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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. The Discord channels seem to be very active these days, this place has weekly sessions.
  2. Did you look into what age is considered a fully developed PFC. I cannot find the exact article at the moment but apparently the drinking age in the USA (age 22) was set in place with neuroimaging science that determined the PFC has grown to its maximum by that age. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Most of us will remember the poorly produced movie that triggered international protest in the world sometime around 2011. In the following decade the online community has responded with even more mockery. The mockery of the Prophet is now pretty common place among the Christian apologetics community on YouTube. This year on YouTube has been especially wild for those not following. I would be surprised if a western Muslim has not been exposed to this mockery. Now, a more controversial thought. I myself feel that I am desensitized to this mockery, you really can't do anything to sto
  4. Pakistani ISI could even do a soft coupe in Saudi/UAE and most parts of the Gulf and get away with it. They could easily make a deal with one of the imprisoned princes. The Pakistani military itself guard the Saudis. The problem is they have no ambition, the prefer subservience.
  5. you guys are going crazy of this budget for some reason, these things are investments by filmmakers and producers. It's not like Yasir Habib used 15 million to make the movie all by himself. He didn't even release the trailer on his own channel. It's simple economics, the movie will gross a lot more than 15 million and the producers will profit financially. Yasir Habib will get his message across because he is the screen writer. But he doesn't own the movie.
  6. https://www.ambalegal.org/statements They're out to harass Shia, there isn't much else to it. They sanction laws are broad that if they find anyone that they don't like they can convict them for some type of violation. It's been done for hundreds of years in the past. Luckily the Shia Lawyers in the US have organized. But keep in mind that these sanctions are meant to intimidate the Shia, the lawyers cannot stand against them as the U.S government is not interested in fairness or justice. They are literally out there to stop any dissenting opinions. Please donate to them and watch
  7. haters gone hate, we don't need to be apologetic, Makreem Shirazi shouldn't watch it if he doesn't like. I will always be open about recognizing where terrorism in Islam comes from.
  8. @Eddie Mecca Do you believe Imam Mahdi will return and enforce beheadings, slavery, and other laws introduced in the context of 600 AD Arabia? Were the laws introduced in 600AD perfect for eternity or for the era considering the context and norms in society? All this is debatable. Here is an article by Muneer Khabbaz on this topic. http://www.iqraonline.net/the-fixed-and-changeable-in-islamic-legislation-2/
  9. At least in the US the Shias are headed in the right direction, there are at least 3 Shia Law Student Organizations highlighting things like prision reform, poverty, racial injustice. American Muslim Bar Association is one and there are a few others.
  10. Seems like there were multiple regions and multiple tribes, looks like there was a false prophet involved as well. Anyways you can always use A reinstatement in the history of Islam to search all your historical questions.
  11. I don't think its worth it, the guy is off the rails. I just went to his YouTube channel he speaks against science and evolution, promotes polygamy and who knows what else. If anything this raises awareness about not confusing cultural practice as foundations of our religion. TBH I overestimated his appeal in my original post. He did also repeat the Shia's have a bigger Quran claim, I don't think he's actually read al-Kafi as he says he has. I cant imagine any reasonable educated person agreeing with him. Maybe it is the opposite, maybe he is going fishing for followers in the UK. He is basica
  12. Yeah but are they doing it in Iran or Iraq? From my understanding this can only be implemented under a Just Imam. Us chopping hands or fingers and letting 9 y/o marry isn't going to solve our modern problems. Even the marriage age in Iran is legally 16? while islamicaly its 9.
  13. one more thing, all the issues of ghlut and contradictions in hadith are written on in iqraonline.com
  14. So I watched the whole thing, body language wise you could tell haqiqatjou seems sincere in his problems with Shia text and community practices. He tried to avoid being used as propaganda throughout the interview, I expected him to be more anti-Shia like the other Iranian guy. But he doesn't resort to saying Shias worship Imams and the usual SD narrative, in fact SD team had to edit in clips for their propaganda. He did for some odd reason mention the Gabriel delivering to the wrong person and the continuation of wahi. It seems like he did switch from sincere to get some points with SD team at
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