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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Maybe you are ignorant to the people talking, and maybe you hear us because you are within us, and we want change. And noone wants to stop the juloos, we want to stop the beating of bare chests in the middle of streets, outside houses, all you are doing is turning people way. A juloos is supposed to educate why we are opposing yazid, so why dont we educate through a peacuful procession?
  2. He has never said do not do it, but has said it is better to not do it due to the society that we live in, im sure all moral people understand that we have to follow the norm of society to be liked, and if you deviate from this norm (ie do something which is seen as weird or wrong) then people will begin hating you even more, and hes trying to say that zanjeer is not appropriate within this society, so its best to avoid it, its the same view as the mujtahids, but what does that matter to you people eh?
  3. I would'nt waste my effort and time organising it, itl end up a joke, like most of the events are, where the majorty of malangs are screaming and shouting, ive yet to see a place, which is populated by some malangs, that runs in an orderly, calm, peaceful and civilised way. Why do you think he doesnt give his number out? because your people are intent on cursing him and abusing him, even going to lengths of threatening him, just the way they did to the moulana in manchester
  4. What does he say that is wrong? Like i said, your misinterpreting what he says, i dont understand why none of you people face him one to one and have a debate, i wonder why....
  5. you could put it that way, but i think i should stay quiet, maybe its for the best lol especially on here where ive seen people are threatened to keep quiet haha

  6. Where is your proof of education to show you can humiliate him and degrade him, surely for you to say hes not a scholar, you have to be a scholar, or atleast be educated to some level, yourself?? He does not offend you, but some of the culture and acts you call religion, he tells us why things are wrong, why not research what he says and make your opinion, rather than cursing him because he doesnt follow your way of 'life'
  7. Finally someone with a brain eh lol

  8. I was showing how i could name, and im sure you yourself have never seen anyone retaliate to the laanats on JAK and other scholars, i was showing you a way people could react. I think people are misinterpreting the message given by JAK, be that by misunderstanding him or by pure ignorance. You should understand that in Muharram you have a large audience of people, therefore it also the duty of Islam to spread the religion, as much as it is to remember Karbala. As there is a large turnout, JAK uses the opportunity to educate people on Islam, just cos he doesnt make u scream and shout and act li
  9. Every discussion on religion has always led to this, however, after many countless years trying to put sense in to people, i have come to the conclusion that these uneducated scum are the true munafiq of shiaism, who use uncivilised ways to live their lives. They ahve no respect, no manners for others, no even for themselves. Therefore it is a waste of time trying to educate these janglis, let them astray, and let them face the truth on the day of judgement. PS as you send laanat on people you dont like (eg JAK), we are civilised and do not retaliate, why? because we do not see the point of st
  10. As you can see from the above quotes, i have no problem with the civilised matamis, those who practice their religion in accordance with islam, withour cursing or showing and disrespect towards other people, and as you will see nowhere did i say anything regarding the 'right way', ive been merely referring to acting on the beliefs of a good muslim. To be a Muslim you have to follow the rules and the Shariah, so therefore you can not be a Muslim in the way you think is most appropriate, however, you can be if it sticks to the guidelines of Islam and does not deviate from it. As you yourself sa
  11. If that is your niyah then it is acceptable, however, im sure some other people do it to worship
  12. i think u need to read my previous posts, i have all the respect in the world for those matamis who practice islam and shiaism in the right way. However, the majority of them do not, and they are the people that need to be abolished
  13. Doing sajda to alams is a form of shirk, it is only Allah who is worthy of worship
  14. So your telling me that Imam Hussain will be happy with those who curse the ayatollahs, do not pay any attention to Namaz, saying matam is more important, and those that smoke weed before they do their matam in order to last the whole day, i think not
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