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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. ASAK, Jazzak Allah.. Many thanks for your time...I found awesome pictures in the websites recommended by you... §§§***LABBAIK YA HUSSAIN***§§§ we can be in touch, here is my email id: khalimaila@gmail.com Wsalaam
  2. Jazzak Allah, I need help if you could: I distribute islamic material (Quran suras, nauhas,pics, etc) at place under the name I registered "Nashr-ul-Islam". If possible could you please write this in ARABIC using your designs?you can contact me here: khalimaila@gmail.com WASALAAM
  3. ASAK, I'm designing a portrait which will have Rozas (tombs) of all our Imams A.S. I was able to find few of them like Roza-e-Imam Hussain A.S., Roza-e-Imam Ali Raza A.S. I need pics of all rozas. If possible can anyone please post links or pictures. Also suggest/help me on designing my portrait,pls help me as soon as possible this is a bit urgent. Thanks in advance, Wasalam
  4. What is your nauhas for this year?? I heard IRFAN HAIDER, though it has too much of audio effects I think these are good so far. I normally download here : http://www.matamdari.com/ -Ali Abbas
  5. ASAK, Please post all latest Nauhas here and discuss your likes/suggestions to any nauha-khan/nauha.. Allah hafiz
  6. salam

    please see these nawhas mashallah very dardful recitation

    please share with other momeen thankyou

  7. salaam, Thanx a lot bhaijaan,...mashaallah superb nohas,...jazakallah if possible can u plz upload some legendary(old) nohas of pakistan Wasalaam
  8. thanx 4 ur reply brother,im not intentional dat thers somethin wrong evryone,wht i meant was last year the thread for Noha discussion was huge when compared with dis year.so i used that word. Also latest Nadeem Sarwar nohas are not yet released.wht u suggested are just previews of Nohas on www.yaimam.com. Wasalaam.
  9. Assalaamwalaikum, Whts wrong with u guys,it seems noone is interested-in this year Nohas.. I cant see any request or discussion for nohas...I know everyone are busy but its our duty(WAJIB on US) to remember our IMAM(A.S) atleast once in a year in the month of MUHARRAM...So momineeno wakeup and start posting NOHAS... Im eagerley waiting for Nadeem Sarwar...if anybody found his Nohas in gud quality plz post here.... I hav heard Irfan Haider,they didn't sound very interesting for me...plz share ur opinions... Wasalaam
  10. salaam,thanx for ur NADEEM SARWAR2009 GUD QUALITY noha...plz post 2010 Nadeem GUD quality also.. if possible send the link to khalimaila@gmail.com

  11. Assalam, Please post the latest Nohay(and discussion) in this section as the earlier thread for Nohay 2009 was a become huge.. Wassalm
  12. Assalaam,Im Ali..I hav seen a Surah-e-Nade-e-Ali on ur post,...do u have any other surah in sameway...coz iam looking for Surah Yaseen as a Wallpaper so that i can print it and distribute at nearby mosque....if u have any Surahs as a picture please do email me at bobbydon@gmail.com....wasalaam

  13. Assalaamwalaikum, Can anyone please post Surah Yaseen as a Wallpaper..Iam looking for Surah-e-Yaseen on a single sheet as a Wallpaper so that i can print and distribute at nearby mosque.....please help me... Wasalaam
  14. Assalawalikum bro's and sis's...Iam Meer Nad-e-Ali and this is my first post on this forum, so hope u like my post ..plz do reply if u do so,....this is a Website wher u can find al the islamic stuff,i mean videos,articles,books and more stuff...if u have any useful websites plz do post them here so that our bro's and sis's can make use of them and we can spread peace around the World,....wasalaam here is the link, http://www.miraclesofthequran.com/historical_index.html
  15. Mashallah,...gud post brother,...plz keep posting thes kind of stuff... wasalam... Nade Ali
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