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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. inuit

    Shia Audio Books

    JazakAllah http://www.shiachat.com/forum/topic/235013983-shia-audio-books/
  2. Asalamolakum, MashAllah brother, great work. keep it continue. I am also doing some effort in urdu and english. Waslaam

    Search for Shia Audio books page on facebook and youtube.



    1. DigitalUmmah


      Alhamdulillah, Thank you so much for your kind words brother. I will be starting to upload Nahjul Balagha in parts every day starting in the new year InshaAllah. What books have you uploaded so far? what are you doing currently? do you have any advice that you can share with me?

  3. Some part of Audio book ilm e rajal in urdu language uploaded here. might help you. http://www.shiachat.com/forum/index.php?/topic/235013983-shia-audio-books/
  4. In urdu language some of the Audio Books links are provided at this page; One of them are on topic Ilm e Rijal http://www.shiachat.com/forum/index.php?/topic/235013983-shia-audio-books/
  5. inuit

    Shia Audio Books

    Language urdu ilm e rajal chapter 11 Allama Zeeshan Haider Jawadi Narrator: Ismat Zahra http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgOLYvwbLgA Download in MP3 using http://www.keepvid.com Like on facebook Thank you
  6. List any Shia Aalim converted to Sunni/Wahabi? --- What cause Nasbies came in to being ? --- Who is Superior? --- Shia Sunni Debate - Favorites & interesting --- Mu'awiya- A Katib E Wahee
  7. inuit

    Shia Audio Books

    Kitab e Sulaym ibn Qays al Hilali AUDIOBOOK 87 parts you can download all parts in mp3 using www.keepvid.com
  8. inuit

    Shia Audio Books

    Ilm e Rajal Chapter 4
  9. inuit

    Shia Audio Books

    Persian Audio books http://www.iranseda.ir/
  10. inuit

    Shia Audio Books

    there are some books in English, Arabic and Persian, @shiatv however its hard to fined. using search tag, audio books, audio, etc. wasalam,
  11. inuit

    Shia Audio Books

    (bismillah) Please Participate in recording Audio books links https://www.facebook.com/pages/Shia-Audio-Books/365290923575889?ref=tn_tnmn http://www.islamicesources.com http://netflyer.ca/audiobooks/ (test website) Please contact me @ http://netflyer.ca/audiobooks/kunena JazakAllah
  12. Salam ! Question :I heard that its not good to keep the plants belong to Cactus family in the house. I tried to find the reasons: 1) its called the plant of hell 2) this plant is expensive family of plants\ Is there anything said Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and/or Imams (as) Wasalam
  13. there will be a great impact on Tawheed when you cant recognize truth and falsehood. (haq & na-haq). if you have not learnt this after learning tawheed; what you have learnt? all will go in vain when you keep yourself silent or act in favor of falsehood after learning or having a belief in tawheed. - Belief in Tawheed have some requirements to fulfill, speak against the falsehood is one of them. silence is not justifiable; especially when you are not in trouble.
  14. what is the name of that condition which is in between "curse" and "not having love"? silent ? If many of the scholars stayed silent on the issue. why was that. did they have not enough knowledge? or some other reason. ? what was that reason? chain which goes further back. ? how many other issues where sunni scholars are silent ? is this the only one ?
  15. the situation is worst here. Qadiyanis labels themselves muslims but that was not the case with Jews there. here qadiyanis are at fault at first place. then mullahs turn comes. As long as they dont use the abusive language against Imam Musa Kazim (as) - they are fine. what should be govt role; that need more discussion, however i already agree with you that people of the other camps should stop the innovative doctrines through propagation and preaching not through violence and killing. that is absolutly wrong. these mullahs came out against them because of their own fault which they have made in past.
  16. Swap coke with soda or carbonated water. (not a joke) Shias Barelvis, Deobanis, Ismailis, wahabis salafis are all making Carbonated Water some make better soda then others, each one have their own brand name. (Shia, Barelvi, Deobandi, Coke, Pepsi, RC, Spin Cola, Thumbs up, etc etc) People buy Soda/Carbonated water whichever they like. If they dont like Barelvi Soda, They Switch to Deobandi Soda, If they are fed up of Wahabi Soda, they buy Shia Soda and so on. So with in this market place, one should focus on the quality and marketing of one's soda. so it can sell better. not conspire to bring other soda water producer down or kill them because you dont like their water. only in one case if one trys to use others name. If you are a shia soda maker and try to put Barelvi water in shia bottles, this is objectionable. This is illegal. being a shia you can make shia carbonated water but not deobandi soda water. Nabuwwah is of the root of religion. If you introduce a new Nabi; regardless he is trying to introduce some old or new doctrines or not. he is new for the existing people which hold a particular faith system. He will be either deviated in views of the existing people or the people's view will be rejected. we can not keep both with in one faith system at a time. One has to get out. This is what Qadiyanis 2nd Khalifa said a long time ago. I have a big heart. :-) but please help me to understand; what will be your reaction when a person comes to you who hold some or all of his views like jews or hindus and tells you that he is a muslim. a person comes to you says that he dont believe in Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) but i am a muslim. a person comes to you and says that he believe in Seeta and Ram as Avatar of my God Krishna (or whatever) but i am a muslim. Allow me to live in Muslim Society as muslims. I will consider that government not at fault if they see and penalize a muslim who present himself as a christian in a christian society. this is a fraud he is doing in the eyes of that govt. That is what Qadiyanis are doing.
  17. My question is; how should a person be treated? if he makes illegal coke. ? he deserve some kind of penalty or not?
  18. right, however in qadiyani masla,, both are at fault..
  19. These mullahs and their opponents Qadiyanis both can be wrong.
  20. By holding a belief in a false prophet atleast Qadiyanis dont have any right to use this trademark and have no right to use the copyright. Issues between these Kharjis/Nasbis and Shia cant be compared with the issues between Deobandies and their cult Qadiyanis. Shia's issue is Sahaba (companions) which is not part of Aqaaid (belief) - Saying time Kafir is illogical However Qadiyani issue is Nabuwah (prophethood) which is part of Aqaaid. which make them Kafir is quite logical (and vise versa) You try to understand what i am saying. I am no argument on "whether continuity of prophethood is valid or not". My point is the one who claims himself as a new prophet will become automatically a kafir in the eyes of those who reject him as false. and vice versa. Those who accept him true will automatically consider kafir those who reject him. On discussion forums everytime i raised this issue the Qadiyanis overlooked and could not resolve the issue because they consider that the other muslims as muslims but only deviated however some of their leaders clearly said they are kafir. The problem with Qadiyanis is that they can not openly say other muslims kafir because then they will get into trouble and their opponent point of calling them kafir will become valid.
  21. You are mixing up two things. there is a fine line between two things, which a brain like a Taliban or someone those who already been fooled by false prophet cant understand. "killing the opponent" and "declaring somebody a kafir" are two different things. What do you think, if you start making "Coke" and selling it with the name "Coco Cola" without any License from the "Coco Cola". I am not saying that Mullah Mirza needs a License for his prophethood from these stupid, ignorant Mullahs. I am saying Mullah Mirza do have his right to claim and these Mullahs also right to reject him saying Kafir. Now we have to justify it. - atleast i will see you in jail with your illegal coke bottles if not killed.
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