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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Sudan has left the Iranian camp and is now a Ally of Saudi Arabia Sudan feels closer to the Sunni Arab state then to Iran
  2. Albert Einstein was a Zionist and he had political ties and political communications with many Zionist organization and he was also offered the position of the first president of The Zionist state of Israel
  3. a Islamic Revolution and a Islamic Republic in Bangladesh which is Pro Shia and non-sectarian would be a wonderful thing and it would be in keeping in line with the original Pan Islamic ideology and agenda of Imam Khomeini and the early Islamic Revolution in Iran
  4. Islam is a part of the culture of both Iran and Iraq and the other Islamic majority countries throughout the world and Islamic teachings should play a role in the governments of all Muslim majority countries
  5. The Chinese governments oppression of the Uyghur Muslims of east Turkestan is very real and no one who believes in Pan Islamism and the unity of The Muslim world can look the other way at it
  6. The Original Nation of Islam of Master Fard Muhammad and The Honorable Elijah Muhammad has nothing to do al all with the teachings of Scientology since the death of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad in 1975 there are many different branches of the Nation of Islam and Scientology is just something that Minister Louis Farrakhan and his particular branch of the Nation of Islam are doing and it is not something that the rest of the modem day Nation of Islam are doing and Scientology is not a part of The original teachings of Master Fard Muhammad The Honorable Elijah Muhammad
  7. The mission and work of Master Fard Muhammad is in line with the values and mission of Shia Islam if you look at the teachings of Master Fard Muhammad you can find the influence of Shia Islam in the early Nation of Islam under his leadership Master Fard Muhammad taught his followers and students to love the Ahlul Bayt The household of The Prophet Muhammad
  8. @baradar_jackson Your rundown of Islam in the Soviet Union and its relationship with the various Soviet governments is mostly correct except for the part about Lenin Vladimir Lenin was willing to allow for a long term coexistence between his government and Islam he was close friends with the then Emir of Afghanistan Amanullah Khan and Amanullah he was a ruler who had Pan Islamic political leanings and Lenin was fine with that plus Lenin allowed sharia law and courts in the Muslim majority areas and regions within the early Soviet state during his time as the leader of the Soviet Union and in addition Lenin permitted The great Muslim National communist Sultan Galiev to promote Islamic national communism within the ranks of the Bolshevik party and early Soviet State and speaking of Sultan Galiev every Muslim with Socialist and Communist beliefs should take a look at and study the teachings and writings of Comrade Sultan Galiev the teachings and beliefs of comrade Sultan Galiev on Islamic Communism were and are absolutely correct and on point and it is something that the Islamic world of our time really needs
  9. The Muslim World Must Do All in its Power to Aid Our Muslim Brothers and Sisters in Burma
  10. All Muslims regardless to race ethnicity and culture are blessed
  11. Iran should look to its cultural and ethnic kin in Afghanistan Tajikistan and Armenia for allies and a living space and not towards the Arab countries Iran's true destiny lies with Afghanistan Tajikistan and the rest of the ethnic Persian speaking world and cultural sphere
  12. Islam and Socialism go hand in hand together with each other I am a Muslim and a Communist and I shall remain So
  13. The Cause of Palestine is the cause of All Muslims All Muslims Both Sunni and Shia Have a sacred Duty to Liberate Palestine from the Zionist occupation
  14. This information is incorrect and not accurate The PFLP Has never been disillusioned in Arabism The PFLP is an Pan Arab Nationalist organization which believes in the unity of all of the Pan Arab Nation The Founder and Main Ideological leader of The PFLP Dr George Habash is considered one of the great ideological thinkers of Pan Arab Nationalism
  15. Time and events will answer this question of if Russia can be trusted
  16. Don't be ashamed we all have to first start learning about Islam at one time or another
  17. Muslims are under attack all over the United States and North America right now things will probably get worse before they get better
  18. I am a bit surprised that more people here on Shiachat have not responded to this trend and discussion
  19. Israel has been trying to set up a greater Kurdistan in the region foe decades now the goal of Israel is to create as many Pro Zionist Non-Arab states as possible out of the current existing countries in the region the present Anti-Zionist resistance camp is a obstacle to this goal that Israel has
  20. Is This Story true or not or is it still just a Rumor about Iran cutting funding for Palestinian Islamic Jihad
  21. The Whole Region is in a state of Geopolitical changes all around
  22. The War in Syria is going to drag on and on for at least the next couple of years and maybe even for the rest of this decade The War in Syria has become an proxy War for various Regional and Global Powers
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