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  1. A pro-Palestinian demonstrator holds a doll covered with fake blood during a demonstration in Rome to protest against Israel's attacks on Gaza January 17, 2009. The sign reads 'Silence gives consent'. REUTERS/Alessia Pierdomenico (ITALY) Even now Shi`ietes are not allowed to take the Husseinie Processions in most of Arab Capitals. The Palestinians now better understand ISLAM after recent onslaught, what shias are doing since 1000s years, they have done in these 2 weeks. Thanks to Israel who have united us from E-W, N-S, We are one Wolrd against Zionists and sell-out Arab installed Dictators.
  2. The contest has proceeded relatively peacefully in the south, where Dawa has sought to capitalize on the prime minister's popularity and encroach on the power that the Supreme Council has wielded there since the last elections in 2005. Of the nine largely Shiite southern provinces, home to the sacred cities of Najaf and Karbala, the Supreme Council controls at least four, with an influential presence in the rest. Dawa claims just one, Karbala.
  3. I don't know what are you talking about? 4 troops hurt in mortar attack; Grad hits Ashkelon school Mortar shells fired at Negev area injure soldiers near Eshkol kibbutz. Earlier Thursday rocket directly hits Ashkelon school
  4. Iran is the only Muslim country, where Jews have full freedom to follow their ideology. Saudis are just like Zionist who have bulldozed Holy graves of Shi`ites
  5. AQ Khan’s sister-in-law passes away Updated at: 0315 PST, Saturday, January 17, 2009 KARACHI: The sister-in-law Badrun Nisa of prominent nuclear scientist Dr. Abdul Qadir Kahn passed away on Friday here. She was wife of Khan’s younger brother Mian Rauf. Her funeral prayer would be offered tomorrow (Saturday) and will be laid to rest later. She bereaved two sons and two daughters. No reports came confirming permission for Dr. Qadir to attend her funeral rites. It is pertinent to mention, a young cousin of AQ Kahn died some three months ago however government did not allow him to attend her funeral rituals.
  6. Report: Senior Saudi cleric OKs girls to marry The Associated Press Wed, Jan 14, 2009 (3:06 a.m.) A pan-Arab newspaper quotes Saudi Arabia's most senior Muslim cleric as saying it is OK for 10-year-old girls to marry. The London-based Al-Hayat newspaper also quotes Sheik Abdul-Aziz bin Baz, the country's grand mufti, as saying that those who believe women should not marry before the age of 25 are following a "bad path." His comments during a lecture Monday come as Saudi human rights groups are fighting to put an end to marriages involving the very young. The groups are pressing the government to define the minimum age for marriage. On Sunday, the government-run National Human Rights Commission condemned marriages of minor girls, saying such marriages are an "inhumane violation."
  7. Suicide bomb kills 4 Afghan civilians, 2 U.S. troops 17 Jan 2009 08:12:22 GMT Source: Reuters (Adds reports U.S. soldiers killed) By Hamid Shalizi KABUL, Jan 17 (Reuters) - Initial reports indicated a suicide car bomb killed two U.S. soldiers in the Afghan capital, Kabul, on Saturday, the U.S. military said, and officials and witnesses said four Afghan civilians were also killed in the blast. A sewage tanker and several cars were burning at the scene and there were bloodstains on the road as police loaded the bodies of three dead civilians onto the back of a pick-up truck and ferried wounded to nearby hospitals, a Reuters witness said. Fourteen wounded civilians were taken to the nearby Emergency Hospital and one died on the way, hospital officials said. "Two U.S. service member were killed and 12 others have been wounded," the U.S. military said in a statement. But a spokeswoman for U.S. forces in Afghanistan later said those casualty figures were initial unconfirmed reports. The bomber struck on a road lined with high concrete blast barriers that runs between the German embassy and Camp Eggers, the headquarters of a U.S. unit that trains the Afghan army and police. The presidential palace and United Nations headquarters in Afghanistan lie immediately behind Camp Eggers. A spokesman for the U.S. force based at Camp Eggers said he could not confirm the U.S. fatalities, but said three soldiers had been evacuated to a military hospital at Bagram, the main U.S. base north of Kabul. There were no Germans hurt at the embassy, a spokeswoman said. Relatives of the dead gathered outside the Emergency Hospital. A middle-aged woman was beating her head and screaming that her son had died. Another man was crying and said his son had also been killed. Taliban militants, fighting to overthrow the Western-backed Afghan government and drive out foreign troops, have launched hundreds of suicide attacks in the last two years, but most of the victims are Afghan civilians. While Taliban influence has spread from their traditional heartlands in the south and east to areas closer to the capital, there were fewer attacks inside Kabul last year than in 2007 with many more police checkpoints throughout the city. U.S. President-elect Barack Obama has pledged to make Afghanistan a foreign policy priority after he comes to office on Tuesday and is expected to approve the doubling of U.S. troops in the country from the 30,000 at present. (Additional reporting by Golnar Motevalli; Writing by Jon Hemming; Editing by Valerie Lee) No US troops killed in suicide bomb in Afghan capital 17 Jan 2009 09:29:16 GMT Source: Reuters (Corrects U.S. toll to say no U.S. troops killed after U.S. military issued erroneous statement) KABUL, Jan 17 (Reuters) - No U.S. troops were killed in a suicide car bomb attack outside a U.S. base and the German embassy in the Afghan capital on Saturday, a U.S. military spokesman said. The U.S. military previously issued a statement which said two U.S. soldiers were killed and 12 wounded in the blast, but a spokesman said that statement was issued in error and six U.S. soldiers were wounded in the blast.
  8. Ayatollah Khomeini, not only recognized the mobilizing power of anti-Semitism in the struggle against the shah, he made use of it himself, as far back as the 1960s. That same year, he called the shah a Jew in disguise and accused him of taking orders from Israel. This drew a huge response from the public. Khomeini had found his theme. Khomeini’s biographer Amir Taheri writes: “The Ayatollah was by now convinced that the central political theme of contemporary life was an elaborate and highly complex conspiracy by the Jews—’who controlled everything’—to ‘emasculate Islam’ and dominate the world thanks to the natural wealth of the Muslim nations.” When in June 1963 thousands of Khomeini-influenced theology students set off to Tehran for a demonstration and were brutally stopped by the shah’s security forces, Khomeini channeled all their anger toward the Jewish nation: After the Six Day War of 1967, the anti-Semitic agitation, which drew no distinction between Jews and Israelis, intensified. Khomeini wrote in 1970 in his principal work, Islamic Government. ” Then in September 1977, he declared, Two years later, Khomeini was the unchallenged leader of the Iranian revolution. Khomeini’s anti-Semitic attacks found favor with the opponents of the shah, both leftists and Islamists. His anti-Semitism ran along the same lines as The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the turn-of-the-century hoax beloved of the Nazis that purports to expose a Jewish conspiracy to rule the world. The Protocols was published in Persian in the summer of 1978 and was widely disseminated as a weapon against the shah, Israel, and the Jews. In 1984, the newspaper Imam, published by the Iranian embassy in London, printed excerpts from The Protocols. In 1985, Iranian state authorities did a mass printing of a new edition. Somewhat later, the periodical Eslami serialized The Protocols under the title “The Smell of Blood: Jewish Conspiracies.”
  9. And now Al-Maliki is Supreme Shaninshah of Iran. What American has not achieved from Reza Shah, is going to be done by Al-Maliki's Suprepme Power. That's why Al-Hakim Power is activated to check Al-Maliki's Actions against the region.
  10. "Muntadhar was in a good shape ... and his morale was high. Yesterday was his birthday and some patriotic officers there organized a party for him and brought birthday cake," Dhargham al-Zeidi said. The brother who met with Muntadhar al-Zeidi was taken by bus to the detention center, and two army officers supervised the meeting. The journalist is currently being held alone in a comfortable room with a bed and a TV set, his brother said. "He is being visited frequently by doctors. The food is very good," the brother added. "He said he could not wait until al-Maliki left the room to throw his shoes because then Bush would also leave and that historic opportunity would be lost," he said. Muntadhar al-Zeidi actually feared he would be killed by guards after throwing his shoes and read his last prayers before going to the news conference, his brother said. "So for him it does not matter for how long he would be imprisoned," his brother said, "because the important thing is that he restored the honor of the Iraqi people."
  11. Mr. Husaini was district commissioner in Jabala and was a prominent candidate for a seat on the council in Babil, which is predominantly Shiite, as part of Mr. Maliki’s election coalition. Two years ago, Mr. Husaini’s wife and four children were killed when gunmen attacked the family’s home in Jabala, a mixed Sunni-Shiite area that had been the scene of some of the worst episodes of sectarian violence in the province before government-backed tribal militias were created to combat insurgents. On Thursday, Mr. Maliki said that there might be a surge in violence and what he described as “acts of sabotage” before the elections.
  12. Vigilante Militia Attack Women’s Gathering ý Chanting “Death to Peace Activist”ý - 2009.01.13 Sara Moghaddam A peaceful and quiet gathering that was hosted by the Mothers for Peace group in Iran ýand attended by several civil society activists condemning violence and the deadly war in ýthe Gaza Strip, held in front of the Palestinian embassy in Tehran, was marred in violence ýwithin hours after vigilante militia attacked the demonstrators. Last week, a group of ývigilante militia attacked Nobel laurette Shirin Ebadi’s house on the excuse that she did ýnot condemn the deadly attacks in Gaza. ý Yesterday’s gathering, which was hosted by the Mothers for Peace group and attended by ývarious groups and civil society activists, was held at 11 o’clock in front of the ýPalestinian embassy. After an hour, however, the gathering turned violent when a group ýof vigilante militia attacked the demonstrators while shouting slogans such as “Death to ýPeace Activist” and “Death to Collaborator.” ý Noting her disbelief of yesterday’s attack and that the Mothers for Peace had staged the ýgathering to support children and mothers and the defenseless people of Gaza, Nobel ýPeace Laureate Shirin Ebadi told Rooz, “Last week my house and office were attacked. ýThe attackers accused us of being silent in face of Israel’s aggression, even though the ýCenter for the Defenders of Human Rights had in fact issued a statement supporting the ýdefenseless people of Gaza. How is it that when we remain silent, they attack us, and ýwhen we protest the aggression on Gaza, they still attack us? And all the attacks take ýplace in the presence of the police?” ý Journalist and member of the Mothers for Peace group, Leili Farhadpour describes ýyesterday’s gathering as successful, telling Rooz, “The most important and significant ýaspect of today’s gathering was the side-by-side presence of people from various political ýand civil society groups. They had all come to support victims of the Gaza attacks and to ýcondemn violence against them.” ý She recalls that after half an hour of gathering and holding placards and signs ýcondemning violence and aggression against the people of Palestine in Gaza, several ýspeakers supported the gathering and read a statement written by organizers. ý Farhadpour emphasizes the peaceful nature of this gathering and demonstrators, adding, ýý“The police were present a the scene and watching our civil protest. We shouted slogans ýand handed out flyers in support of the Palestinian people to passers-by. Suddenly an ýaggressive group approached the gathering and began shouting slogans such as ‘Death to ýAmerica,’ ‘Death to Israel,’ ‘Death to Anti-Supreme Leader,’ etc. Gradually the tone of ýslogans changes and in response to our slogan, ‘Peace, Peace, Ceasefire,’ they began ýshouting, ‘War, War, Until Victory.’ They were shouting so loud that the voice of six or ýseven of them was louder than our loudspeakers.” ý Farhadpour then talks about the ensuing violence and dispersion of the crowd, adding, ýý“In order to prevent any kind of violence from taking place, we decided to disperse. But ýthey were not leaving us alone, and their numbers kept on increasing, until they began ýinsulting and beating up the crowd.” ý It must be noted that several members of the Mothers for Peace group attended a blood ýdonation center based on previous plans and donated blood to the attacked people of ýPalestine in Gaza. ý
  13. /åãÇíÔ Ïåå åÇÑãºÖÑæÑÊ ÊÚÇãá æ ÊÍæá/ ÓíÏÍÓä Îãíäí: Ü ÓíÇåäãÇíí åãå íÒ ÑÇäÇÈæÏ ãíßäÏ Ü ÊÇßíÏÇãÇã(Ñå)Èå ÏÑäÙÑ ÑÝÊä ÚäÕÑ ÒãÇäæã˜Çä ÏÑÇÌÊåÇÏ ÝÑÇãæÔ äÔæÏ ÓÑæíÓ: ÓíÇÓí 1387/10/27 01-16-2009 12:57:41 8710-15436: ßÏ ÎÈÑ ÎÈÑÒÇÑí ÏÇäÔÌæíÇä ÇíÑÇä - ÊåÑÇä ÓÑæíÓ: ÓíÇÓí íÇÏÇÑ ÇãÇã ÑÇÍá ÈÇ ÇÔÇÑå Èå ÌäÇíÇÊ ÑŽíã ÕåíæäíÓÊí ÏÑ ÛÒå ÝÊ: æÞÇíÚ ÛÒå äÔÇäÑ Çíä ÖÑæÑÊ ÇÓÊ ßå äÙÇã ÈíäÇáãáá ãÍÊÇÌ ÊÍæá ÇÓÊ. Èå ÒÇÑÔ ÎÈÑÒÇÑí ÏÇäÔÌæíÇä ÇíÑÇä (ÇíÓäÇ) ÍÌÊÇáÇÓáÇã æÇáãÓáãíä ÓíÏÍÓä Îãíäí ÏÑ ÇÝÊÊÇÍíå äÔÓÊ Ïåå åÇÑ㺠ÖÑæÑÊ ÊÚÇãá æ ÊÍæá ßå ÇÒ Óæí ÌãÚíÊ ÊæÍíÏ æ ÊÚÇæä ÈÑÒÇÑ ÔÏ¡ ÇÝÒæÏ: äÙã ÈíÈäíÇä ÙáããÏÇÑí ßå ÏÑ ÏäíÇ ÍÇßã ÇÓÊ äãíÊæÇäÏ¡ äÊæÇäÓÊå æ äÎæÇåÏ ÊæÇäÓÊ æÔåÇí ÇÒ ÚÏÇáÊ íÇãÈÑÇä ÚÙíãÇáÔÃä ÑÇ ÈÑÞÑÇÑ ßäÏ. æí ÈÇ ÑÇãíÏÇÔÊ íÇÏ ÔåÏÇí ÛÒå¡ ãáÊ ÝáÓØíä ÑÇ ÇÑå Êä ÇãÊ ÇÓáÇãí ÎæÇäÏ æ ÊÇßíÏ ßÑÏ: ÇÎÈÇÑ Çíä ÑæÒåÇ ÑÇ äãíÔæÏ ÏíÏ æ ÔäíÏ æ Îæä Ñíå äßÑÏ æ ÈÑ Çíä ÏäíÇí ÙáããÏÇÑ ÊÇÓÝ äÎæÑÏ. ÑæÒÇÑ ÈÓíÇÑ ÊáÎí ÇÓÊ. ÍÇßãÇä ÌåÇä ÇãÑæÒ¡ ÈåæíŽå ÍßÇã ÈÒÏá ÌåÇä ÚÑÈ ßå ÌÒ ÈÑÇí ÎæÏÔÇä Çã ÈÑäãíÏÇÑäÏ¡ äå Èæíí ÇÒ ÔÑÇÝÊ ÈÑÏåÇäÏ æ äå ÇÒ ÇäÓÇäíÊ. æí ÍÇÖÑÇä ÏÑ Çíä äÔÓÊ ÑÇ ÈÒÑÇä ÏíÑæÒ æ ÇãÑæÒ æ ÝÑÏÇí äÙÇã æ ÇÒ íÇÑÇä æ ãÏíÑÇä ÇäÞáÇÈ ÇÓáÇãí ÏÑ Óå Ïåå ÐÔÊå ßå ÂãíÒå ÊÌÑÈå æ ÏÇäÔ åÓÊäÏ ÏÇäÓÊ æ ÝÊ: ÔÇíÏ ÓÎä ÝÊä ãä ÏÑ ÌãÚ äíä ÈÒÑÇäí ÇÒ äÇå ÈÑÒÇÑßääÏÇä ÌáÓå¡ ÊãÑíäí ÈÇÔÏ ÈÑÇí Çíäßå ÏÑ Ïåå åÇÑã¡ ÈÒÑÊÑåÇ Èå ÍÑÝ ßæßÊÑåÇ åã æÔ ßääÏ æ ÊÌÑÈå ÏíÑí ÈÇÔÏ ßå äæÚ ÏíÑí åã ÈÊæÇäíã ÕÍÈÊ ßäíã¡ ÈíÇäÏíÔíã æ æÔ Ïåíã. æí ÈÇ ÑÇãíÏÇÔÊ íÇÏ æ äÇã ÔåÏÇí ÇäÞáÇÈ ÇÓáÇãí¡ ÏÝÇÚ ãÞÏÓ æ ÇãÇã ÔåíÏÇä¡ ÈÑÑÓí ãÇåíÊ æ íÓÊí ÊÍæá ÑÇ ãÞÏãå ÖÑæÑí ØÑÍ ãÓÇáå ÏÇäÓÊ æ ÝÊ: ÇÑ äÏÇäíã Èå ÏäÈÇá å íÒí åÓÊíã ÖÑæÑÊ Âä ÛíÑ ÞÇÈá ÈÇæÑ æ ÊÕæÑ ÎæÇåÏ ÈæÏ. ÈÇíÏ ÞÈá ÇÒ ÖÑæÑÊ ÊÍæá¡ ÌÇíÇå Ïæ ãÝåæã æÇßÇæí ÔæϺ Çæá ÈÑÑÓí æÖÚ ãæÌæÏ æ ÏíÑí ÔäÇÎÊ æÖÚ ãØáæÈ. íÇÏÇÑ ÇãÇã ÑÇÍá ÈÇ ÈíÇä Çíäßå " ÍÑßÊ ÇÒ æÖÚ ãæÌæÏ Èå æÖÚ ãØáæÈ Èå Ïæ ÕæÑÊ ÇäÞáÇÈí ÈÇ ÔíÈ ÊäÏ æ íÇ ÇÕáÇÍí ÈÇ ÔíÈ ßäÏ ÕæÑÊ ãííÑÏ" ÎÇØÑäÔÇä ßÑÏ: Çíä ÍÑßÊ Èå åÑ ÓÑÚÊí ÕæÑÊ íÑÏ ãåã äíÓÊ¡ ãåã Âä ÇÓÊ ßå Çíä Ïæ ãæÞÚíÊ Èå ÏÑÓÊí ÔäÇÎÊå ÔæϺ åãÇäØæÑ ßå Ôã ÈÓÊä Èå æÇÞÚíÊåÇ æ äÏíÏä ÚíæÈ ÈÓíÇÑ ÛáØ ÇÓÊ. äÇå ÈíÇäÕÇÝÇäå æ ÓíÇåäãÇíí åãå íÒ ÑÇ Èå äÇÈæÏí ãíßÔÇäÏ. æí åãäíä ÈÇ ÈíÇä Çíäßå " æÖÚ ãæÌæÏ ßÔæÑãÇä ÏÑ ßáíå ÓØæÍ ÝÑåäí¡ ÓíÇÓí¡ ÇÌÊãÇÚí æ ÇÞÊÕÇÏí ÇÒ ÑæÒÇÑ ÐÔÊå ÈåÊÑ ÇÓÊ" ÎÇØÑäÔÇä ßÑÏ: æÖÚ ãæÌæÏ æä ãáãæÓ ÇÓÊ ßãÊÑ Èå Âä ÑÏÇÎÊå ãíÔæÏ æ ÈÓíÇÑí ÇÒ ãÇ ÏÑß ÏÑÓÊí ÇÒ æÖÚ ãæÌæÏ äÏÇÑíã. æí ÏÑ ÇÏÇãå Èå ÊÔÑíÍ ÔÑÇíØ æÖÚ ãØáæÈ ÑÏÇÎÊ æ ÔÑØ ØÑÍ Âä ÑÇ ÈÑÏÇÔÊä Óå Çã ÈÒÑ ÏÇäÓÊ æ ÝÊ: Çã äÎÓÊ¡ ÊÚÑíÝ æÖÚ ãØáæÈ ÇÒ ÏíÏÇå ÎæÏãÇä æ ÊÈííä ãÕÏÇÞ Âä ÇÓÊ. ÏÑ ÇÓÎ Èå Çíä ÓæÇá¡ åÑ Ñæåí ÓÚí ãíßäÏ ÌæÇÈ ÎæÏ ÑÇ Èå ÕæÑÊ ßáí ÈíÇä ßäÏ æ Èå æÇÓØå Âä ÈÎÔ æÓíÚí ÇÒ ÊæÏå ãÑÏã ÑÇ Èå ØÑÝ ÎæÏ ÈßÔÇäÏ. ÓíÏÍÓä Îãíäí ÊÈííä ãæáÝååÇí æÖÚ ãØáæÈ ÑÇ Çã Ïæã ÊÍæá ÏÇäÓÊ æ ÇÙåÇÑ ßÑÏ: ÈÇíÏ ÇÌÒÇí æÖÚ ãØáæÈ ÈÇÒ˜Çæí æ ãÚÑÝí ÔæäÏ. ÇÑ Èå ÏäÈÇá ÚÏÇáÊ åÓÊíã ÈÇíÏ ãÞÕæÏ ÎæÏ ÑÇ ÇÒ Âä ÈíÇä æ ÊÈííä ˜äíã. ÇÓáÇã æ ÚÏÇáÊ íÒí ÇÓÊ ˜å åã ÇãÇã æ åã ÇÞÑÇä ÇãÇã ÏÑ ãæÑÏ Âä ÓÎä ãíÝÊäÏ. æí ÈÇ ÈíÇä Çíä˜å " ÏÑ ÇäÞáÇÈ ÇÓáÇãí ÇíÑÇä Èå ÑåÈÑí ÇãÇã Îãíäí(Ñå) åÑ Ïæ æÌå ÈíÇä ˜áí ãÝÇåíã æ ÊÈííä ãæáÝååÇí Âä ÏÑ ˜æÊÇåÊÑíä ÒãÇä ãã˜ä ÇÑÇÆå ÔÏ" ÇÙåÇÑ ßÑÏ: Çíä ÇÒ ÇÝÊÎÇÑÇÊ ÇãÇã æ ÇäÞáÇÈ ÇÓáÇãí ÇÓÊ ˜å ÈÇ æÌæÏ ÈíÔÊÑíä ØÑÝÏÇÑ Èå æÇŽååÇí ˜áí Êä ÏÑ äÏÇÏ æ ÇãÇã ÞÈá ÇÒ ÇäÞáÇÈ ãÞÕæÏ ÎæÏ ÑÇ ÇÒ͘æãÊ ÇÓáÇãí ÏÑ ˜ÊÇÈ æáÇíÊ ÝÞíå ÊÈííä ˜ÑÏ æ ÈÚÏ ÇÒ ÇäÞáÇÈ äíÒ ãæáÝååÇí ͘æãÊ ÑÇ ÈáÇÝÇÕáå ÏÑ ÞÇäæä ÇÓÇÓí Èå ÑÇí ãÑÏã ÐÇÔÊ. æí ÈÇ ÈíÇä Çíä˜å " ãæáÝååÇí æÖÚ ãØáæÈ ÈÇíÏ Ô˜ÇÝÊå ÔæÏ¡ ÍÊí ÇÑ ãæÌÈ ÇäÔÞÇÞ ÔæÏ" ÝÊ: ÇÑ Çíä ãæáÝå Èå ÕæÑÊ ÏÞíÞ æǘÇæí äÔæÏ¡ ÈÚÏÇ ãæÌÈ ÇÎÊáÇÝ¡ ÌÏÇíí æ ãÔ˜áÇÊ ÈíÔÊÑ ÎæÇåÏ ÔÏ. íÇÏÇÑ ÇãÇã ÑÇÍá Çã Óæã ÑÇ íÏÇ ˜ÑÏä ÑÇå ÑÓíÏä ÇÒ æÖÚ ãæÌæÏ Èå æÖÚ ãØáæÈ ÏÇäÓÊ æ ÎÇØÑäÔÇä ßÑÏ: ÑÇå ÈíÑæä ÑÝÊä ÇÒ ÇäÓÏÇÏåÇí ãæÌæÏ¡ ÑÇå ÈÞÇ æ ãÇäÏÇÑí äÙÇã æÍÝÙ ÎØ ÇãÇã æ ÇäÞáÇÈ¡ ÇÌÊåÇÏ ÏÑ ãÈÇäí ÇäÞáÇÈ æ ÇäÏíÔååÇí ÈäíÇäÐÇÑ äÙÇã ÇÓÊ. æí Èå ÙåæÑ Óå äÍáå ݘÑí ÏÑ ÕÏÑ ÇÓáÇã ÈÚÏ ÇÒ ÑÍáÊ íÇãÈÑ Ç˜Ñã(Õ) ÇÔÇÑå ˜ÑÏ æ ÝÊ: ÇʘÇí ÕÑÝ Èå ÍÏíË ÇÒ Óæí Çåá ÍÏíË¡ ÇÊ˜Ç Èå ÚÞá æ ˜äÇÑ ÐÇÔÊä ãÊæä ãÞÏÓ æ ÇÌÊåÇÏ ÏÑ ãÊæä¡ Óå ÑæÔí ÈæÏ ˜å ÈÑÇí Ýåã ÇÓáÇã ÇÑÇÆå ÔÏ ˜å ÇáÈÊå ÇÌÊåÇÏ ÏÑ ãÊæä ÑÇåí ÈæÏ ˜å ÇÆãå ÇØåÇÑ(Ú) íÔ Ñæí ãÇ ÔæÏäÏ. æí ÏÑ ÇÏÇãå ÈÇ ÇÔÇÑå Èå ÊǘíÏ ÇãÇã Îãíäí(Ñå) ÈÑ ÇÌÊåÇÏ ÏÑ ãÊæä ãÞÏÓ ÝÊ: ÈÇíÏ ÏÑ ãæÇÌåå ÈÇ ÓæÇáÇÊ ÌÏíÏ Èå ÏäÈÇá ÇÓÎåÇí ÌÏíÏ ãÈÊäí ÈÑ ÇÕæá ÈÇÔíã. ÑæÔäݘÑí Èå ãÚäÇí ÍÑÝ äæ ÒÏä äíÓÊ¡ ÑæÔäݘÑí Èå ãÚäÇí ÇÓÎ ÏÇÏä Èå ÓæÇáåÇí ÌÏíÏ ÇÓÊ. ÓíÏÍÓä Îãíäí ÈÇ ÈíÇä Çíä˜å " ãÇ ÏÑ ÇäÞáÇÈ ÇÓáÇãí ÈÇ í˜ ãÊä ãÞÏÓ ÑæÈåÑæ åÓÊíã" ÇÙåÇÑ ßÑÏ: ÌÇãÚå ãÇ ÏÑ ÏæÑååÇí ãÎÊáÝ æÝÇÏÇÑí ÎæÏ ÑÇ Èå ãÊæä ãÞÏÓ ÇãÇã äÔÇä ÏÇÏå ÇÓÊ. ÑÇå ÂíäÏå ãÇ ÏÑ Çíä ãÊæä äåÝÊå ÇÓÊ. ÇÌÊåÇÏ ÏÑ Çíä ãÊæä ÈÑÏÇÔÊä Çã Óæã ÊÍæá æ ÑÇå ÑÓíÏä Èå æÖÚ ãØáæÈ ÇÓÊ. æí ÇÙåÇÑ ßÑÏ: ÇãÇã Ó ÇÒ 11 ÓÇá ͘æãÊ¡ ÈÑÇí Çæáíä ÈÇÑ ÏÑ ÊÇÑíÎ ÇÒ ÊÇËíÑ ÒãÇä æ ã˜Çä ÏÑ ÇÌÊåÇÏ ÓÎä ÝÊ æ ÊǘíÏ ÇíÔÇä Èå ÏÑ äÙÑ ÑÝÊä ÚäÕÑ ÒãÇä æ ã˜Çä ÏÑ ÇÌÊåÇÏ æ ͘æãÊ äÈÇíÏ Èå ÝÑÇãæÔí ÓÑÏå ÔæÏ. ÇäÊåÇí íÇã
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