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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. if you were a thief would you be happy to have your hands cut off? silly question that means theres nothing wrong with it. because now billions of ignorant people believe in a man-made document called the "human rights".
  2. Someone of them is making a joke. The other one isn't and thinks God told her to do it. GUESS WHO when I see women who wear the burqa completely and refusing to marry for I dont know what reason, maybe dedicating themselves exclusively to God ?, I pity them. Virgin Mary never wore the burqa but will remain a billion times more pure than those foolish ignorant women.
  3. Two WEEKS ? Damn, the indoctrination is alot longer where you live. Can you share the doubts and questions you had ? You really can't be sure unless you spend two weeks analyzing yourself the revisionist literature. Which I highly doubt you did. And you shouldn't even think about Ahmadinejad, this guy is an idiot, a big idiot, he's a puppet. He's no scientist, historian, not even a leader or a model to follow. He represents nor holocaust revisionism nor Islam.
  4. I'll give you the best example in history of mankind : All prophets of God were men. From Adam to Muhammad. Ask yourself why.
  5. Animals have an instinct, humans have a soul. We do not have an instinct. The "awareness of natural disaster" is part of animal instinct God gave them.
  6. well..nationalism shouldn't even exist because it has no reason to exist for muslims.
  7. Jesus - did not practice self flagellation Christian sect Opus Dei : practices self flagellation Muhammad - did not practice self flagellation Shi'a sect : practices self flagellation History repeats itself once again.
  8. God IS NOT controlling all his creatures. God gave mankind choice. question answered.
  9. indeed. a picture is worth a thousand words
  10. Physicists can search and keep searching for them they are just wasting their time. What is important is the PATTERN OF CREATION that is behind every created things, from the biggest particles to the smallest ones. And that is sacred geometry, numerology, mathematics. When an engineer ( God ) wants to create something, he first makes plans, he does calculations and such things. If someone wants to understand how the creation of the engineer works he has to know the plan, the calculations, the pattern, what was in the engineer's mind. Nobody gives a damn about finding the smallest brick of the building, except 99% of modern physicists who are nothing but blind materialistic donkeys.
  11. honour is not a reason to kill a life, which is sacred. you will not find anything that encourages it in scriptures.
  12. 1) no 2) nobody knows, should ask those who made up the hadiths
  13. you call yourself a scholar for saying such thing? jews and christians don't think about the god "Amun" when they say Amen. such a joke. it's as stupid as saying we should never say Allah because it refers to Al-Lat.
  14. I don't know which prophet lost his prophethood but in the Bible there is a story of a Prophet who disobeyed God and therefore was killed by a lion.
  15. you forgot to mention some muslims allow sex-change, in other words altering god's creation. oh wait is it because the imams that permit it are considered as righteous in this forum ? on topic : who's "we" in the question ? do the billions of muslims deserve Mahdi ? hell no. why ? they're too ignorant, they are members of sects, not of Islam, they are following false beliefs and have invented practices. ( they cover themselves in blood ) do 313 extremely righteous and pure men & women deserve him ? hell yea they do. Like attract like, those 313 human beings will attract the Mahdi and only them. but as time goes by, the other muslims ( there probably won't be billions of muslims at that time. :) ) will realize this good looking man that they call the Mahdi has defeated all other armies and has performed miracles. they will drop all their beliefs and plead total allegiance to him. they will start a new "muslim life" and become true muslims and altogether they will rule the world! anyone of you expect the Mahdi to knock on your superstar Imam's door one day and say follow me ? just wonderin :lol:
  16. ever heard of marriage or sex, whatever species you are from ?
  17. Yes I have. The reason the Holy Quran has many stories to what happened to past Prophets is always to illustrate something, an example of something that needs to be followed. There is a moral to every story related in the Quran. But *ALL* those morals have been mentioned in the Quran before in a non-historic manner. For example let's take the story of Job. He was struck with a disease for such a long time but he was patient during all these years, he was not discouraged and never lost his trust and faith in God. Why does the Quran talk about such story ? To tell muslims to be patient in hard times and never lose hope and faith in God. But those morals, patience and faith have always and already been mentioned in the Quran. God says himself to the believer to be patient. He uses a story for many things, it's more pleasant to read. It's always better to say something and then give a story as an illustration so muslims can relate to the story. If we removed the story of Job, we would still find the morals mentioned in the Quran, just not in stories. Hehehe You mean, if we are unaware of the difference between JUSTICE & INJUSTICE ? Ideals that have existed since the beginning of times and are continuing to exist ? There have been just men and unjust men since the beginning of times and there still are, today. So why should I focus ONLY on Ali vs Muawiya ? I can recognize justice when I see it, and I can recognize injustice when I see it. I do not have to relate to ONE particular historical event to know what is justice or injustice. I guess that's why all muslims countries are either corrupt or either far away from what an Islamic country should be. Just like predicted by Muhammad as a sign of the end times. Ok, I'm guilty. I am directly responsible of the torturing, killing and murdering of innocent people around the world because I choose not to base my religion on the conflict between Ali and Muawiyah. Great logic there. " By your statement that the conflict of Batman and the Joker is unimportant you are helping the cause of injustice and oppression today. "
  18. the girl is a non-muslim, you can't do a damn thing with her, dont try to go around the legislation for your own sake. case closed soon you'll have people asking if they can eat pork
  19. Do you even understand what you're saying, when you say " Islam was only perfected when ali was declared a successor " ? This makes NO sense at all. What does declaring a successor have to do with the perfection of Islam ? Nothing. No I do not know the conditions during which that verse what revealed, and I still wouldn't go on a killing spree. You missed an option, this one : I will not go on a killing spree because I am not a stupid man who is dependant on narrations or traditions for every [Edited Out]ing verse in the Quran. God gave something to man : a goddamn brain. I know without a doubt that the Prophet didn't go on a "killing spree" and killed everyone for no reason. Thus when I read about "killing wherever you find them" I know this can apply in some conditions. And I don't have to be a damn genius to know in which conditions we can do such thing. I never said we should reject all hadiths. Just like today.
  20. Really? Tell me how Ali and Muawiya's actions still affect you today. History has nothing to do with religion. Religion is about doing what is lawful and not doing what is unlawful, about submitting to God, about universal ideals like justice. What a certain muslim did at a certain time can in NO WAY change the religion. Yea right. To me it looks more like those who care so much about their history are the ones making a hundred of sects based on their views of a HISTORICAL event. So the religion is not perfected until the Quran is compiled ? You truely understand nothing. Religion isn't about a compiling a book. Not all Prophets received a book for their people, does that mean religion was not in a perfect state during their presence ? What this verse truely means is : I have perfected the religion, I showed you the true path to eternal life, I told you there was only one God, I told you what to do, how to pray, when to pray, I told you what to eat and what not to eat. I told you about justice and it's laws you should apply. I have told everything there was that you should know to go to Paradise. If I were to die, it wouldn't matter as I have told you everything you had to know. It's not about " I have perfected the religion, oh wait I didn't, I didn't compile the Quran yet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! " Oh Really ?! Funny dude.
  21. No Universe = No Time No Time = No Causality God = Cause of Causality and All causes = Creator of The Universe/Time/Causality/Causes = Truth Universe = Causeless = Non-Sense
  22. Pray to God that He removes the disease which is in your wife's heart : unbelief and fear of death. Nobody except herself and God can remove this terrible disease.
  23. JimJam : you are right, I would side by my father. If I witnessed my parents divorce right now I would side with whoever is right. However my example wasn't good enough since that event, in our case, happened a thousand years ago. Now, does it matter with who I think is right or wrong, when they are both dead ? I can't follow my father or my mother, we will suppose they died 1400 years ago like Ali and Yazid. Do they even matter anymore ? Did they give holy books ? The religion was perfected even before the separation. If we only remembered the history of Islam from the beginning of the time of revelation untill the death of the Prophet, it would be enough for muslims. Whatever people did after, does it matter ? What such and such caliphs or descendant of the Prophets did, does it matter ? The truth is : no. I have read the hadiths that were posted. What do they talk about ? We see Muhammad praising Ali. Praising his moral character, knowledge and sense of justice. Ali was a great and virtuous man, no doubt about that and I don't need to open hadith books to know about it. The difference between the hadiths and what you say is huge. Where in the hadiths do we see that "he knows everything", that "all atoms of creation submit to him", " that you should call Ali and he will answer you just like Allah". Ali was to Muhammad what Aaron was to Moses, but there is no group that calls itself " Followers of Aaron ". Sorry, I don't believe such hadith. One swordstrike of Ali is better than a full life of worshipping God day and night ? Ok.
  24. I see, shows you clearly couldn't provide a comment or answer to what I talked about just above. Instead you worry about pbuh. How low, how low. Certainly more than a member of a sect. " # Religion:Ithna 'Ashari Shi'i " Interesting, what is this religion I never heard about?!
  25. I didn't read any of both sites, just gave you the links for you to read. Not to interested in the subject right now.
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