. By what you said, i.e " DEADLY earthquakes " you make it sound like death is an argument against nature's perfect order. Nature wouldn't be perfect if there wasn't death.
  9. I never said the Quran was 100% enough. Do not forget the subject of the thread. I do not reject hadiths, however, I do NOT see the utility in analyzing Umar's actions and argueing over his alleged sins. It is but one more way to divide the community, i.e finding subjects to argue on such as : DID UMAR SIN OR NOT ? Who gives a damn, really.
  10. haha what a joke hadith can't believe people believe such non-sense.
  11. It's so funny reading pages of people debating of the superiority of men or women when they don't even define superiority itself. That's why it is an eternal debate and will remain eternal, because people are too stupid to even define what they're talking about. Superiority in rights ? No Superiority in spiritual achievement ? Yes Superiority in muscles ? Yes Superiority in hierarchy ? Yes etc Who cares about men being superior in such and such particular field ? Nobody Only one thing matters : They both have the same rights, they both will be judged justly. Never will you hear : Oh you are a man ? You're free to enter Paradise ! And that's the only thing you should really worry about.
  12. One day the whole dog nijis thing will be remembered as one of the most famous man-made tradition about Islam. not talking about contact with saliva but to the extremists that don't even want to get close to one, I feel dirty when pretty much any kind of animal licks me but we have wudu.
  13. this is too much, this answer is so hilarious. don't buy this, don't buy that, don't do this, don't do that, send to the poor ! classic
  14. so you're trying to prove music is haraam based on a relatively recent music movement called hip hop that has bad lyrics. Mozart, Beethoven, listen up : your brilliant symphonies are haraam because some gangsters sing bad stuff. You know, this is like me saying religion are bad and wrong because one sect of such religion is doing this and this. This makes sense, indeed.
  15. It is possible ONLY for very few human beings. Most human beings don't even know anything about 'seen' knowledge. Those that know and understand unseen knowledge are geniuses.
  16. Of course. If you want to become a fighter you have to practice and naturally you may be injured but so what ? How is that unislamic ? It's like asking if it's permissible to become a horse rider because you might fall...all the best riders in the world fell from their horses.
  17. ahh semantics is such a nice and easy way to make your claims fit any kind of belief these days isn't it
  18. can you please keep your numerology about 2012 that you've copy pasted a thousand times somewhere else in an unique topic
  19. How many times I have to tell you that the mayans didn't predict the end of the world for 2012 ? stop watching tv and start reading serious sources
  20. You call that a proof that the 12 Imams were granted divine power from God ? You must be joking.
  21. What's even more ridiculous is your answer. but yea 14 y-o
  22. It is considered the oldest only because we don't have any records of any oldest religion and scriptures. I therefore wouldn't say it IS the oldest religion and scriptures. It is simply the oldest we know of. Simply look at all the hundred books God sent to mankind before, how many do we know of today ? Adam was the first human and the first believer in an unique God. Therefore monotheism is the first and oldest form of religion. Common sense for anyone that truely belongs to the Islam/Christianity/Judaism forum only.
  23. Sorry but comparing the law on alcohol and this so called "forbidden-friendship" is ridiculous. It is very easy to become drunk, two or three beers and you're drunk and ready to commit many sins. That is why it is EXPLICITELY said in the Quran that drinking alcohol is COMPLETELY FORBIDDEN. One becomes drunk against his own will. One does NOT engage in illicit relations with a girl against his own will. But do you think every men out there who is friend with a woman ends up in bed with her ? The men that do aren't religious, they are impure and misguided souls without ethics. If it was as dangerous as drinking alcohol, then why isn't there such a law in the Quran aswell " You cannot have non-mahram as friends " ? Only one thing can relate to the subject : everything is in your intent. To what extent can you invent laws hiding behind " Islam is a preventive religion " ? I have had PLENTY of female friends BUT I am a muslim and I would never engage in a physical relationship, it is clearly written in the Quran that to have sex before marriage is forbidden, therefore why would I even think of it ? Such law is ENOUGH for me not to go further, there is NO reason for me to stop befriending girls and have a nice talk with them if I follow what is in the Quran already. I don't need a " PREVENTIVE LAW ". Complete joke. The Quran is a book for humans with laws for humans. We can understand and explain any law in it. If you can't understand your invented law, maybe it is because it's a stupid law.
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