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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. When will the Shias take up arms and hunt down the criminals themselves? The bomb maker is safe and sound and probably celebrating.
  2. Whoishussein is an organization which aims introduce ideas to people who have no understanding of Islam or Shiaism, It's meant for outsiders and not a solid theological view of Shia masses. I wouldn't even call it soft tabligh, but maybe pre-soft tabligh. I image when the Muslims who migrated to India/Uzbekistan/Lebanon had to use similar soft tabligh. You can't just give someone a 600 page copy of the Quran and expect them to become Muslim. Even if this lady never again picks up a Muslim text at some point down the line maybe someone in her family will, maybe her grandchildren will see she wr
  3. will it make a difference? I see so many Shias go to Hajj, Umrah, Ziarat so many times. Most return with the same faults. Mistreat their relatives, ignore the needs of their community, focus only on what's the best food to serve for Majlis. ect. It's especially disturbing in the Shia Pakistani community.
  4. Bitcoin and any other crypto can be tracked. In fact the transactions are visible and verified by a network of computers.
  5. I know what he said, it was a poor answer with the weirdest analogy ever. " If I want to shoot you but I have to ask the person above me for permission". The point was he was belittling the question with an odd analogy, instead of being honest and just stating the Muslim precondition to this argument. I'm Just starting to read up on these arguments. I'm glad someone posted the Ibn Sina argument, thanks for posting.
  6. probably somewhere on reddit, but not r/atheism
  7. I don't believe this classifies as destroy. We Muslims have a red line which the atheist don't have. In this video Hamza says the question of who made God is not a fair question. That's not destroying atheism, that's saying you can't ask me that question.
  8. In recent years we’ve seen the western political attacks on Iran morph into attacks on Shiaism. Most vivid of these attacks has been the sanctioning of the Imam Ali Reza Shrine and the banning of Al Mustafa International University graduates and even unaffiliated Shia speakers. In addition American Shias have been convicted of crimes for collecting Khums donations for those suffering from famine in Yemen. This unprecedented attack have grown from targeting Iran to targeting the institution of Shi'ism. The western media has adopted tactics which have historically been utilized by takfiri to ril
  9. Disgusting new low for Islamic Pulse, now they've started to target everyone that doesn't toe their line. Mohdarssi, Usama Attar, Sheikh Nuru. This is getting out of control, these people act like they are the official mouthpiece of the Iranian authority. When in reality they are a few extreme youngsters who are out of touch with facts on the ground. They really need a talk from a supervisor, they've let this organization go beyond control to long. As far as Shi'ism in West goes, Shias are not persecuted here. So expected people to hold their believes openly.
  10. The Discord channels seem to be very active these days, this place has weekly sessions.
  11. Did you look into what age is considered a fully developed PFC. I cannot find the exact article at the moment but apparently the drinking age in the USA (age 22) was set in place with neuroimaging science that determined the PFC has grown to its maximum by that age. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Most of us will remember the poorly produced movie that triggered international protest in the world sometime around 2011. In the following decade the online community has responded with even more mockery. The mockery of the Prophet is now pretty common place among the Christian apologetics community on YouTube. This year on YouTube has been especially wild for those not following. I would be surprised if a western Muslim has not been exposed to this mockery. Now, a more controversial thought. I myself feel that I am desensitized to this mockery, you really can't do anything to sto
  13. Pakistani ISI could even do a soft coupe in Saudi/UAE and most parts of the Gulf and get away with it. They could easily make a deal with one of the imprisoned princes. The Pakistani military itself guard the Saudis. The problem is they have no ambition, the prefer subservience.
  14. you guys are going crazy of this budget for some reason, these things are investments by filmmakers and producers. It's not like Yasir Habib used 15 million to make the movie all by himself. He didn't even release the trailer on his own channel. It's simple economics, the movie will gross a lot more than 15 million and the producers will profit financially. Yasir Habib will get his message across because he is the screen writer. But he doesn't own the movie.
  15. https://www.ambalegal.org/statements They're out to harass Shia, there isn't much else to it. They sanction laws are broad that if they find anyone that they don't like they can convict them for some type of violation. It's been done for hundreds of years in the past. Luckily the Shia Lawyers in the US have organized. But keep in mind that these sanctions are meant to intimidate the Shia, the lawyers cannot stand against them as the U.S government is not interested in fairness or justice. They are literally out there to stop any dissenting opinions. Please donate to them and watch
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