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  1. lol. I love your profile picture!

  2. where did you goooooo?

  3. oyeee jug, kahan gum ho yaar? khariat to hain? itna sanata hain tumharey baghair :(

  4. Ki haal hai MurGHiijii?!

  5. عظم الله اجورنا واجوركم استشهاد امير المؤمنين عليه السلام

  6. ^ ^ Are You japanese you frog..? :dry:
  7. Thoughts: Ramadan kareem peoplessssss.. imma post food pics everyday while ya'all fast B) Ahhhhhhhhh why am I so nice :wub:
  8. Ahhhhhhhhh of give up man.. Saturday it is for me.. Rest Allah swt knows best.. :rolleyes:
  9. Man my life becomes so organised during ramadan.. even when im staving I don't have the hassle to go and look for food...it gives me patience and control over myself and other desires.. I believe it even brings family closer.. regularly we eat in our own time in our own space but during ramadan we'll sit together and eat.. everything becomes in schedule and organised .. :
  10. ^ ^ Shaaat it.. jealous shrimp :dry: @786 ji: Np :)
  11. They should be visible..they're mods and,admins for a reason :dry: To SERVE the community and users.. Slaves.. B) useless shrimps all of em :dry:
  12. clicking the report button on your post.. its next to "quote" "multiquote" in the bottom right hand corner of your post :)
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