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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. One day science will find parts of the brain related to sexual desires and how gay people biologically ( physical material difference) are different in the brain vs. heterosexual people. What argument will you have then? If they were born gay its not their fault. Same way man is born with forskin.
  2. New update, Indian General provides classified information for the protection of the Shia community. Naming General Humayuian Aziz as person behind the Shia Kafir marches in Karachi. He says Humayu provided breakfast, water, food, transportation and was present in the rally. India has become the protector of Shias since Pakistani Military itself attacks us.
  3. Google Imam Nisai, Sunni Author of one of the Six Sunni books, brutally beaten at the age of 80 inside a Mosque in Damascus for not praising Muawiya instead of Ali. The hadith say they kicked him in his testicles until he bled and later died.
  4. How many times do you need to hear this? Ziyarate Ashura has been read for the past 74 years. Why is it this time you have an issue with it? And yes There have been MULTIPLE suicide bombings in Suadi Shia mosques and Kuwaiti Shia moque. Not riots just blood bath bombings. Cursing has nothing to do with it. Just in Karachi there have ben TENS of Shia Mosques bombed. No Pakistani Shia is dumb enough to curse the Caliphs.
  5. they've released several music videos of people just singing " ameeer Muawiyah zindabad" stuff like that.
  6. That is actually the Issue. Ziyaret e Ashura openly curses Abu Sufiyan, Muawyia, and Yazeed. No Shia is dumb enough to curse the Caliphs openly in pakistan.
  7. But the Sahabahs did more than curse each other they stabbed and beheaded each other. So If a Shia makes a supplication for Allah to Curse Yazeed or Muawiyah I don't understand why Sunnis are upset. If anything Allah won't grant my request. Why does the Pakistani government feel the need to be involved?
  8. I've been wanting to make a time line of events, i don't know the exact dates but this is what happened of the past month. 1. Punjab State Assembly passes Anti-Shia Book Bill (Requires any book in Punjab that has Hussain or Abu Bakr or whatever to have RA written after it, illegal to write AS) 2. Beginning of Muharrum Some Nuseri Zakir in UK says some critical stuff about Umar, the UK organizer obviously puts it up on YouTube b/c they are flag barriers of Shiaism. Sunnis in Pakistan utilize it for blasphemy against Shias. 3. Kafir Kafir Shia Kafir trends in 80,000+ on twitter w
  9. I immediately dissociate from any Pakistani born American Shia that pushes pro Pakistan propaganda. If you're living in Pakistan you have no option but to support the state that oppresses you and doesn't give you justice. But there are zero reasons for a American or Canadian Shia to brainwashed by Pakistani propaganda. On the bright side everyone I know including myself matured out of this idiocy when we realized how the governments acts when Shias are killed in mass in Quetta, Parachinar, or Karachi. Its only teenagers, recent migrants or older adults that have this blind Pakistan is th
  10. @Cherub786 is obviously and FBI agent, never seen a "Canadian Sunni" so passionate about Shias in the West. Yeah, I'm not going to take FBIs words as truth. Get real. No need for you to libel our people.
  11. @Cherub786 I don't think you understand. This is analogous to making a fedral law saying Zakat is illegal and anyone found paying Zakat will be arrested. Shias don't send money to Iran. The money is spent inside the U.S promoting things like Shia Masjids, events ect.
  12. Have anyone been following the recent case against 2 american Shias for violating sanctions via collection of Khums? It seems they are charged with sanctions violations for collecting Khums money on behalf of Ayatollah Khaminie. It seems highly suspect that the FBI would go after 2 individuals for a few thousand dollars of aid to Yemen. There are voices that suspect a bigger plot in play. They suspect an incoming law against Khums collection. The implications of such a law would make any building, masjid or school property which was funded by local Khums money to be owned by Iran and thu
  13. not everyone reads books, for 1000s of years only small portion of population has been literate. These days people are literate but now even less people read books because they prefer facebook and youtube. The best way you can win ppl over is through your own actions.
  14. I think this whole thing labeling the womens march as some " free sex " march is pure Wahabi propaganda. One or two transgenders slogans or placards dosnt make the whole movement gay. Last time I went to Pakistan I could see how Pakistani men treat women. Basically men are to lazy to even get up and get water for themselves. Wife's are treated as servants. What really is sad is when you see women who went to medical school treated as maids. Pakistani men really needs to show more respect to women. It's a shame. Who here hasnt heard about a relative getting married and being tr
  15. From the web it seems that "Khorasan" was a name made up by the Americans. Khorasan group is basically the NUSRA front terrorist in Syria. America didn't want to say they bombed Al-Nusra because American allies openly fund Al-Nusra. So America made a fake name for Al-Nusra calling them "KORA-SANH". In conclusion America bombed Al-Nusra but they labeled Al-Nusra "Khorasan" b/c they dont want to admit that they are bombing the same people that Qatar funds.
  16. So its a British publishing company called Hurst. If someone is in England it might be easier for them to contact HURST about price. http://www.hurstpublishers.com/book/the-shias-of-pakistan/
  17. I'm guessing this is this is his thesis publishing company/organization putting this out. Maybe if a private Shia owned publishing company tries to get in touch with this guy and establish some sort of incentive for each sold, we could potentially have an affordable price. I tried searching for this guy online, didn't come across much. I'll try to see If we can get something done here.
  18. ^ What about Hezbollah and IRI all they ever do is hope right?
  19. New English Research Coming out specifically on Pakistani Shia History - No way i can buy it though, something to look out for. Here is one article specifically about Pakistani Shia. I made personal copies of this through my library so you will not find PDF anywhere. Andreas Rieck gives very good of early TNFJ history. Iv'e only come across two such articles specifically on Pakistani Shias. Very little English material. The Struggle for Equal Rights As A Minority Shia Communal Orginization in Pakistan 1948-1968 Andreas Rieck
  20. If they want a civil war give them a civil war. We can make our own car bombs and have our own military wing. This wing however cannot be at all linked to current Shia groups. They have to openly call out and criticize every single respected Shia group. In order to dissociate from them. It needs to be a rouge violent organization not afraid to bomb. A Malang antii-Molana crowd would serve as a great story for such a wing. If ASWJ can get into assembly with there B.S "we are not against Shias". Then Shia rogue groups can be formed to kill terrorist. The money will come from Pakistani Shias
  21. Good fair article. Although one can find points of disagreement. Muslims should accept Israel, because God gave Jews supremacy over Palestine. /sarcasm
  22. What he does is quote directly from books. I only watched the first seven mins. This text might not be found in Sunni books. Sunnism in general did a lot to whitewash the bad history of the Caliphs and Ayesha. They had to rescue Ashyea from the blame of Jamal and Uthman from family/Ummayad support. It's not far-fetched to acknowledge that unsavory stories about the other two founding pillars were also whitewashed. I mean the concept of rightly guided Caliph itself developed hundreds of years later, it was clearly a concept not accepted by Aeysha or Muawiyah or even other Muslims of the time.
  23. Syed Aqeel ul-Gharavi was given this position by his people and it sticks. End of story
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