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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. He's worrying me a lot these days.. I don't understand how he can confidently reject shariah law and also Islamic governance? He outright claims he is attempting to reform Islam or the religion from within. The reason this is deeply worrying me is that I've had to explain to some Muslims why he is wrong. They feel he is wrongly criticised and sympathise with him because of his garb and supposed authority. I really wish I could meet with him in person and just ask him straight up what his views really are.
  2. I have a big issue with people who brag about magnificent spiritual 'Arts' and what magnificent things they can do, yet conveniently provide no sources or methods used beyond what their uncle/gramps did in the Vietnam war or Rawal Pindi because you know? *taps nose* "Its a secret!" "You're not ready!" "Only the cool kids!" 20000000000 Rupees later and countless hours of following such a person, you might, perhaps you know, crack the secret and find out that that hidden Kitab was just a recipe for fried chicken?
  3. After heavily scrutinising (respectfully) the religion of Islam, the Quran and its origin, the works and lives of the prophet and the AhlulBayt. I have come to love and know them as "spiritually" significant figures in human history that represent to me embodiments of virtues. I mean there is a profoundly otherworldly or divine quality to them and their actions.Read Nahjul Balagha, now remind yourself that this is a 7th-century work. These lot didn't have google back then or a 21st-century education system. Same goes for the Quran which openly invites us to ponder upon it and its signs.With th
  4. I have always imagined, that people would immediately gather under their own political or religious groups.Even leftists and rightwingers. The thing that scares me is the fact that ISIS empathisers and supporters will organise fast and form their own militias most likely. They are already looking for a reason and opportunity to start a caliphate in the UK and start exterminating people. Imagine defending a settlement, and then a suicide truck just blows the crap out of your defences or your block of the city. If you don't have some form of superiority, there's not much you can do other than be
  5. Speaking of Sarajevo you can see here the improvised weapons that were made. The image with the shotgun shell isn't from Sarajevo but its an example of how easy it is to actually make improvised shotguns. You simply need a pin to hit the shell and ensure the pipe does not explode in your face. These improvised weapons are ideal for ammunition that is of lower calibres. Also smooth bore weapons are easiest to make, rifling is the hard part imo. The real issue is finding ammunition or producing it, however I believe it would take like a century or longer to waste all the ammunition that has alr
  6. You see with the case of Greek philosophers it is understandable, many of them were very virtuous men who lived a life in pursuit of knowledge and had placed much value on morality and ethics. All this whilst living in the ancient world, which was a really an ideal time for lustful orgies and murder and throwing babies into fires and stuff. Instead, they lived away from the sinners and pursued a life dedicated to knowledge and wisdom. Some of them would walk miles just to learn and for example in some cases work at night doing hard labour and teach during the day. A lot of Arab scholars studie
  7. I am having a lot of trouble formatting it sorry.
  8. I reach similar states through meditation, it's as if the body falls away and all that is left is pure beingness, it feels incredible and is a great way to have some shutdown time, time away from simply existing as an ego. This is the aspect of meditation I like when you simply polish the mirror of the mind until it reflects the universe or calm the waves of the mind down until you can see the reflection of your true self in its surface. It is important to see the stream of thoughts we have and how they are an endless caravan demanding our attention. In eastern thought, they refer to it as mon
  9. Running away can be dangerous, especially for a young lady. If the physical violence escalates or he increases the amount he hits you then seek help from an organisation that helps victims of child abuse, they can give you advice or even counselling. This is better than simply running away or killing yourself as they can help you find shelter and safety and have experience.
  10. Migraines and PTSD but the research is ongoing. Medical use focuses on micro dosing. Recreational use is obviously haram, and I'm not here to justify the use of certain substances within medicine to you and neither did I propose growing them. I want my tribe of princes in Bel air to be able to operate heavy machinery and fend off attacks successfully. Interesting point, though, where I am from, resin from the poppy aka opium is used as a painkiller and given to babies when mixed with milk.You'd bet I'd want a few bottles of that stuff and it's seeds in a seed bank if I lived in a climate
  11. If I get the time I might make a pdf. I will work on producing the tekkers. Though it will take me a long time like a month or more. I could point to other people's guides but they all have bits and bobs of useful material scattered everywhere. At least we can specialise in different fields and gather knowledge. The real challenge is putting all the different aspects and methods into a concise format. SHTF is the term you want to google for anything else. Thankfully a lot of thought has been applied to the problem already, however, a lot of it is U.S centric. We don't have the real estat
  12. I would advise the "Naqshbandi brothers": To focus on learning skills, skills that will produce food in the long run or medicine. Yeh, basically I have decent mycology skills, like growing mushrooms on different substrates and how to prepare and safely store spores, there are so many different types of mushrooms and a lot of medicinal mushrooms can be grown on wood chips or sawdust. Just by controlling the conditions fungi's can produce a lot of fruit to feed you in the long run.I'd scream if somebody threw away a good bag of sawdust or compost in the apocalypse. I would at least b
  13. This reminds me of a thread back in the days of SC where two brothers said they used to practice sword fighting in the garden in order to prepare for the coming of the Mahdi. Preparing for the 12th imam is entirely spiritual as I completely doubt his success or arrival would be based on what meagre material offerings we can provide on the day. We need to pave the way mentally and spiritually or else we will be smited along with the kuffar. I am expecting supernatural help in the war. As for surviving UNTIL he comes, a bomb shelter with stockpile of food and ammunitions would help gr
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