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  1. You should get to know these names better. They're just like you. They think the East and the West are neat titles that can be arbitrarily slapped on the things we like and value vs the things we don't like and value - exactly the kind of people exposed by Said when he wrote Orientalism. Bernard Lewis is an oriental studies buff who was often the target of Said's harshest critique. Ignatieff currently leads the largest opposition party in Canada after having taught at Harvard where he acted as a cheerleader for America to become the policeman of the world. His work is used heavily in American
  2. Thank you doctor, for your excellent diagnosis. Yet, those plenty of ISLAMIC philosophers have still read Socrates. Funny... You evoke the civilizational discourses of Huntington, Fukuyama, Lewis, Ignatieff et. al. but blame me if that tempts me to poke fun at you. All of your nonsense arguments rest on this assumption that there is a West and an East and that they are confrontational. Sorry dude, as appealing as that sounds it has begun making sense only because it has been repeated so many times on FOX and CNN. I trust you know that, but most on this forum don't. Ditto. Never break a lad
  3. Oh my Gosh! I never thought of it like that. How can I ever repent for all my misdeeds? I'll be ever so grateful to you for guiding me to the right path! By the way, just in case it escaped your memory, Muslims gave Socrates to the West. Personally, I'm neither a fan of the Greeks nor of the concept of taqlid. So please, spare me! Now as far as our discussion on the war is concerned, it's been a very long time since I studied it. I don't have the time, nor the motivation to revisit it in order to debate you point by point. In case you haven't already picked it up, what I've been trying to impa
  4. That's an excellent description of the war until 1982. I was referring to what happened after 1982, which you have obviously, and I must admit very creatively, avoided addressing. Whatever works for you :) As for your unsubstantiated accusations against me, I will, again, consider them compliments. It must cause you some serious frustration that there are 'sellouts' and 'traitors' like me out there who just don't get 'it,' all because I fail to heap praises. You should learn to withstand criticism and remain firm in your beliefs without having to resort to exaggerations and personal attacks. R
  5. You mean the front line of offense right? Also, I was under the impression the war was lost. Since, none of the objectives, envisioned after repelling the Iraqi attackers, in 1982 were achieved? May be we can come to an agreement and call it a stalemate.
  6. http://video.nytimes.com/video/2010/06/21/world/1247468023401/pakistan-s-burqa-drama.html Has anyone seen this?
  7. I apologize for any perceived hostility. I did not boldly assume very much, I just offered up factors that were far more compelling than wearing an abaya. You have lived in one country where abaya is the norm, but perhaps other things are leading to overweight women and men in Gulf countries. I think the restriction on movement has very little to do with abayas. If a woman wants to move, she can move in an abaya, a chador, a shalwar kameez, or a long top and slim legged jeans. Going to need more than assurances. I don't agree they are standard or uniform, but let us set that aside, as tha
  8. There are overweight people in certain parts of the world who do not opt for loose clothing, just visit the United States. Modesty has been around in those societies a lot longer than modern day fitness concerns. Also, I am not saying that there are not any women who wear loose clothing because they feel uncomfortable with their body shape, overweight or underweight, I am merely stating that if such a study were conducted I would be very surprised if the correlation between abayas and overweight women was established. Any form of clothing can be used to enable health problems, but these proble
  9. This just sounds presumptuous and a bit arrogant. Until you do conduct a study, it is nothing but a few isolated incidences that you have witnessed and they can be chalked up to variables a lot more significant than an item of clothing that has been around for centuries, in some form or another. For example, the lack of care for female health in certain regions of the world? Or the lack of public health initiatives in general, since most of the men are out of shape too? Or perhaps, dare I say, that you do not have ownership of what is healthy? In Pakistan, for example, a slim woman is conside
  10. In the dispute over Tehran's nuclear program, the UN Security Council has imposed new sanctions. Is Iran truly building a nuclear bomb as Western countries claim? Or are countries playing up the dangers to bring Iran to its knees? SPIEGEL traces the history of Tehran's nuclear program -- with stops in Washington, Vienna and Isfahan. More at Der Spiegel
  11. WASHINGTON — The United States has discovered nearly $1 trillion in untapped mineral deposits in Afghanistan, far beyond any previously known reserves and enough to fundamentally alter the Afghan economy and perhaps the Afghan war itself, according to senior American government officials. http://www.nytimes.com/2010/06/14/world/asia/14minerals.html?ref=global-home&pagewanted=all
  12. Yeah. I downloaded it from an Ahmadiyya website. I wasn't sure if I should consider it reliable and 'the' authentic report, given it was published on a website of a community which has its own competing motive/narrative. But later on I found an actual hard-copy of the report (as in one obtained directly from the Punjab Government) and it was exactly the same as this copy.
  13. Correct me if I'm wrong, but from that thread it appears you haven't actually read the report, just excerpts from Tariq Ali. I personally think every single Pakistani college student as well as most SCers should read the report. One really begins to appreciate why Tariq Ali would suggest making it required reading. It's as entertaining as it is informative, a gem that I found unbelievable to have been produced more than 50 years ago. In case anyone's interested, the report can be accessed here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/5514951/report_1953.pdf P.S. M.R. Kayani is awesome (in fact, I'd like to be
  14. I remember mentioning this earlier, many members of this association actually distances themselves from this announcement. Perhaps they should present a statement with signatures/seals of each single member - until then, at least, I'm not ready to believe that this was a unanimous decision. Now as far as The Persian Shah's assertion is concerned: Aren't many members of this association also associated with the state institutions and various councils? Sure the association is not the IRI government, but its not exactly not the government either! Many of its members are not exactly 'independent'
  15. 1953 actually. You should read the report of the judicial commission composed of Justice Mohammad Munir and Justice M.R. Kayani which investigated the 1953 riots against Ahmadis. It's available online (mostly on Ahmadi websites - and no worries, no cooking there, I've personally checked the online version with the print version available from the government). After reading the report I wished there were more people like Kayani in Pakistan and the rest of the Muslim world. Repealing the 2nd amendment and the laws passed by Zia in 1984 is the best way to start fighting this menace!
  16. Until then +1 for the 'Western Poodles'! *Air 5*
  17. That's the problem. You don't seem to interested in other viewpoints. You could have asked me. In any case it's the Egyption author Fouad Zakariya quoted in Heiner Bielefeldt. No one, including myself or Zahratul_Islam, has to agree with what's stated in the excerpt. That doesn't however decrease the importance of questions posed in it. Isn't that obvious, even for you? Something that isn't divine, effectively prevents us from criticizing it by claiming to be divine. Such as in the case of Iran, where political dissidents are often accused, charged, and convicted of committing crimes against
  18. You forgot to mention that the State of Israel was also providing weapons to Iran besides China and N. Korea..
  19. Let me provide a counter example. Can you refute the following statement: Most cow dung smells far better than buffalo dung. Let's do some discourse analysis on what you've said: -Most Shias in Pakistan are secular and pro-western. -Secular is pro-western -Secular is bad. -Pro-western is bad. -Implementing Sharia is good. -There are Shias in Iran, Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen, unlike Pakistani Shias, they have a purpose i.e. to implement Sharia. Every single assertion you made in the first sentence of the paragraph is without proof and belies testable parameters. It only gets worse from there. H
  20. It's unfortunate that you ignored the most vital part of my response. In case you didn't get the point I was trying to get across: you're beating a dead horse. Orientalists like Fukuyama, Huntington, and Bernard Lewis have already been debunked. Trying to initiate some kind of intellectual debate and frame your politics in response to theirs' is nothing short of committing the same crime as them and academic/intellectual dishonesty. As far as Abrahamian is concerned, it seems like you've missed the point again. He demonstrates, through empirical evidence, the extent of populism in both rhetori
  21. It seems to me that you're resorting to the same sort of reductionist positions as Fukuyama himself. First off you're not taking into account that this is specifically a post-Cold war work. It's been a long time since I read it, but from what I remember, you're misreading his work. He doesn't say that all countries must become democratic. He predicts that they eventually will. His ideas ought to be taken with a grain of salt. Fukuyama is only one of the several similar thinkers that are taught (and debunked) in most good schools of political science's 101 classes. They include, Benjamin Barber
  22. So the following is the resolution unceremoniously passed by self-proclaimed strategic and defence analyst of Pakistan, Zaid Hamid and a bunch of youthful yahoos belonging to Pakistan's upper middle class... let's discuss! Takmeel e Pakistan Resolution March 23rd 2010 Preamble Pakistan is a sacred trust, a romantic dream coming true for the renaissance of the Ummah, a secret from the secrets from Allah, the 'Medina e Sani' for the Ummat e Rasul (sm) in the present times, created on the 27th of Ramadhan on Friday in 1947 under the shadows of millions of shuhada and muhajireen. Today, Pakista
  23. You would obviously do yourself an immense favour by enrolling in an English 101 class (only because we are conversing in English). Either you fail to comprehend what Ahmad has said, or you deliberately choose to ignore it: Islam and Islamists are two different things. In any case, take terms and ideas as broad and abstract as 'liberal society' and continue to fiddle with them inside your head - if it helps you avert the identity crisis that I seem to be under, then all the better. P.S. I couldn't agree with you more: Islam does in deed supersede complexity! But you forgot that Islam also supe
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