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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. hi i am interested to know u very well nice name by the way

  2. Salaam sister. I just wanted to stop by to congratulate you on Ashura. I am sure you enjoyed this occasion very much.

  3. ... So I think the best counter to propaganda is to refer to many sources, and more importantly, to not get lost in books. Experience will go long way in deconstructing propaganda. Western education establishments try to put their pupils in bubbles; isolate them from the world. They completely sever "education" from "life," when the two should be inexorably tied. But that's all I will say for now.

  4. ... through much study and observation. One main thing I noticed, as I read the writings and musings of Western authors and Iranian traitor authors, were the inconsistencies. I saw that their arguments not only conflicted with reason, but that they conflicted with the reality I saw in Iran. This caused me to question their legitimacy, and ultimately this caused me to reject them outright. ...

  5. Ultimately, I think propaganda is based on repetitions. All propaganda can be effective simply if it has as many repetitions as possible. The only way for an individual to undermine this propaganda is to constantly refer to diverse sources. Now, I was once not as faithful in my Islamic motherland as I am today. I have reached the position I am today (as hard as you may find it to believe) ...

  6. ... East to be some kind of Samuel Huntington. I have told you before that Huntington means nothing to me, and that i have contempt for most "intellectuals" and "academics" (in the West, East, North, or South). You, too, do your fair share of labeling. Just as I (in my mind, correctly) have determined you to be a taqlidi, you have determined me to be the other side of the Huntington coin. ...

  7. My labels are not important to you. But theirs certainly are. When they use buzz words like "democracy," "fundamentalism," "human rights abuses," "sponsor of terror," etc... y'all are quick to listen. Anyway, just because the West didn't emerge in a vacuum (as if anything does) does not mean there is no West. You seem to think that anyone who falls short of denying the existence of West and ...

  8. ... ideology or the basic principles of the political culture. Meanwhile, Iranians, Muslims, Easterners (whatever) are all divided on this matter. There are always some who want to support domestically developed ideology, and there are always other who want to do taqlid. There are no such 'difference of opinion' in the West as we have in the East.

  9. It's more than a difference of opinion, my friend. That is what yall fail to see. You won't find a single person Westerner -- whatever supposed 'faction' (in fact, I do not believe there to be true political factions in the West) they are a part of -- question the legitimacy of their basic political system. They may have problems with this or that policy, but they do not reject the basic ...

  10. You should get to know these names better. They're just like you. They think the East and the West are neat titles that can be arbitrarily slapped on the things we like and value vs the things we don't like and value - exactly the kind of people exposed by Said when he wrote Orientalism. Bernard Lewis is an oriental studies buff who was often the target of Said's harshest critique. Ignatieff currently leads the largest opposition party in Canada after having taught at Harvard where he acted as a cheerleader for America to become the policeman of the world. His work is used heavily in American
  11. And just because you say words like 'adjective,' doesn't make you smart.

  12. We both know what I am talking about. There is no point in saying it. You are a taqlidi. Your Muslimness has no effect whatsoever on your identity. You would be no different as a non-Muslim than you are now. Your ideology and beliefs would be exactly as they are now.

  13. Thank you doctor, for your excellent diagnosis. Yet, those plenty of ISLAMIC philosophers have still read Socrates. Funny... You evoke the civilizational discourses of Huntington, Fukuyama, Lewis, Ignatieff et. al. but blame me if that tempts me to poke fun at you. All of your nonsense arguments rest on this assumption that there is a West and an East and that they are confrontational. Sorry dude, as appealing as that sounds it has begun making sense only because it has been repeated so many times on FOX and CNN. I trust you know that, but most on this forum don't. Ditto. Never break a lad
  14. What's wrong with you is the basic core of your thinking, which is why I did not say anything specific.

  15. Oh my Gosh! I never thought of it like that. How can I ever repent for all my misdeeds? I'll be ever so grateful to you for guiding me to the right path! By the way, just in case it escaped your memory, Muslims gave Socrates to the West. Personally, I'm neither a fan of the Greeks nor of the concept of taqlid. So please, spare me! Now as far as our discussion on the war is concerned, it's been a very long time since I studied it. I don't have the time, nor the motivation to revisit it in order to debate you point by point. In case you haven't already picked it up, what I've been trying to impa
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