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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-OsEUaAkFcc&ab_channel=AlIslaah Al-Islah Team w/ Ali Hur Kamoonpuri has been getting lots of attacks mostly by being the "unnamed" reformist group. They themselves accept the reformist title but say they are only promoting the ideas that are taught among higher hawza studies.
  2. This is all i hear every time until the next bombing, am i the only one frustrated by lack of action by our communities, why arn't our people eager to organize or do anything? I don't mean in the sense of justice/retaliation, but simply supporting these families or even bringing legal action against the speakers in the US or UK that promote takfir of Shias. Why do we have a culture of inaction? Our inaction is the tragedy.
  3. yes, would encourage you to do it. Man has needs and it's self harm to ones psych to not utilize mutah in the western world.
  4. Anticipating a lot of Shia Afghans to settle in Texas as well. 1000s are currently at Fort Bliss in El Paso, Haven't heard any plans from local Shia communities in Texas(Dallas, Austin, Houston). IMAM organization in the U.S has not even put out a statement . Looks like will need grassroots activism, surprised at how unaware our communities are or just don't care? This will likely be the largest influx of Shias to the united states in the past 20 years. No body seems to realize it's implications.
  5. The real tragedy is the ignorance of the Shia towards the suffering of their afghan conuterparts. Even in the "educated" west, Shia imambargah are still stuck fighting over haleem/bun kababs and whose family sponsors what days of majlis. What a tragedy it really is.
  6. Doesn't matter what he said, point is the UK Dawah crowd has been out to get him since he questions the authenticity of Bukhari and has issues with some Sunni positions. It's a trend to use "Palestine" to justify your attacks for personal vendettas. The issue is not what he said about Palestine, the issue is mob mentality of Sunnis is out of control. This is not the only example of the complete lack of basic decency and extremism among British Muslims. Last year when the Shia Lebanese girl was killed we had similar exhibition of their lack of morals. We've seen celebration of Shia deaths over the decades online. It really is time to dissociate from these people. Do not lower yourself to their level, it's time to stop engaging and call them what they are.
  7. Moderresi is pure Shiaism, Arif is Mulla Sadr, Emanul Kant, Abraham Maslow, Ibn Arabi , new age spirituality mixed with Shiaism. I'll take pure Shiaism any day.
  8. For some reason my sheikh at Jumma in the USA went off on unqualified scholars and specifically mentioned a guy from UK who attacked dua nutbah and iftatah, turns out it was Arif Bata. Then I found Sayed Mahdi Moderresi made a whole series recently against Arif Bata and his stances. The series is very harsh against Arif Bata.
  9. Finally getting news from Shias on the ground. https://fb.watch/5sisGsaIVM/
  10. ^ these pictures do more damage to your argument
  11. Skip to 2:12 for one of the on the ground interviews
  12. We have to save our own house from crumbling first. The Iranian Shias don't have this problem as they are safe. It's frustrating to see Pakistani Shias blindly parroting the Quds day propaganda when our own house is crumbling right over us. Every other minority community strengthens itself before trying to help others. Why is it wrong for us to do the same?
  13. Social media post and looking for external empathy has no benefits. Shares on Facebook will not bring about change and should not be an indicator of how aware or "woke" a community is. This is a tragedy that will serve as a wake up call, the responsible adults in the room will collaborate to get justice. I'm not aware of the situation in Afghanistan but hopefully the Shias are able to get their hands on as much weaponry that the americans leave for the Afghan army.
  14. When will the Shias take up arms and hunt down the criminals themselves? The bomb maker is safe and sound and probably celebrating.
  15. Whoishussein is an organization which aims introduce ideas to people who have no understanding of Islam or Shiaism, It's meant for outsiders and not a solid theological view of Shia masses. I wouldn't even call it soft tabligh, but maybe pre-soft tabligh. I image when the Muslims who migrated to India/Uzbekistan/Lebanon had to use similar soft tabligh. You can't just give someone a 600 page copy of the Quran and expect them to become Muslim. Even if this lady never again picks up a Muslim text at some point down the line maybe someone in her family will, maybe her grandchildren will see she wrote an article and read more of the Islam. I think we are over reacting here.
  16. will it make a difference? I see so many Shias go to Hajj, Umrah, Ziarat so many times. Most return with the same faults. Mistreat their relatives, ignore the needs of their community, focus only on what's the best food to serve for Majlis. ect. It's especially disturbing in the Shia Pakistani community.
  17. Bitcoin and any other crypto can be tracked. In fact the transactions are visible and verified by a network of computers.
  18. I know what he said, it was a poor answer with the weirdest analogy ever. " If I want to shoot you but I have to ask the person above me for permission". The point was he was belittling the question with an odd analogy, instead of being honest and just stating the Muslim precondition to this argument. I'm Just starting to read up on these arguments. I'm glad someone posted the Ibn Sina argument, thanks for posting.
  19. probably somewhere on reddit, but not r/atheism
  20. I don't believe this classifies as destroy. We Muslims have a red line which the atheist don't have. In this video Hamza says the question of who made God is not a fair question. That's not destroying atheism, that's saying you can't ask me that question.
  21. In recent years we’ve seen the western political attacks on Iran morph into attacks on Shiaism. Most vivid of these attacks has been the sanctioning of the Imam Ali Reza Shrine and the banning of Al Mustafa International University graduates and even unaffiliated Shia speakers. In addition American Shias have been convicted of crimes for collecting Khums donations for those suffering from famine in Yemen. This unprecedented attack have grown from targeting Iran to targeting the institution of Shi'ism. The western media has adopted tactics which have historically been utilized by takfiri to rile up simple villagers against Shias. The propaganda is akin to the unbelievable archaic tales of Lebanese Shias having tails or Pakistanis Shias spitting in Sunni meals or drinking blood. It’s telling that the BBCs only documentary on Shi'ism is about religiously sanctioned prostitution. Unfortunately many uneducated Shias fall victim to these maligning media efforts. This month a new anti-Shia narrative has taken the internet by storm. One that originated from Iranian exiles but being utilized primarily by Wahhabis, Hindu nationalist, politically ignorant Ex-Muslim YouTubers, christian evangelist and american neocons each celebrating this as their own crusade victory. There are dozens of articles, videos and live streams obsessing over this one survey totaling to 100s of hours of propaganda time. My biggest issue is with it is the complete unwillingness to acknowledge the anti-Iran and anti-Shia atmosphere in western media. I finally gave this unpublished survey a glance and from the very beginning I found red flags. In this post I will only highlight the funding issue and then we can tackle the obvious issues with this non peer reviewed survey itself. We find that this survey is conducted by the generous funding of Abdorrahman Boroumand Center(ABC) for Human Rights in Iran. A quick google search leads you to their web-page. We learn from the web page that this organization was established in 2001 to promote democracy in Iran. In 2006 NYTimes reports ABC as one of organizations receiving millions under a regime change program overseen by Elizabeth Chaney (daughter of Dick Chaney)[1]. I further researched to identify other sources of funding for this organization. The group website reveals that it receives multiple grants from U.S public funds to European public funds [2]. However the majority of it’s funding comes through U.S Private Foundations. The website does not name any of the private donors so we can only speculate which foundations they are. Do these include those established by the infamous playboy UAE Public Relations officer in D.C? Are they funded by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or Bahrain? We will never know, but ABC finds it acceptable to keep us in the dark without any concern for bias or foreign goverments interfering in this process. I dug further and was able to find one of the organizations funding ABC. “The National Endowment of Democracy '' had granted $3,846,715 to Abdorrahman Boroumand Center for Human Rights over the span of 4 years. As Democracy is the main reason the United States has drained trillions into war I was curious to see what other nations this private foundation supported. As expected the "National Endowment for Democracy" had made no similar efforts in the Kingdom of Bahrain or the Kingdom of Saud Arabia nor any other american allied Muslim state. Millions of dollars of funding was only given towards organizations targeting Iran. In conclusion, it is quite obvious that this survey has major conflict of interest. It was funded by an organization which at one point worked directly under Elizabeth Chaney to achieve regime change in the early years of the Iraq War. Then throughout recent years it has received millions in unknown private foundation funding for its anti-Iranian endeavor. This is a clear and blatant conflict of interest which will never be reported on by anyone because it counters the anti-Iran narrative. This just shows once again that if you ever read a story about Iran check the sources. 90% of the time it will be a Private or American funded propaganda. The methodology of the survey is similarly ambiguous and unclear. I'll end this post here since it's already to long. Don't readily believe what you hear or read or see on the web or news. https://www.nytimes.com/2006/04/15/washington/us-program-is-directed-at-altering-irans-politics.html https://www.iranrights.org/center https://www.ned.org/wp-content/themes/ned/search/grant-search.php?organizationName=&region=Middle+East+%26+North+Africa&projectCountry=Iran&amount=&fromDate=&toDate=&projectFocus%5B%5D=&projectFocus%5B%5D=&projectFocus%5B%5D=&projectFocus%5B%5D=&projectFocus%5B%5D=&projectFocus%5B%5D=&projectFocus%5B%5D=&projectFocus%5B%5D=&projectFocus%5B%5D=&projectFocus%5B%5D=&projectFocus%5B%5D=&projectFocus%5B%5D=&projectFocus%5B%5D=&projectFocus%5B%5D=&search=&maxCount=10&orderBy=ReverseSortAs&start=1&sbmt=1&start=11&start=1
  22. Disgusting new low for Islamic Pulse, now they've started to target everyone that doesn't toe their line. Mohdarssi, Usama Attar, Sheikh Nuru. This is getting out of control, these people act like they are the official mouthpiece of the Iranian authority. When in reality they are a few extreme youngsters who are out of touch with facts on the ground. They really need a talk from a supervisor, they've let this organization go beyond control to long. As far as Shi'ism in West goes, Shias are not persecuted here. So expected people to hold their believes openly.
  23. The Discord channels seem to be very active these days, this place has weekly sessions.
  24. Did you look into what age is considered a fully developed PFC. I cannot find the exact article at the moment but apparently the drinking age in the USA (age 22) was set in place with neuroimaging science that determined the PFC has grown to its maximum by that age. Thanks for sharing.
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