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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-OsEUaAkFcc&ab_channel=AlIslaah Al-Islah Team w/ Ali Hur Kamoonpuri has been getting lots of attacks mostly by being the "unnamed" reformist group. They themselves accept the reformist title but say they are only promoting the ideas that are taught among higher hawza studies.
  2. This is all i hear every time until the next bombing, am i the only one frustrated by lack of action by our communities, why arn't our people eager to organize or do anything? I don't mean in the sense of justice/retaliation, but simply supporting these families or even bringing legal action against the speakers in the US or UK that promote takfir of Shias. Why do we have a culture of inaction? Our inaction is the tragedy.
  3. yes, would encourage you to do it. Man has needs and it's self harm to ones psych to not utilize mutah in the western world.
  4. Anticipating a lot of Shia Afghans to settle in Texas as well. 1000s are currently at Fort Bliss in El Paso, Haven't heard any plans from local Shia communities in Texas(Dallas, Austin, Houston). IMAM organization in the U.S has not even put out a statement . Looks like will need grassroots activism, surprised at how unaware our communities are or just don't care? This will likely be the largest influx of Shias to the united states in the past 20 years. No body seems to realize it's implications.
  5. The real tragedy is the ignorance of the Shia towards the suffering of their afghan conuterparts. Even in the "educated" west, Shia imambargah are still stuck fighting over haleem/bun kababs and whose family sponsors what days of majlis. What a tragedy it really is.
  6. Doesn't matter what he said, point is the UK Dawah crowd has been out to get him since he questions the authenticity of Bukhari and has issues with some Sunni positions. It's a trend to use "Palestine" to justify your attacks for personal vendettas. The issue is not what he said about Palestine, the issue is mob mentality of Sunnis is out of control. This is not the only example of the complete lack of basic decency and extremism among British Muslims. Last year when the Shia Lebanese girl was killed we had similar exhibition of their lack of morals. We've seen celebration of Shia deaths over the decades online. It really is time to dissociate from these people. Do not lower yourself to their level, it's time to stop engaging and call them what they are.
  7. Moderresi is pure Shiaism, Arif is Mulla Sadr, Emanul Kant, Abraham Maslow, Ibn Arabi , new age spirituality mixed with Shiaism. I'll take pure Shiaism any day.
  8. For some reason my sheikh at Jumma in the USA went off on unqualified scholars and specifically mentioned a guy from UK who attacked dua nutbah and iftatah, turns out it was Arif Bata. Then I found Sayed Mahdi Moderresi made a whole series recently against Arif Bata and his stances. The series is very harsh against Arif Bata.
  9. Finally getting news from Shias on the ground. https://fb.watch/5sisGsaIVM/
  10. ^ these pictures do more damage to your argument
  11. Skip to 2:12 for one of the on the ground interviews
  12. We have to save our own house from crumbling first. The Iranian Shias don't have this problem as they are safe. It's frustrating to see Pakistani Shias blindly parroting the Quds day propaganda when our own house is crumbling right over us. Every other minority community strengthens itself before trying to help others. Why is it wrong for us to do the same?
  13. Social media post and looking for external empathy has no benefits. Shares on Facebook will not bring about change and should not be an indicator of how aware or "woke" a community is. This is a tragedy that will serve as a wake up call, the responsible adults in the room will collaborate to get justice. I'm not aware of the situation in Afghanistan but hopefully the Shias are able to get their hands on as much weaponry that the americans leave for the Afghan army.
  14. When will the Shias take up arms and hunt down the criminals themselves? The bomb maker is safe and sound and probably celebrating.
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