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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Mashallah..... I agree with Syeda about slang line.... Truth is with the Oppressed !
  2. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star..... Barr Yazeed Laanut.....Bayshoomaar..... Yazeed Laanutee, I know where U are..... Burning in Hell.....With rest of Kufaar.....
  3. 786-92-110 'Millennium Mullah' 'Maulanas are like angels' - Thoughts before! Respected and honoured - Sadly no more! While hearing the sermon, sounding like thunder, Why the hatred? You may wonder! He sits on the pulpit giving speeches, But doesn't practise what he preaches. Contradicting opinions - No 'noor' on his face, Divides the 'Ummah' - What a disgrace! Venomous arrows, he fires here and there, Destroying the faith of Muslims everywhere. What is his problem? You may think! Is he on drugs? Or alcoholic drink? Denouncing everything to his dislike, Confusing echoes from the mike. In our face, not just behind our back, Basic beliefs now under attack. Contrasts the targets of Hurrmala, At the plains of Kerbala. First, the 6 months old, son of Hussain (as), Then he Imam, by shimr was slain. Said, Ayatullah Khomeinei, Imam: "Azadaari is the jugular vein of Islam". So why is this Mullah, singing a different tune? Is he alone? Is he diplomatically immune? Reminds me of a tabloid paper cartoon I saw, About Rushdie smiling galore. "It wasn't my idea, I only wrote the book" Said Salman with a twinkly look. So, who's the Puppeteer, that pulls the string? Controlling the Mullah and makes him 'sing'? Same old method - Different story, Divide and Rule - Then it's glory. "Improper to accept an opinion without criticism"said Imam, Read between the headlines - Answer's behind the charm. Dollar Mullah has been bought, Because he feels he can't be caught. Designed lectures he will deliver, Breaking families and communities with a quiver! Not his fault, his faith was weak, Whoever fought for justice, were quietened with a shriek! "Imposter! Prove your scholarly success, Firing poisonous arrows, you're a mess; Where's your sunnat?" Once a villager demanded. "Destroy his family" Mullah commanded, "Pull his tongue out - Hang him up high, Challenge Mighty Mullah - You will die!" Materialistic gains were dearer, so he sold his soul; Not paying heed to the final goal! "Struggle & strive, please the Almighty" should be his words, "Praise his kingdom, from dawn to dusk, as do the birds". Pious Maulanas, steam rollered flat, As Mullah grins like a Cheshire cat. Under Islamic attire, he wears shirts with collars, Back pockets of his jeans, filled with dollars. He has support from the west and the east, Part of 'Dajjal system' - A real beast! "Beware eloquent scholars, pulpits they will abuse, Mocking Islamic Ideology, for audiences to amuse" Warnings, 1400yrs ago, by the Apostle (saw) in a desert land, So we may scrutinise the different brand! "Millennium Mullah will only learn, In the deepest hole of hell, where he will burn". Another sign for mankind, to 'prepare' for Judgement Day, Tomorrow may never come, so let's repent and begin today! 3.15am - Wednesday 18th Feb'04.
  4. Nazia & Zoheb Hassan's Grandfather : Nawab Syed Saghiruddin Hassan Was Vice President Of Muslim League (Delhi) Great Grandfather Khan Bahadur Syed Basiruddin Hassan founder of Anjuman-e-Himayat-e-Islam THEY WERE SYEDS How did they lose Titles of Being Syeds ??? @ pakistanyar Nazia Hassan died on 13th August 2000 & buried in London Strange....Islamic Revolution in Iran started in 1979 Pop Music Revolution started in Pakistan & India in 1980 With Nazia Hassan & Zoheb Hassan's song 'Aap Jaisa koy meri zindagi meinh aye to baat ban jayeh' In Bollywood film 'Qurbaani'
  5. According to Wikileaks... Their paternal Grandfather & Great Grandfather were Syeds
  6. salam, salawat bar

    Mohammad wa Aalay Mohammad

    may Allah bless you on your birthday

  7. 786 92 110 Salaams & Ya Ali (as) Madad Me & my family wrote the Ya Ali Qaseeda & Al Hamdo Lillah I've read it several times ! I'm still looking for 'Ya Ali Jeevan Teray Laal' lyrics ! Jazakallah Khayr Duas
  8. 786 92 110 - Slms + Ya Ali (as) Madad. On Friday 14th March 2008 @ about 5pm there was a 'Private wedding' @ Mehfil e Abbas (as)- I'm quite shocked as these are still sad mourning days ! Saturday nite is Shab e Shahadat e Imam Hassan Askari (as). I was under the impression, Shias refrained from having weddings, engagements + birthday parties from 1st Muhurram to Eid e Zehra (as). On Sunday 16th March'08 @ Maghrib time, the Shab of this Eid will be celebrated. Cud sum 1 pls explain this wedding? How? Why?
  9. InnaLillaHae Wa InnaElahae Rajaeoun- 23yr old Munawer Hussain Manj died in Faisalabad, Pakistan + buried Friday 14th March 2008 - Marhoom was Cousin of Imran + Hussain Ali (Of Hong Kong now living in Birmingham, U.K.) - Please read Surah e Fateha for Marhoom
  10. InnaLillaHae Wa InnaElahae Rajaeon-Uncle JR's mother died in Pakistan-Saturday morning-Pls read Surah e Faateha + Namaaz e Washt (After burial- T.B.C.) Marhooma was Grandmother of Mohsin, Asad + Khurram- Great Grandmother of Maisum- Aunty of Jarrar Haider (Birmingham, U.K.)
  11. 786 - 92 - 110 Juloos -e- Aza ( Birmingham ) A street procession to commemorate the ‘Tragedy of Kerbala’. Sunday 3rd February 2008 Time - 1:00 pm Starts : Calthorpe Park, Edward Rd, Balsall Heath, Birmingham 12. Ends : Mehfil -e- Abbas (as), Clifton Road, Balsall Heath, Birmingham 12. Please attend with your families ! Information : Akeel Abbas : (07968-022764) - Akil Hussain Lalji : (07786-786110) Adnan Ali Keyani : (07870-581480) Ali Murtaza Ibrahim : (07727-125181) - Ali Jaffer Qazilbash : (07908-108824) Shaheed Ladak : (07731-821338)
  12. 786 - 92 - 110 Juloos -e- Aza Sunday 13th January 2008 - 1:00 pm - Sheffield - (07958-760079) Sunday 27th January 2008 - 1:00 pm - Burnley Sunday 3rd February 2008 - 1:00 pm - Birmingham - (07912-509510) Sunday 10th February 2008 - 1:00 pm - Blackburn - (07751-392224) Sunday 17th February 2008 - 1:00 pm - Bradford - (07976-702475) Manchester, Slough, Leicester, Luton, { T. B. A. } Transport from Birmingham : Akeel Abbas : (07968-022764) - Akil Hussain Lalji : (07786-786110) Adnan Ali Keyani : (07870-581480) Ali Murtaza Ibrahim : (07727-125181) - Ali Jaffer Qazilbash : (07908-108824) Shaheed Ladak : (07731-821338)
  13. 786 - 92 - 110 Salaams & Ya Ali (as) Madad A friend keeps seeing this lady repeatedly (over 10 times) in his dream, with a little girl. Who is she??? Can anyone please help. Click on:
  14. 786 - 92 - 110 Majlis-e-Aza ( Northampton ) Sunday 24th June ‘07 3:30pm Urdu Majlis: Zakir-e-Ahlebait(as) Janab Naveed Ashiq BA (Lahore). English speech: Barrister Murtaza Lakha Topic: "Hazrat Fatima (as) Property of Fidak". Organised by: Anjuman -e- Ghulaman -e- Hazrat Abbas (a.s) – ( A.G.H.A. ) Info: 07989-344151 / 07903-425994 Transport from Birmingham: Akil Abbas (07904-761493) / Akeel Hussain Lalji (07786-786110) Nigah Hussain (07875-320985) / Shaheed Ladak (07731-821338) Ali Jaffer Qazilbash (07908-108824) / Ali Murtaza Ibrahim ( 07727-125181)
  15. 786 - 92 - 110 Juloos - e - Aza Shahaadat – e – Bibi Fatima – e – Zahra (as) Sunday 17th June’07. 13:00 hrs sharp. Reciter: Zakir-e-Ahlebait (as) Syed Asad Gilani (Northampton) Juloos starting from: Whitworth Park, Moss Lane – East Info: Syed Hassan Abid – 07944-396972 Transport from Birmingham: Akil Abbas (07904-761493) / Akeel Hussain Lalji (07786-786110) Nigah Hussain (07875-320985) / Shaheed Ladak (07731-821338) Ali Jaffer Qazilbash (07908-108824) / Ali Murtaza Ibrahim ( 07727-125181)
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