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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. in my community ,love, divorce,and everything 'women' related !
  2. Saying Arabs are racist is not fair dear, as arabs are split into haters of iran and supporters and those in the middle! Like for example where i lived almost 24 years,everybody used to love persians except 'some' of the sunni and christian fellows! While in iran it's not the same, i haven't seen anyone who says good stuff about arabs,they don't even know that arab lebanese for example is not the same as arab saudi..they just hate them all!! Even the 'religious' ones who go to arbaeen imam hussein they come with a lot of bad stuff to say about arabs!! Come on!
  3. I'm not gonna get into this debate.i was asked a question by a sister and i gave my answer according to my observations during my stay inside the country!
  4. Salam sister , thank you Well it's not something personal,he might be a good man but politically he's not in the right place imo! i can't explain more
  5. Seems like you are really confused Me as an iranian who was raised outside of iran..in an arabic 'open' country,i suppose after living among iranians for years now,inside of iran, i can tell whether they are racist or not..and yes they are no doubt racist.. They have issues with afghanis as well as arabs...on the other hand they praise other countries... If you are iranian and not racist don't feel offended plz..we all know there are the good and the bad everywhere..i'm iranian too but i respect every human being on this earth! generally racism is within the blood of persians!
  6. Sorry but i'm not interested about telling such stuff online
  7. علیکم السلام sister..no i'm not.
  8. @Miss Wonderful salam sister Please make dua for all my wishes to come true..particularly my beloved ones(mother,father,husband,son,sister,brother) to be healthy and safe until imam zaman's zohoor Plus,if u have extra time, pray for me to have good luck and become an actress soon
  9. Yes.it's mentioned in some islamic books that if two souls (روح) like each other in the world of souls, if i may call it so(عالم الذّر) , then they will like each other in this material world too.. والله أعلم
  10. Hobbies: exercising,dancing,playing like a child with my boy.. Interests: psychology, humanity and helping others ,acting, amr bil maaroof wa nahi anil monkar...
  11. Age is only a number! How can a number be an issue when two souls meet and get attached?!
  12. With all due respect,it's so ridiculous and confusing to generalize like that! You can state your own experience without generalizing.
  13. I don't know what is that you see wrong in my posts actually and i don't need to know! All i'm saying is if iranian leaders treat their people the way sayed nasrallah treat his people iran would become a paradise! And btw, i lived almost my whole life in lebanon so i'm sure i know about it's problems more than you do andand still living there is way easier and better in every way than living in iran where we can barely breathe! Peace.
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