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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Well. God is nor a male, nor a female, nor an object. So what pronoun should we use ? Can you imagine having a pronoun specially invented in every language for only one word, Allah ? Of course not, therefore humans mostly all use "He" in their languages. Everyone agreed on using the word "He" without attributing him a gender and everyone's happy now. No need to invent a new word. But that's exactly what AliAdams has done. He invented a new word specially for Allah : " IT ", which is not necessary since all mankind agree on using the pronoun " He " in their respective language but they do not consider God as male or female. Morover the invented pronoun "IT" is not practical for oral language, what are you gonna say now with your new pronoun, " IT " Has revealed the Quran to Muhammad ? How dumb does it sound ? Why are you using the pronoun used for objects for God now ? Orally, we do not hear a difference between " it " and " IT " And that is why mankind uses " He ", because " He " always refer to a person and also sounds better than " it " or " IT " Mankind knows that when he uses the pronoun " He " for God, it is to refer him as a being without a gender, but atheists are ignorant blind people that know nothing about religion so I guess that's why he asked such a dumb question.
  2. interesting read amazing to see there are still people following the most corrupted book ( and full of mistakes aswell ) of all time
  3. is it permissible cook a meal if it's never gonna be eaten ? nothing in the scriptures forbids it reason forbids it though.
  4. If you understood the religious aspect of the problem you would understand everything and not ask such questions. The root of the conflict is religious, not economic, political or social. If you understood the root of the problem you would know that they really either are 1) immature kids fighting over useless issues that happened a thousand year ago that has no effect whatsoever on Islam. 2) stupid people that you find everywhere. In every religion you have crazy stupid guys inventing silly practices (beating yourself until you bleed) and inventing stupid beliefs (Jesus is the Son of God, Jesus is God, Husain and Ali will lead me to Paradise, Ask Husain in Prayer instead of God) You have to remind yourself that no religion can remain united after their Prophet has died. Judaism, Christianity, Islam ALL have sects. It's a HUMAN THING, mankind is imperfect. Sometimes God send a perfect man to clear things up and unite everyone, but then he dies and all mankind become stupid again and screw everything up.
  5. this is silly. let's ask ourselves some questions a book has a soul ? how is that imaginable and what would be the purpose of it ? what does it change, if the Quran has a soul or not. what Quran has a soul? every Quran in the world? the Quran written in chinese and the one in french both have a soul ? Who gave them a soul ? The writers ? God ? Did God send a soul in that book ? What's the difference before/after the Quran has a soul ? where does the soul of the Quran go ? does it ever die ? yea sure, why is Khamenei still wearing glasses then ? Is it because the Divine Light of the Quran has still not reached Khamenei, and his interpretation of it is still obscure and wrong ? :) In fact why don't all muslims that read the Quran have perfect eyesight ? silly stories. The Quran is the word of God, it is not a different entity. This belief is no better than christianity : " On the Day of Judgment you will have God appear as a human called Jesus and only through him can you go to Paradise " on the Day of Judgment you will have your keyboard come alive and bear witness to what you have written on the Internet, yes it's true. God, your hands, your mouth and your soul will be enough to bear witness against what you have done in your earthly life, no need to make stuff up. in the Gospel of Thomas, we can read the following : 48. Jesus said, "If two make peace with each other in a single house, they will say to the mountain, 'Move from here!' and it will move." You don't believe it literally do you ? There is a hidden explanation in it. Religious scriptures use ALOT of metaphors, it's time to stop taking them literally. And I almost forgot : It's also time to stop believing in every single hadith in the world aswell. Peace
  6. What is specific to our world is the existence of duality. Good & Evil are both present Pure and Impure things are both present Justice & Injustice are both present Happiness and Unhappiness both exist Joy and Sadness both exist and it also concerns health. Health and Diseases both exist. It is part of the Divine Law concerning earth. Things change, there is cold and there is heat, living beings live and die, living beings are sometimes happy and sometimes they suffer. There is beauty and there is ugliness. There is only one place where such Law does not apply, it is in the higher heavens. In Paradise, there is no duality. There is only beauty, purity, health, happiness, there is no constant change like here on earth. Similarly, in Hell there is no duality either, Angels guarding Hell do not smile unlike those in Paradise. There is ugliness, impurity, disease, bad smell, horrible food in Hell and it shall last forever. Allah does not ordain disease, literally speaking. Allah ordains disease just like he provide the birds and humans with food. Do birds and humans wake up and find food next to them, did Allah put it there ? No. Birds look for their food, and humans get up and look for it/cultivate it. You should understand it the same way. We don't wake up one morning and suddenly we are sick, as if Allah decided to make us sick. Birds do not wake up everyday and find food next to their next as if Allah "provides" them with food. Don't interpret it literally. I am not saying what is written in the scriptures is WRONG, but it is hard to conceptualize. We humans are imperfect beings, we can't understand the perfect fully. Therefore the conclusion is the following : It is said in the scriptures that we are responsible for all the bad things that happen to us. It also applies to disease. Every single disease that we have gotten, we were responsible for it. Hope I was clear.
  7. so people really think the US suddenly care about people's lives and specially the lives of poor black people living on an island no one cares about ? this earthquake is definetely a great opportunity to improve obama's image. of course the US can be really really quick in sending thousand of men with machine guns, they are now in total control of haiti and it's airport, they alone decide who can land and who cannot. but when it's about sending food and medicine they're always slow somehow, days after american soldiers landed, haitians were still eating that protein biscuit from the UN boiled in water. it's another " the us is going there to establish order and we don't give a [Edited Out] about the people " scenario like in Iraq
  8. Except the muslim community has no knowledge of what is unhealthy and healthy, it has no knowledge of what is true and false, they are all divided in hundreds of sects for this reason. The descendant of Muhammad will say he is a follower of God, I guess you didn't consider that option since you're in a sect that says to be a muslim you have to be a "follower of Ali". What more to expect from someone called " SayYaAli " afterall ? Destroyed. I'm willing to help and prepare nice cookies, where, when and how do we get started !
  9. Just because it is hard to have one doesn't mean it is impossible. Beauty DOES exist objectively however, it's perception is influenced by our taste. If you were to see Yusuf in front of you and a man with huge elephant ears, big nose, big lips, small eyes, it goes without saying Yusuf possesses more beauty than the other man. And just because one woman finds the elephant man beautiful does not change anything. Oh yes you've misunderstood me completely, nowhere did I ever talk about a link between being pious and beauty.
  10. Yes. What more did you expect on a religious forum. Religion is about faith and belief, not evidence. You can not prove nor disprove God.
  11. relax, he has not finished his earthly life yet. He will come back on earth and then he will marry. He's only 33 years old at the moment afterall. Yes, Jesus is a very special prophet!
  12. people don't like usa because usa support israel and we all know what the middle-east thinks about israel, zionism, usa invading iraq and afghanistan I thought everyone knew that in 2010 and didn't have to ask such question.
  13. 1) Maybe you should ask yourself why does a friend turns enemy ? Is it because he found out the truth about what was going on ? Or do you think people just become enemies for no reason ? Sure, someone might invent lies about him for his own interest, BUT IS THAT ALWAYS THE CASE ?! That is what you're claiming. Anyone that becomes an enemy of someone is biased and should never be listened. It's not always the case. 2) I did not compare God to an advisor, you just missed the point I guess. Lol what an argument. Sure your mom might not expose your shameful deeds publicly because you're her son. What if it wasn't your mom who found out about your shameful deeds, you are not linked to that person anymore, he can expose your bad deeds publicly. First you are supposing he is an opponent : bad start, in this case the critic was not an opponent but a close friend. Secondly you are supposing he is dishonest and makes up things : tell me why would he make things up when the truth about your shameful deeds is enough ? If I know you commit zina and say it publicly, do you think I'm gonna make things up and also add that you're a thief and a lier ? All you're doing is inventing scenarios that would protect your Imam. You say he is a close opponent, he is a lier and makes things up. Well you know, when an "inside source" of the secret services or government becomes a public whistleblower, the government will act like you do : they will say he is a liar. You really are in no position to say that.
  14. I see, a fatwa from Sistani is now considered as "evidence" for Truth. Have fun following blindly your scholar, just like millions of other muslims.
  15. Hello Have you ever heard of the law " As above so below; as below so above; as within so without; as without so within " ? Do you understand how it relates to beauty ? " As beautiful within, so beautiful without. " What does that suppose ? It supposes that people who are truely beautiful ( I won't go into the subject and give a definition of beauty ), and I mean, REALLY beautiful, not just attractive because they have a nice body. I am talking about the beauty of Yusuf, the beauty of Muhammad, real objective beauty. It supposes that people who possess this exterior beauty always possess an interior beauty ( their soul is beautiful, so is their face, mirror of their soul ). That is all. Truely beautiful people have beautiful souls. Muhammad was beautiful not by coincidence. In nature, everything has a reason. One is not ugly and repulsive for no reason, one is not beautiful for no reason. I am ready to bet that among all Prophets sent to mankind, there was not one single of them who was ugly. They all had some kind of beauty and/or charisma. And this is in no way a "coincidence". To say that to be born ugly is a "blessing" is nonsense to me. How is being ugly good ? Ugliness is a physical flaw. It is like saying mental disability is a blessing so they do not think by themselves and commit sinful acts. Not everything is a blessing on earth. Lazyness isn't a blessing to "prevent" somebody from doing many sinful things someone not lazy might do. Being born with a negative trait, physical or not, is never a "blessing". Lucky the one born extremely beautiful like Yusuf or Muhammad or Jesus. Unlucky is the one born ugly.
  16. You don't seem to understand. You did not invite Imam Mahdi, you have never met him, you do not know what his beliefs are. In fact there is a 99% chance that he believes in other things that you are believing in. Mahdi is not part of any sect. Mahdi will not call himself Shi'a. Let me give you an example : You are sick and you have a very rare disease that only one doctor can cure it. You are told the doctor will come to your house, one day. What are you gonna prepare ? What CAN you prepare in advance ? You can't cure yourself, so what can you do ? Similarly, the muslim community went astray and it is full of ignorants and false beliefs and injustice. What CAN muslims do in advance ? They can't unite eachother, they kill eachother instead. They can't agree on one and only Islam, they create more and more sects. What are muslims gonna prepare ? A big bowl of rice ? God knows how the events will unfold, God is never wrong and can never be wrong, therefore the events will happen in only one possible way. God says Jesus will come back, we all believe it. It is an event that will happen no matter what. It IS a pre-determined event, God had it in his mind for an eternity. Same for the Mahdi. How is that complicating things ?
  17. Yes. Hey I bet you're so smart you fell for the weapons of mass destruction lie too? Give me a break please. :lol: " And by that logic ", what logic ? did I talk about any logic that said all conspiracy theories were true ? now go back on your couch and believe what fox news tell you.
  18. I don't want to contradict the main idea but I really wouldn't consider spending 3 days in the stomach of a whale as an occultation, same for Prophet Musa fasting on the Mount Tur for 40 days. Just like I wouldn't call Muhammad's spiritual retreat in a cave before revelation as 'occultation'...
  19. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Islamic_schools_and_branches
  20. Sure, that's why the only thing you've been doing is bashing music because it contains bad lyrics, it's inspired by the devil, it pushes people to commit zina and to fall in love. at least you know the history of hip hop and satanism behind it in depth that's a good start ain't it lol, no comment :lol: This shows the complete lack of credibility of the illegality of music. What's the main idea behind it afterall ? Music is bad because it's a form of entertainment ? Music is bad in itself for a mysterious reason ? Music is bad because it contains un-islamic lyrics ? What about music without lyrics ? Is entertainment forbidden in Islam ? lol grossly mistaken? buddy I used the gregorian chant comparison only to point out that not all music contains lyrics inciting zina, don't get too excited.
  21. 15. Jesus said, "When you see one who was not born of woman, fall on your faces and worship. That one is your Father." I believe it is clear enough to have a basic understanding of it. Men and women are all born of a woman, we all have mothers. Only God does not have one, and if you see him you should fall on your faces and worship him. Nothing impressive but definetely contradicting the idea that Jesus was also the Father yet was born of Mary. The Gospel Of Thomas has some interesting alleged sayings but that's about it. The Book of Enoch ( great-grandfather of Noah ) definetely is much more interesting.
  22. never had one and never gonna have one ^_^ lol I m shocked, I guess we have different definitions of the extreme. surely compassion is good in some situations, but is this what she needs when you read what she said? She clearly isn't talking about how sad she is and she needs support, she wants to know if it's good or not to constantly wish evil at her ex-husband, and I said no it's not, simply. :angel:
  23. There is no such thing as "actively waiting". There never was, there never is and there can not exist ANY obstacles in the way of re-appearance because it is a foretold and divine event. His appearance is dependent upon God's will, nothing more. Or do you think the appearance of past Prophets was dependent of what people were doing at that time ? If any dependance there could be, it is always when people do things wrong, spread injustice and believe in lies that Prophets appear. Yes he did. Do you even know what a prophecy is ? It is the prediction of a future event. The event about the Mahdi was also predicted by Muhammad, he has already seen what WILL happen and since his knowledge about the event comes from God, he CANNOT be wrong. Muhammad saw the Mahdi appearing in Makka then Medina. He saw 1400 years ago where, when, with who, and how he will appear. And no matter what you do, how many times you pray a day, the Mahdi will not appear in a place other than Makka because it has to happen there, same with the time of his appearance, he will appear at a specific time, period. How is knowledge of the future negating the possibility of free choice ? When it was predicted that men in sandals would compete in building high buildings by Muhammad, did it violate the free will of any man walking with sandals ? They chose to build the burj al arab, nobody forced them. Our Prophet just knew it would happen. Well, I guess if you can unite the world under justice, we don't need the Mahdi anymore, I guess Muhammad and God were wrong about the future. Don't you understand uniting the world under justice is impossible with so many hypocrit scholars and sects and muslims believing in all different things ? God certainly does understands it, that's why he's sending Mahdi and Jesus. You c a n ' t do anything. Peace
  24. how exactly is this relevant to the subject ? how exactly is this relevant to the subject ? I am not nero Aren't you the guy that supposedly proves something will happen in 2012 through numerology found in the Quran ? What does that tell you ? Doesn't that tell you that certain things happen at a certain time only ? That there is a divine plan ? Can we make it happen in 2011? 2013 ? 2014 ? Why not ? " This Universe is dynamic and all things are changing all the time " Yes, so what ? All things change because God allows it. Do you not say " Insha'Allah "," If it is God's will " ? The precise time of appearance of the Mahdi does not depends on your prayers. It does not even depends on anything. The hourglass of his appearance has been started already and nothing can make it's sand fall faster or slower, such is the divine law. It is Immuable. Meditate the last sentence.
  25. there is no need for specifically "Islamic" teachings concerning this subject, it is simple enough. you just put everything in the same bag thinking they're the same things but when you look at the bag you notice they're all different and ask here why. emotions =/= intelligence(rationality) =/= lust When a close friend dies, it brings up the emotion of sadness. It doesn't touch your rationality, it touches your emotions. Depending on your personality, you will have a tendency to show emotions very strongly or completely hide emotions. We can say that generally, women tend to show emotions more than men. When you face a problem, it's all about rationality. It has nothing to do with emotions. Lust is more an inability/incapacity/lack of will of controling one's own instinct. Everyone love sex, some however just can't stop thinking about it or control themselves. It's neither of the above, it is not emotional and it is not rational. Brilliant geniuses can be lustful. Hope I was clear.
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