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  1. I have not insulted him i have only expressed on here what i feel in my heart and head i dont see what it has to do with you i really hope that you never have to come across anything like this in your life. You dont know me and how i am towards him i really cared for him, trusted him more than myself and respected him more than you will ever know and what it feels to feel the way that i am feeling. Ever heard of a womans/mothers intuition? I dont need to be speaking with someone like you and i didnt ask for your opinion specificall. Leave me alone cos your no help.
  2. ^ Im sorry i dont see the funny side i meant it and very upset when i said it.
  3. I have tried to find out by asking my daughter and also my husband.
  4. I dont usually complain to Allah but this is the only complaint i have-: :( WHY DO pious women like myself have to be married to complete hypocrites?
  5. Pornograqphy is an addiction and my husband has had this disgusting habit from before he was with me. Its not fair on the wife cos you dont know who hes thinking of while hes with you.
  6. Im really sorry if i confused you i cant really help it as i am really confused myself so much so i think i will go mad. Spiritually i feel really really low. My daughter is 5 years old and she has been in school almost 3 years now, when i was talking about nappies i was talking about the time when she was wearing them and when she did have eczema for the first three yrs of her life she had eczema all over her body from head to toe except her private area. What i was wondering about was how can she have eczema there now if she didnt have it there when it was all over her body. Alhamdulillah she isnt disabled she is fit and healthy by the grace of Allah. She is the youngest of three and the only daughter and i prayed really hard when i was expecting her because i really really wanted a girl. This is the only five year old daughter i have in fact the only daughter i have. I feel quite sickened thinking about my husband how after being a shia all your life listening to so many majlises behave in this way? When he talks about someone who is not a good person i think in my head how can you talk about someone you are one of the worst people on this earth you are despicable.
  7. Thank you everyone for your replies and duas. I started to sleep in my kids room almost straight away to the suprise of my husband. I have also questioned my daughter about if anything is going on, she is 5 years old. I also used dolls to ask her about what part of her body was being touched and by who to this she only replied 'mummy when she washes me'. Other than that she has not brought his name into it which gave me abit of reassurance. Although i do recall her being abit sore down below and i stupidly not thinking anthing of it the least nothing like this. Other than that she did mention when i was trying to put her to sleep around about a few months back that she was scared on her own because the 'monster' came and bit her down below, I thought that she might have dreamt it which is why i told her not to worry. I then spoke to 'stop it now' which is a sexual abuse helpline cos i felt so anxious that i was gonna go crazy. They also suggested sleeping with her to keep her safe and to get her into confidence so she trusts me enough to tell me if anything is happening. The did try to calm me down and the tried to look at the possibilities of what else it might be such as the eczema my daughter has suffered from and that could have caused the soreness. And the 'monster' could be the eczema. But the thing is she never had eczema in the area that she had her nappy on and after that aswell. I do feel better about sleeping in the same room as her and keeping the door locked but i definitely dont trust him to be left alone with her i take her everywhere with me. I also a few days back blurted it out and asked him to get help but he told me that why dont I speak to someone and tell them that this is the way i am thinking. It seemed like he thought that they would probarbly think im crazy. I dunno since that day it seems like he doesnt seem bothered or worried in any way but then again he never used to in the past either hes always acted like hes invincible. Im too scared to go to the doctor or the police because i dont want to break up m famil if there was nothing going on, and plus because i dont have proof she isnt saying his name. The soreness she had has now gone. Thinking about it more and more his habit did change when hes with me which i put down to him watching/looking at porn even though he knew i hated him doing it now i feel quite sick thinking that it was because of what may HAVE been happening. I have always been scared since he came to this country from abroad that once he got his British Passport he would leave me for someone else, now i wish he had rather than doing something like this. I have been told by the helpline to go into counselling with him and also on my own as we seem to have issues in our relationship and also to bring it up there and see what happens.
  8. (salam) I wasn't sure as to where i should post this. I am having suspicions of my hubby abusing our daughter i am getting really anxious thinking about it. HOW on earth do you get to the truth of if it is really happening. For the past couple of years i have been getting complaints from her teachers that she is unusually for a kid her age to be so aggressive towards other kids. I was so upset about the number of times that this was happening i made acrazy connection and accused him in dec 2008 in front of my mum he was angry and she said that it was becos i was so stressed and did not know what else could be the reason thats why i was feeling this way. But the thing is that the complaints seem to have stopped until yesterday when she pinched a child. I have been sleeping on the sofa for a few days now for OTHER reasons, he sleeps on our bed upstairs, my son and daughter sleep in the same room next door to ours and i heard footsteps coming from I THINK kids bedroom at 3am the next morning i asked kids were they walking around in middle of night and they said no which leaves him. I want to know the truth so i can make a rational decision i.e hes getting out of our lives for good. How on earth do u get proof? I have thought about setting up camera in kids room but they keep the light off. And i wouldnt know how or where i would get one from or set it up Please someone give me some ideas as to how i can get to the bottom of this i need PROOF for my kids sake as to when they ask why their dad is no longer living with us and also my family aswell as his who will assume that i have someone else thats why i have seen this as a way out by making false accusations.
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