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  1. Happy BIRTHDAY.. if it is your birthday that is.. I didn't get a star on my janamdin .. can I have one on yours :(

  2. It's really rude to talk while I'm interrupting. :dry:

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    2. imran haider shah

      imran haider shah

      nice title .. jinga lala hur hur hahahha aur dosra banda la lay chittar maray suu tay ginnay 1 .. chaa gayee o ji .. main tay samjhya athay sirf serious gal baat he hondi way ..

    3. imran haider shah

      imran haider shah

      gustakhi maaf main nawa nawa aya waan iss site tay hoor kitay post karna tay error a janda way kuch samjh nai a rahi

    4. Repentant


      where are you?

  3. abcdefghijklmnop.. lmnopqrstuvwxyzeeeeeee..

    1. Legendary


      ....now i know my abc's next time wont you sing with me :P

    2. _JuGNii


      No I won't.. watchu gonna do..? B)

    3. Legendary
  4. You can come back now ... =/

  5. They say never hit your wife in anger. So when is the right time then? =O

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    2. Chaotic Muslem
    3. Chaotic Muslem

      Chaotic Muslem

      where have you been , have not seen you in the chatroom for a week all is good ?

    4. _JuGNii


      Im giving you a breaaaaakkkkkk :P

  6. You gonna love your profile when your get back hainaaa (translation of hainaaa: isn't it?) ..

  7. Theres some user with the user "MFAHH" .. I keep getting mini heart attacks thinking its you =P hope youre all good..!

  8. Still keeping my word.. Wheneva you come on hit me up to say if everything is all good with you and all .. inshAllah.. tc.. And nope noone has messed with me yet =P

  9. 1st Day .. 1st Spam.. :(

  10. Happy wala Birthday.. May Allah swt give you all the happiness and success you deserve inshAllah Ameen.. iinjoyyy your cake with KETCHUP..! =P

    1. Replicant


      LOL @ the ketchup comment. Thank you.

  11. Sohneyo Kithey Challey Oh.. Teh Naaley Kalle Kalle Oh..!

  12. Blahhhhhh Di Blahhhhhhhh Di Blahhhhhh.. ! ! !

  13. Remember, there are two words in life that will open a lot of doors for you. Push and Pull.

  14. You're annoying me. Go play in traffic.

    1. 110_Fatima


      LOL, yes i annoyed u!!! hahahaha....

      imma so evil i bugged JUG!!

    2. _JuGNii


      Don't make yourself feel special.. :D .. I don't get annoyed.. only person that can annoy me is MYSELF ;)

    3. lover of Mola

      lover of Mola

      jugni mast bandi :)

      like ur attitude

  15. You're so ugly, even your imaginary friends play with other kids.

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    2. _JuGNii


      Well SD you cant get everything in life like you want.. I can give a kick too :dry:

      Man I used the tasbih today.. felt well good.. and the extras are just loveeeeee.. .. aahhhh :$

    3. Shia_Debater
    4. _JuGNii


      Don't gimme that smile Mr. I don't like it :P

  16. Main ne pucha mera Kafan kaisa ho ga Faraaz....... Kameena Muskura k bola ''Lathy di chaadar utay saleti Rang mahiya"

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    2. _JuGNii


      Dekh lein uski ruh ko bhi maine zinda kiya.. aur bhi hain sunaaun?! :P

    3. Marbles


      Oye kithay ho ajj kul chickelt?

    4. _JuGNii


      Zaliman ne chuk ke bahar sutteya menu :(

  17. I stepped on a cornflake, now I'm a cereal killer B)

  18. Apple have released a special new App for Chinese People .. It has been named "iOPENER" :D

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