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  1. Hi tima I missed you  :love:

  2. I second this so much. Like you, I grew up in a VERY strict household. I was probably my parents “practice child” because let me tell you, my sisters get away with murder. Now, as an adult living in the west, I have probably cut ties with any form of culture that I find suppressive, restrictive or simply annoying. Islam and religion are guidelines that ultimately are meant to lead us on the right path, but cultured parents use religion as a form of control. I can’t lie and say that I do not rebel, because even now, at 28, I do. In my own little way. Even if it’s petty. I will do things that trigger people who are more cultured than religious, because for so long I was suppressed because of that very culture. Religion is beautiful. It’s about God and you. It’s between God and you. It’s not meant to be paraded like a trophy. I read this much, I know this much, I am more learned. Like seriously, give yourself a break. Unfortunately, a direct result of my strict religious upbringing is also the reason I’m a little careless about a lot of things I probably should pay more mind to. It was so difficult growing up, that now anything that inconveniences me leaves me with an internal rage. I still practice and believe Ofcourse, but mentally, I am a hippie Muslim. Authority doesn’t sit well with me. I will teach my kids about Allah and love and mercy. I will make them aware of his wrath, but I don’t want them to worship out of fear; just out of love. I also refuse to dissect every little aspect of our life because of religion. It’s not supposed to be so robotic. You can use your brain and it’s okay to be wrong, being wrong unknowingly is not a sin. It’s what makes us human. Live and let live.
  3. Did you suffer abuse as a child? Or did you witness it? Merely from observation and nothing more, I notice that children love power. Maybe because they’re so small they feel they need to prove that they have any form of control or influence over those who are smaller than them. Occasionally as well, over those who let them, despite them being bigger in size. Maybe you witnessed someone being helpless as a child, and you detested their weakness. Perhaps the aggressor appealed to your nature or love of control. It’s good to know who you are , but that’s not who you have to be forever. Good luck.
  4. Praying that God heals your home and heart, and gives both you and your mother the strength to deal with such an egotistical misogynist pancake. What a bloody sook. I don't know your circumstances or where you live, but abuse is never ever okay, and abusive men are always trying to compensate for the many things they lack. A brain, being one of those things. Glad that your mother has such a supportive daughter, bide your time if you can't get away, and try to stay out of his way. Hopefully one day, your brothers belt him. Praying for you.<3
  5. Omg. Laayla. HELLO.

    1. Laayla


      Assalam Alikum.  How are you? How is the month of Ramadhan with you?  I hope you are well and in good health.  God bless you and protect you from all harm.

  6. TIMAAA sho hal ghabbee ya Sitna! Waynik? Keefik? Keef 7abeeb el-alb? Keefon el3asafir?

    1. Tima


      Heyyyy. How you doing???? I'm all good.... life is chaotic ( :p ) 

  7. <3 <3 <3 Pray for me.

    1. Laayla


      Bismehe Ta3ala,

      Asslam Alikum

      Habibti, wayynik, shu akhbarak? Did you come to lebnan for the summer? What's going on? I hope you are well and in good health. Tamneena 3nnik ya bint!

    2. Tima


      Hiiii laayla. I'm all good, didn't end up going to lebanon. I have a little girl now in addition to my 3 year old menace son. How are you and hows the kids????

    3. Laayla


      Bismehe Ta3ala,

      Assalam Alikum.

      School in lebnan starts next week for them.  I'm very happy Muharram is starting up.  Will you be going to any lectures in aussie?  Mash'Allah Allah khaleelik yahoun. How are the lil darlings or daredevils take your pick lol...Quick in one word explain what is motherhood. :D

      M3 Salamah, FE AMIN Allah

  8. If he can't handle the heat... He should stay out of the kitchen. Lots of people who can dish it can't take it. Don't lose sleep over It, perhaps offer a bandaid for his wounds.
  9. Hey message me on whatsapp

  10. Whatever the 9 year old boy did....key word being nine here...he does not deserve to be sat on by a grown man, and i'm sure the guard does not have to smash his head into the pavement. Do not justify such acts. God knows what you'd do to your kids as punishment...
  11. What kind of attention? Do you live in a western country? Is it common for women to be in Hijab where you live?
  12. I'm gonna be, the verify best... I miss pokemon.
  13. TAMMY. Wish all you single brothers find a woman like her. Woot woot.
  14. You aborted. :( I can't breathe. Try and find a down to earth Sheikh with vast knowledge on mental health and human behaviour. Therapy could actually be a great start to inshAllah a permanent solution. There is hope. First thing I'd do though, and I'm being completely serious..... ELIMINATE TECHNOLOGY. Give yourself a break from your home computer, smart phone, anything that can access haram websites easily....and start using an old nokia till hubby dearest kicks his nasty habit. EVERYTHING has a cure...be patient, and try harder. Goodluck... Peace.
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