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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Just go with what you want. your parents will come around eventually. But maybe you should just be a doctor. You're going to make a terrible businessman if you have trouble making decisions like this one.
  2. I recently started working at an extremely right-winged political organisation. Believe me when I say that it is a racist working environment beyond imagination. My very presence makes some people in the office extremely uncomfortable...but of course that's all part of the fun! Ha! I had a pretty hilarious conversation the other day with one of my colleagues who is doing a project on Muslim women. Just for kicks, I asked her to explain to me "what is it like being a Muslim woman?" and a white, blonde girl proceeded to explain to me about the sad, depressing lives of Muslim woman. Let me tell
  3. Urgh that is the biggest problem. Sometimes I'll just make it look like I am the evil, cold-hearted woman just so they can feel better about themselves and allow them to live with themselves. NO. By refusing a guy, you have to know that you WILL be breaking his heart, and you have to live with that fact forever. But I agree with being as honest as you can. And I absolutely advocate that, and I'm glad you mentioned that. Its very important to be painfully honest. You'd be hurting them more in the long run by lying to them more. But how do you bring it up? And sometimes being honest isn't enou
  4. Hello, Its been a while since I've posted on this forum, so I thought I'd come back with something fun. I could do with a little help here because I realised recently that I am not so good in this department. Hypothetical situation: A guy approaches you for marriage, and he says you are the love of his life. Because you are so vain, you are flattered by just how much he likes you. But lets be serious...for whatever reason, this guy is way in over his head, and he totally isnt for you. SO - what are the most creative and interesting ways to let a guy know he isn't the one for you? Think about
  5. That will be a hard video to find. He cries in his lectures...a LOT and 'parents' are one of his favourite topic.
  6. In your attempt to clarify 'for the sisters' what feminism is, you've defined it based on your stereotypes and hence, completely inaccurately. It isn't an ideology at all, or at least in the same way Marxism or Liberalism are. By definition its a collection of movements which seek to establish gender equity. But what is gender equity? It can be defined and understood in so many different ways. Its wrong to completely homogenize feminist discourse. African American feminists have completely different concerns than white feminists in America. Same with Latin American feminists, African feminist
  7. This isn't offensive at all. I agree with you to a large extent. I think Muslims, but also other cultures, have done a lot to sexualize every part of the female body. The whole concept of hijab sexualizes the hair doesn't it? I mean, without this concept of covering our hair, would Muslims really believe that hair is erotic? or sexy? Other cultures certainly don't. In Africa, for example, female breasts were never considered erotic until European colonists required women to start covering them. So I agree that Muslim women have been highly sexualized, and this, to a large extent, reduces equ
  8. No, I think you have a point. But its not that women are necessarily turning their back on what they've reaped the benefits from, its that with all these greater opportunities they've also observed serious problems with western culture as a whole they'd like to stay away from, and by rejecting anything that is "western", we are safe from these things. Western culture isnt perfect. Its not that women in the west are more advanced than we are. We simply have different issues. Thats why feminists in the west have no right to talk about Muslim women's rights - its not in their domain, or anything
  9. I guess it only makes sense that everyone has the chance to scrutinize me too. Below are my answers: Islam was revealed to a patriarchal society, and therefore, things had to be catered to making a patriarchal society more just. I do not think its incompatible with non-patriarchal societies, we just need to find a way, and change the way we think. There is nothing divine or profound about patriarchal societies that we must continue to live by them. If Islam was revealed today, the Prophet wouldn't get very far in convincing non-patriarchal societies to readjust and change their entire lifesty
  10. I feel offended that you feel the need to label the choice women have made to enhance their own bodies as the "exploitation of women". How do the two have any correlation with each other? What makes you decide that women are being exploited because of implants gone wrong? Women are exploited in far other, much more serious ways that have little to do with capitalism or consumerism, but you fail to make any note of this at all. How about men in the Muslim world and in Europe deciding what a woman can or cannot wear? How about President Obama reducing access to Plan B to boost support in the sen
  11. jen - thanks for your comments. I'll definitely respond in length in a few days. Just have to catch up on some of my own work first! She actually did respond in her last post. See here:
  12. So you consider yourself a feminist. But not exactly in the western sense. How would you define the Muslim version of feminism? What rights of women are not being respected in the Muslim world? Have you ever considered taking it off? How do you feel about women who decide to take it off? Personally I sympathize with them because although I wear hijab I know how hard it can be. But by that logic, dont you think men are bias towards their own rights? What do you think about women who choose to have sex before marriage via muta? Do you think women, in general, should wait for marriage? There i
  13. Actually, I do mind. You are free to post here, of course, since you are not breaking any rules. However, your input is completely defeating the point of the thread. I do not mean to single you out because I know its tempting and there are a few other men who have taken it upon themselves to give their opinions on a thread where I really wanted to explore what Shia women think and feel about certain things. It is important for people, and in this case especially women to understand that it is okay to have difficulties understanding certain concepts or accepting certain things that may be "hal
  14. Thanks everyone for your responses. I'm glad to see some of the women on this board taking this discussion seriously, and I also find the responses very interesting, in fact, a bit different than I expected. This post will be long, so I have summed up a few conclusions at the top here: 1. I noticed that a few women may have misinterpreted the word "patriarchy", or, at the very least, associated the word on very negative terms. Haydar has already posted a definition, but I'll restate it here: Patriarchy, for the sake of this discussion is a social system in which men play the authoritative role
  15. I dont think its an unfair question at all. I dont care if you dont like the undertones because the question isn't for you. The question of mutah and viginity are often associated with one another when it is called into question, specifically for girls since some women may or may not be comfortable doing mutah depending on whether the want to "save" their virginity.
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