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  1. When it comes down to it most shias and Sunnis are the same. They don't like anyone who either opposes their views or questions their beliefs. And it's the ones the ones who pass themselves of as intellectuals or scholars that are the funniest. It's simply a "I'm right because I'm x and you're wrong because you're y". Well in any case may Allah guide you, and me to the truth. Salaam
  2. Arguably it's not as clear as you make it out to be. If there was confusion during the times of the Imams you can expect there to be confusion now. For most people it boils down to "we're right and you're wrong" and everyone has proof, typically from the Quran and Sunnah, for justification of their beliefs. I find it amusing though the hostility from certain members against myself, Ugly Jinn, Panzerwaffe and others.
  3. You're quite judgemental and quick to put people into groups but whatever works for you I guess. Which part is post modernism?
  4. Interesting view and good that you're open too
  5. Zubayr was killed by Amr ibn Jurmuz, away from the battlefield, who I think was in Imam Ali's army. Sunni sources say that after killing him Amr went to Imam Ali who rebuked him. Naghjul Bulagha has something on Zubayr too.
  6. Worth remembering that not just those 10 were promised paradise.
  7. That's not a very strong argument and borders on being silly. You're mentioning Europe not knowing while the Prophet's (pbuh) own companions didn't know about the Imams, let alone members of the Imams family themselves.
  8. You can't read a hadith book like you read every other book. There are narrations that state that Imam Ali gave bayah within a short time of Abu Bakr becoming caliph, and repledged it after 6 months. I'll try find it.
  9. Threads like these, if managed sensibly, have a lot of potential for shias and Sunnis to understand each other. I'll post a few in the next day or two Insha'Allah.
  10. (salam) Since you've mentioned both sides yourself, why don't you start by posting the narrations that you are aware of?
  11. During the inquistion and Crusades? Or, as history shows us over and over again, people - particulary those in authority - used a minority group or those with different views as scapegoats to vent their frustrations and divert attention away from the real problems.
  12. I don't know anyone who eats donkey meat. The point though is that it's haraam for Sunnis based on a sunni hadith which is not proof for shias. Also, I like my chicken. But I am definitely not a chicken.
  13. But you'd need to prove donkey meat is haraam according to imami narrations, not make a case based on Bukhari. Would it make sense to hold a Maliki to account according to Hanbali fiqh? Obviously though this isn't just about donkey meat...
  14. Jerk marinade. Spicy donkey meat is the way to go.
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